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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Top 10 Franchises I want to see get turned into LEGO games!

You know, reviewing LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens the other day got me thinking... What kind of franchises would I personally love to see get turned into LEGO games? Well, That's exactly what we are going to do today! Oh, and I don't care how impossible some of the choices may be. This is my Top 10 Franchises I want to see get turned into LEGO games list, not the "Top 10 most likely franchises to get turned into LEGO games" list. But first, a few rules.

  1. No Star Wars: Rogue One or Star Wars Rebels. Considering we have not one but FOUR LEGO video games focusing on different parts of the Star Wars universe, I think that these two will PROBABLY get a LEGO game anyway.
  2. For obvious reasons, I will not be including franchises that already got LEGO games for them. However, because LEGO Dimensions has a literal well of IP's under it's belt (each one getting one level) I may or may not pick a franchise that was featured in LEGO Dimensions.
  3. Everything else is free game.
  4. This is in no order at all. Just to clarify.
With all this being said, let's start, shall we?


Image result for back to the future 

I was watching the Back to the Future movies the other day and those movies are HILARIOUS. For the uninitiated, Back to the Future is a trilogy of comedy movies focusing on time travel. This is literally BEGGING to get turned into a LEGO game. Although they will have a heck of a time family friendly-izing the movies since the Back to the Future movies often feature a moderately large amount of profanity. What's that? You don't remember there being profanity in Back to the Future? Blame your nostalgia, which led most people to believe these movies are a lot more PG than they actually are. Anyway, Back to the Future was featured in LEGO Dimensions, so they already have the models needed for Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown (the BEST scientist in the history of movies :3 ), so all they have to do is make models for the rest of the cast, somehow magically family friendly-ize the movies, and BAM! Instant LEGO Back to the Future!


Image result for transformers 

Don't get mad at me for using a picture from the Micheal Bay-era of Transformers, it was the best picture I could find. Besides, it gets my point across quite nicely. LEGO Transformers. It would have to work differently from the normal style to accommodate the whole "three stories tall shape-shifting robots" thing that Transformers have. But if they did it kind of like LEGO Bionicle Heroes (which was a Third Person Shooter) it could work! Aside from the change of gameplay comes the next problem: Do you base the game off of Micheal Bay-era, which the Internet nicknamed "Bay-formers"? Or do you base it off the original 1986 cartoon to please the 80's kids out there? Meh, I'd still buy it regardless lol.


Image result for undertale logo

Alright, this one is arguably the most impossible out of the things on this list and will PROBABLY never happen, but I want a LEGO Undertale. And before you be like "But Spencer! A LEGO video game can't be based off of ANOTHER video game! Hurr de Durr!" Well sorry to bust your bubble but LEGO Rock Band was based off another video game, so they can make a LEGO game based off of another video game (game-ception?). But there are MANY obstacles keeping this from happening. First is "How in the world do you turn The Friendly RPG where No one has to Die into a puzzle plat-former?". The second problem is "How in the world do you tell a coherent story in the LEGO format if their's no dialogue to copy/paste?" (Undertale does not have any voice acting whatsoever). And last but not least, "How in the world do you keep the SPARE mechanic intact when in previous LEGO games you could blow up bad guys without getting punished for it?". These simple questions are what makes LEGO Undertale nigh-impossible, but if they actually do make a LEGO Undertale, I shall break my policy of never pre-ordering games ever JUST TO GET MY HANDS ON IT. Plus, what would the Undertale gang look like as mini-figures? The World may NEVER know...


