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Monday, July 6, 2015

Splatoon Update!!

This post is a update on Splatoon. In case you do not know what Splatoon is go read my reviews on it (I did two reviews).

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Anyway, Splatoon got a few updates since my reviews so this is a Splatoon UPDATE video.

First and foremost, they added a new game mode called Tower Control. It's basically the Splatoon equivalent of the classic F.P.S. (First Person Shooter) game mode: Capture the Flag.

 Image result for splatoon tower control
Tower Control!

Now I played a LOT of matches of the game mode, and I personally don't like it that much. It kind of renders my favorite weapon (the Kraken Roller) pretty much useless (except for getting kill streaks! :P). This game mode requires a mid range weapon at least, and I terrible with any weapon that is NOT a variant of the Paint Roller (I exclusively use Roller weapons. I admit it. I am weak).

Image result for splatoon tower control
These guys look like their ready to wreck faces!

Some minor news though. Instead of buffing up the Ink-Brush weapon (weakest weapon in the game mind you) they actually nerfed some of the stronger weapons. Which is fine by me because Nintendo made way too many instant-kill weapons. But they nerfed the Kraken special move. Which I don't understand the logic behind nerfing it because if someone sees you coming they can run (swim?) circles around you. It's only a good weapon if 1: You are playing with new players that have never seen the Kraken before. 2: you catch them from behind. Or 3: If you camp a super jump/the other teams spawn point. By the way it's my FAVORITE special attack In case you are wondering how they nerfed the Kraken you can now shoot it to put some space between you and the Kraken. Of course the Kraken player won't take any damage whatsoever.

Image result for splatoon tower control
The Ink-Brush is the weakest weapon in the game
You have to hit somebody FIVE times to KO them.
No other weapon takes as long to kill another player.
At least you run crazy fast with it equipped.

And the biggest thing that happened (by the time of this post it just ended) is the Splatfest. The Splatfest is basically a team-based tournament you can compete in (and I competed in it for obvious reasons) where you choose one of two teams. And The winning team is decided by 1: Popularity. And 2: How many multiplayer matches that team can win within 24 hours. And they change the theme of the Splatfest changes pre-regularly (the one I partook in was Team Cat vs Team Dog).

Speaking of which the ending of the July 4 Splatfest (the one I was in) was ABSURD! Okay so I joined Team Cat (because I love cats way too much) and when it ended Team Cat won the most matches (makes sense. I swear I won at least nine matches in a row. Each with a 15+ Kill Streak and less than three deaths on average!). But the Dog menace won by default due to sheer popularity. So sad! :(

Next Splatfest though I will win. I WILL avenge the Cat Kingdoms!!! Oh and wreck people too. Because that's the fun part! :P

Anyway, back to the update news. Splatoon also got not one but TWO brand new maps. The first map is called the Kelp Dome. It's a giant greenhouse. It's also Roller City. Because the map is loaded with narrow passages it's perfect for killing peeps with a Roller (the roller is a melee weapon by the way. Narrow Passages = kill spree fun times if you use a Roller). There are THREE really good snipe spots on the map but two of which are only available in my favorite game mode, Splat Zones (in it you try to control a specific spot on the map for as long as possible, but if your team holds to to count of 100 you win automatically). But I am not about the sniper life-style! Mostly because I am terrible at using any snipe focused weapon. Ironic because in Destiny my favorite weapon is a sniper rifle.

Image result for splatoon splat charger
This is me on a kill streak. Just swap the nerd
glasses for a jungle hat and the polka dot shirt
with a GLORIOUS camouflage hoodie.

The second map is Bluefin Depot. It's basically a ghost town type map. For whatever reason Nintendo doesn't want to play this map in the rotation because I literally played this map ONCE. I am not kidding! They NEVER have this map in the rotation. And that is sad because I want to explore this map and develop pro strategies of the GLORIOUS variety for this map.

Image result for splatoon kelp dome

Image result for splatoon kelp dome
Bluefin Depot (the map you rarely get to play on!)!

I liked most of the new updates. I still don't like tower control because it forces me to use ranged weapons and the only weapon I am good at (because I practice with it pre-regularly) is the Kraken Roller. If they tweaked Tower control so Rollers were on the same play field as the Splatterscope (probably the best weapon for this game mode. I am bad at using it but I've seen people do some INSANE kills with it so it not bad. I just don't personally know how to use it like a boss).

For more info please go to the official website and if you want to know if you should get the game, read my reviews! Spencer reviews!

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