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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cloud Strife In Smash!? WHAAAAAAAT!?

It's been quite a while since I blogged about Super Smash Bros. So I will do a brief recap to catch up on the stuff that I missed out on before heading towards the elephant in this metaphorical room.

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In case you don't know what Smash Bros is, it's a Party/Fighting game where some of Nintendo's most beloved characters (and some third party characters such as Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog) fight each other in a free for all battle to the death.

But it's not that simple, the only way to score a kill in Smash is to knock the other players off the stage. If you fall off the screen you die. It's kind of like sumo now that I think about it.

A few months back the creator of the Smash Bros games, Masahiro Sakurai, set up the Smash Ballot. Basically for a few months you could vote for a video game character to be added to the game via DLC. Not one, not two, but three characters were added to the game via DLC Even before the Ballot opened. Now the ballot is closed, and people have voted for some really weird characters like Shrek, Goku (From Dragon Ball), and Freddy Fazbear (from the instant classic horror game series, Five Nights at Freddy's).

Anyway they added three characters via DLC (four counting Mewtwo who came out LONG before the Ballot opened).

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On the Left we have Roy, the main protagonist of the sixth Fire Emblem game (which was Japan exclusive). Roy is not only a skilled swordsman, he also is a brilliant tactician (EXAMPLE: He tricked a mole in his team into blowing his own cover. Also, he won a large-scale war). The only problem with Roy is he only speaks Japanese (because his game was Japan exclusive for years).

On the Right we have Ryu. the main hero of the Street Fighter franchise. Basically, he loves fighting. A lot. He does not care about money either as seen in the ending of Street Fighter II, where instead of attending the award ceremony and claiming the prize money, he just leaves to find a new challenge for him to overcome.

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The third character added is Lucas from Earthbound. Has anyone heard of Earthbound? If not, then you are not alone. The last Earthbound game came out back in the 90's and everyone who has played it enjoyed so much that they keep begging Nintendo to make a new Earthbound game.

Basically Lucas is a young boy who possesses psychic abilities (most of which have "PK" in the name). His mother was killed trying to protect him from one of the many enemies of the Earthbound universe. He is also a twin, his brother being Claus (who, spoiler alert!, was turned into a Chimera. A Chimera is monster based off the titular Greek myth. The Chimera was said to have the head and body of a lion, the tail of a snake, and the legs of a goat. For whatever reason, Greece always mish-mashed random animals to make their mythological creatures. As a scientist I can confirm that that Chimeras do not exist unless created through genetic modification. Heck! Even Dragons are more biologically plausible than Chimeras.)

Also they added a Miiverse stage. In case you do not own a Wii U or 3DS, Miiverse is literally Nintendo + Facebook.

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They even added a little bonus where you see the Miiverse posts (but only the ones about the characters fighting in the match at that precise moment) in the background.

Now we get to the thing I am most excited about...

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In case you never heard of Cloud Strife, he is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy 7. To give you an idea how hold that game is, Final Fantasy 15 is coming out soon. Cloud is also one of the most popular characters in the Final Fantasy series. He even made a cameo as a boss in Kingdom Hearts!

Cloud is a mercenary and a ex-member of SOLDIER, which was a military program to surgically augment (and enhance) a soldier's fighting skills with these things called Jenova Cells.

At the beginning of the game, Cloud is hired by (and later becomes a permanent member of) AVALANCHE, a resistance/vigilante group that has pretty much declared war on the Shinra Electric Power Company, a super corrupt mega corporation that funded the SOLDIER program.

Now Cloud is a cool and kind of strange choice. He only appeared on a Nintendo system once (twice if you count the Final Fantasy Rhythm spin off game). So of course there will be haters saying "Omahgawd why on urth wood you add Cloud to Smash hes not even a reel Nintendo character! Angry Face >:(".

But I am on the "Who cares where he comes from! Cloud's awesome!" boat. Even though I never actually played a Final Fantasy game. But let's face it. Cloud has the biggest sword of all time which is reason enough to add him in Smash!!!!! LOL!!!

But in all seriousness, Cloud is quite cool.

Image result for super smash bros wii u cloud
He even has the outfit he wore in the Final
Fantasy film as a alternate costume!

Cloud has a ton of abilities in Smash.

Image result for super smash bros wii u cloud
This move is called Cross-Slash. Cloud shoots a wave
shaped LAZOR out of his sword

Image result for super smash bros wii u cloud
Cloud can also fill up a Limit Gauge, though
how you do it is unknown. Much like in the original
Final Fantasy game, Maxing out the Limit Gauge 
will super charge your next attack, but only one!

Image result for super smash bros wii u cloud
I'm Going to be honest. I have no idea what this
move is called. But it looks cool, and I want to 
put it on a T-shirt!!

Image result for super smash bros wii u cloud omnislash
It's only fitting that Cloud's strongest attack, the
almighty Omnislash, is his finishing move.

So there you go! Cloud is in Smash Bros! Whether you like it or not! Of course, nobody knows if Cloud was the winner of the Ballot or not and that is incredibly unlikely, as like I said, people vote for the weirdest characters.

Also, There is now a costume for Miis that make them look like Chocobos. Chocobos are cute little birds. Well they are not little as they can grow to be taller than a man.

But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little update on Smash Bros.

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