Image result for naruto 

Naruto is not AS impossible as Undertale, and it's chances are somewhat high. It faces the same problem that Back to the Future does, which is how do you family-friendly-ize the Naruto franchise? But unlike Back to the Future, where the main issue is profanity, the main issue here is the violence (there IS a moderately large amount of blood in this series)... Wait a minute. They did do LEGO Jurassic World, which was a bit on the violent side of the spectrum. So all they have to do is do what they did for Jurassic World! Oh, and considering there are 20+ seasons of the anime and countless manga as well as several feature length films, this franchise has MORE than enough source material to fuel AT LEAST five whole games. Plus, I can see Traveler's Tales (the company that makes the LEGO video games in the first place) having a ball turning some of the characters most iconic abilities into ways to solve puzzles. Like (WARNING: Naruto nerd alert!) Hinata's Byakugan can work like the Scanner from previous LEGO games! Or Sasuke's Chidori can power electrical switches! Ooh, and make it so Naruto's Rasengan can destroy cracked LEGO walls! And give Sakura the ability to interact with Super Strength handles! And maybe give Lee the ability to interact with agility points! Or have Gaara use his sand powers to travel through LEGO sand gate/warp place things! And let Itachi use Tsukuyomi to mind control people! I'M GIVING YOU SO MANY IDEAS, TRAVELER'S TALES!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! (Naruto nerd alert end)


Image result for marvel's agents of shield 

Alright. We had a LEGO game based off of Marvel Comic universe, and we had a Lego game based off of The Avengers. Now to complete the Marvel-ness by making LEGO Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. With three seasons under it's belt, this show definitely has enough source material for at least one game. Plus, it wouldn't really be that hard considering there is not one but TWO references to events that happen in Agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D. in LEGO The Avengers. The references in question come from Phil Coulson (best secret agent EVER by the way :D ) while in Free Roam. I won't spoil the references because the references will, in turn, spoil major events from Season 2 of the show. So Traveler's Tales have already acknowledged the significance of the show, all they have to do now is turn into a full game! But whatever happens, if this dream game becomes reality, they HAVE to keep the "Tahiti is a magical place" running gag from season 1 since that was downright hilarious and is now officially a meme.


Image result for wallace and gromit 

Wallace & Gromit. One of my childhood favorite movies of all time were the Wallace & Gromit movies. And the short films. And let's not forget Shaun the Sheep! I may be extremely biased and blinded by nostalgia (then again, considering this list is 100% MY opinion you may as well call the whole thing biased), but I REALLY want a LEGO Wallace & Gromit game. This is a GOLDMINE for puzzles! Wallace could have a plethora of gadgets to use (he IS an inventor after all), Gromit could use agility points (he's notably more agile than Wallace) or dig. Or they could just give Gromit a different set of gadgets (despite being a dog, Gromit is arguably even smarter than Wallace, who is a flipping INVENTOR for crying out loud).


Image result for teenage mutant ninja turtles 

Yes. I am putting the Heroes in a Half-Shell on this list. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is one of my favorite franchises ever (and, don't kill me for saying this, but I actually liked the 2015 Micheal Bay movie. It's a lot better than what most people take it credit for. Just because Micheal Bay directed it doesn't automatically mean it'll fail miserably). And they HAVE made psychical LEGO toys based off both the Nickelodeon cartoon and the aforementioned 2015 movie. Now imagine turning it into a LEGO video game... Plus, do I really need to explain why a LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game would be automatically awesome!? Also, I just now realized that I put two things directed by Micheal Bay on this list as well as put two things that have ninja in them on this list. Wait a minute. Donatello is an inventor. Wallace is an inventor. Michelangelo is a goofy guy in orange. Papyrus form Undertale is also a goofy guy in orange. Ralph is a lightning bruiser who is arguably the best fighter out of the turtles. Grant Ward is also a lightning bruiser who is arguably the best fighter out of the original Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. team. And the Nickelodeon cartoon has a TIME TRAVELING VILLAIN, just like Back to the Future II... 

