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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 3: The Last Place You Look Review!!

SURPRISE!!! They came out with Minecraft Story Mode Episode 3: The Last Place You Look. Which is a pretty ominous title if you ask me. Oh and just like all the other reviews of Minecraft Story Mode. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!! If you want to know my opinion of the episode scroll all the way to the bottom unless you already know how the episode ends or want to be spoiled anyway.

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Let's get this out right away. This is THE best episode so far. Unless Episode 4, A Block and a Hard Place, or Episode 5, Order Up!, can top this episode of course.

Image result for minecraft story mode episode 3 screenshots
Episode 3 picks up right where episode 2 left off.
Ivor (center) used a magic potion that makes everything 
move in slow motion to escape our intrepid heroes. And
then locks them in a underground library.

Now the seeds of drama are really sown in as, SPOILER ALERT!, Petra/Gabriel's Wither Sickness worsens. Oh and who gets the Wither Sickness depends on who Jesse, the main hero, chooses to save first back in Episode 1. Petra will get Withered if you save her first, while Gabriel will get it if you save him first. I should mention that you will be super-confused if you have no idea what is going on. So go read my reviews on episodes 1 and 2!

Image result for minecraft story mode episode 3 screenshots
Lucas, Jesse's friend/rival, is the only 
one that notices that Petra/Gabriel is sick.

I also like how the first thing Jesse and friends do to escape the Library breaks the NUMBER 1 RULE OF MINECRAFT (digging a hole straight down). Though you got to give them credit, since the floor is made of stone brick, and Jesse and friends are digging a hole through WITH THEIR BARE HANDS. Normally in Minecraft breaking stone with your hands is a terrible idea because one, that has to be painful, and two, it takes forever.

Image result for minecraft story mode episode 3 soren's mob grinder
Jesse free falling through a Mob Grinder.

After a short dig, the gang (for the millionth time, not mobster gang, team gang!) find something that is a bit of a love letter to vanilla Minecraft. A giant Mob Grinder. In case you don't know, A Mob Grinder is a fan made idea of building a giant machine that spawns in enemies and then crushes them, and finally, it gathers up the loot and stores it elsewhere. Mob Grinders can be as simple as a tower that has a river inside that pushes the enemies into a hole and they die from the fall damage to more complicated, like Soren's giant Mob Grinder, which is the biggest grinder I have ever seen in my life

Image result for minecraft story mode episode 3 enderman

After fighting their way through the mob grinder, Jesse and friends retreat to the End, which would have been a terrible idea if the Ender Dragon was alive but as seen in the beginning of Episode 1, a group of heroes known as the Order of the Stone managed to kill the Ender Dragon. But it's still dangerous since the always creepy Endermen live here. But else lives in the End? The final member of the Oder of the Stone; Soren the Architect!

Image result for minecraft story mode episode 3 screenshots
from left to right: Ellegaard the Inventor, Magnus
the Rogue, Gabriel the Warrior, and Soren the 
Architect. The original Order of the Stone!

Soren is easily my favorite member of the Order. He's a crazy wild-haired hermit who really misses home and can't have a normal conversation without saying the most hilariously strange stuff (Soren: "You seem like the guy who likes cool stuff that is cool for no reason at all." Jesse: "Thanks?" Soren: "Throw that lever behind you! And hold on to your socks!" *spawns a army of Iron Golems that easily kill a horde of zombies* Soren: See? I wouldn't lie to you! Oh wait... I would lie to you... I DIDN'T lie to you, that's what I meant!).

Image result for minecraft story mode episode 3 screenshots
Soren has lived in the End for so long that he
built a replica of his old home out of wool.

I also like how Soren's goal in life is to teach Endermen how to build structures. After all, they are the only entity besides player characters that can pick up and place down blocks. Only problem is that they are Endermen. Endermen will attack you if you provoke them. And looking an Enderman in the eyes is enough to provoke them. So what does Soren do? He dyes some leather armor black, duck tapes stilts to the gloves and boots to make him look taller and skinnier, and pretends to be a REAL Enderman to learn more about Endermen. GG Soren! GG!

You remember how in episode 2 how they said that Soren had a Formidi-Bomb stronger and more explosive than anything else in the world? Well Soren never actually made it. To be fair, Soren later explained that the Formidi-Bomb will begin the countdown to detonation AS SOON AS YOU CRAFT IT. Giving the person doing the crafting roughly 30 seconds to get to a safe distance.

Image result for minecraft story mode episode 3 screenshots
For the First time in Minecraft Story Mode,
Jesse wears some battle armor. Granted, he borrows
a spare from either Ellegaard or Magnus.

I must admit, I was not expecting the gang (team gang, not mobster gang!) to take on (and kill!) the Wither Storm so early in the series. I was expecting them to save the big battle for the finale but NOPE! Although, a nasty surprise awaits you in the belly of the beast. >:-)

The only thing I don't like about this episode is the fact that it feels like Lucas has been written by a completely different team since he's acting like a completely different person. Seriously he acts like a jerk in this episode. Lucas and Jesse fighting over Gabriel's amulet feels awkward and out of character.

Overall, this is the best episode in the series so far. The intro music is the most epic music I have ever heard. Oh and that moment... At the end... The feels. The Feels. THE FEELS! Seriously, I was not expecting to have the feels.

I give this Episode a 9/10. I'm sorry, but the complete change of character in Lucas is enough to make me not want to give it a perfect 10. They should have not rewrote the character like that.

Oh and this blog post came out on November 26! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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