Image result for coincidence i think not 


Image result for avatar the last airbender 

Image result for legend of korra 

Perhaps my hands-down all-time forever-and-ever favorite cartoon during my childhood. Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. I put them both here since Legend of Korra is literally a direct sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. But whatever you do, DO NOT CALL EITHER SHOW AN ANIME.. I'm saying this because one of the BIGGEST controversies over this series is whether or not it's an anime. It's heavily inspired by anime (as well as Asian culture in general) but it wasn't made in Japan. Some people are like "It's TOTALLY an anime 'cuz it has the art style" and other people are like "No it cant be an anime 'cuz it was never made in Japan!". As for me, I just enjoy the show for what it is. AWESOMENESS INCARNATE. But I digress. A truly awesome show deserves a truly awesome LEGO game. Oh, and please don't base the LEGO game on the live action movie because that movie wasn't really that good in my opinion. But as long as it bases it off the TV show we're all good!


Image result for guardians of the galaxy 

Oh hey, it's another Marvel thing! Which means it's chances of becoming a reality instantly shot up! Anyway, Guardians of the Galaxy is a sci-fi superhero action-comedy starring, you guessed it, the Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, something that is slightly humorous to me is that the Pokemon anime gets so much hate for the fact that the Pokemon can only say their name. Yet when Groot does it he becomes the single most lovable character in the history of the Internet. Speaking of the Guardians....

Image result for guardians of the galaxy drax i would catch it 

Image result for guardians of the galaxy drax quotes 

Image result for guardians of the galaxy drax quotes 

Drax is obviously the best character in the whole movie. #Drax4Smash!

Number One!!

Image result for doctor who 

And my number one pick is my all-time favorite TV Show.......... Doctor Who. Alright. So Doctor Who is in the same boat as Back to the Future. Only difference is it would be MUCH easier to put in a LEGO game because of the pretty much nonexistent profanity. I mean sure, there is like ONE curse word like once every five seasons, but that's about it. However, Doctor Who is a show which, just like the main hero of the show who gets reborn a la phoenix style time and time again, constantly reinvents itself. In some episodes it's a comedy, in others it just goes into full on horror (we're looking at you, Weeping Angels...). And in others it's a drama (even though it's officially classified AS a drama). But still, with 9 seasons (not counting Classic Doctor Who or spin-off shows), Doctor Who has more than enough source material for a full game. And they already have models ready thanks to LEGO Dimensions. Also, I just now realized that I started the list with a movie franchise about time travel, and the final(?) spot on the list is a TV show about time travel. Guess I just REALLY like things about time travel.


Image result for tales of zestiria logo 

Whoops, I'm cheating again by putting a video game franchise on this list. But the true final pick for this list is the Tales series. In case you are wondering why I picked the Tales of Zestiria logo, it's because it was the most recently released (in the US) game in the series and for whatever reason there isn't a logo for the whole series (they change the logo EVERY time a new Tales game comes out). Why do I want a LEGO Tales game? The answer is simple!

Image result for tales of zestiria edna 

All I want is to see a LEGO Edna mini-figure. Because Edna was already one of the best Tales characters in existence, so turning her into a mini-figure would make her even better. Although, if they pull a LEGO Star Wars 1-2, and base it off multiple games in the series, wouldn't the Zestiria team get paired up with the Berseria team since both of those teams live in the same world? Which means we might get Edna reunited with her brother Eizen! But like, before Eizen turns into a (SPOILER ALERT!) viscous man-eating dragon. And it would give Edna a chance to troll Zaveid again. As well as troll Velvet Crowe. Although, trolling Velvet may be a bad idea considering that she (Velvet) ate a werewolf (yes, you read that correctly.). And is obsessed with killing the villain of Tales of Berseria. Although, if Edna DOES troll Velvet in the main game *itself, that'd be priceless. Actually, you know what, let's have Edna troll EVERYBODY. Troll Jude! Troll Lloyd! Troll Asbel! EVERYBODY GETS TROLLED BY EDNA!!! *ahem* In all seriousness LEGO Tales probably won't happen, but hey! If it happens, it happens!

And that does it for franchises I want to see get turned into a LEGO video game. What movie/book/TV show/video game do YOU want to get turned into a LEGO video game? Let me know with a comment (it can be anything at all. Including a CERTAIN series of insanely popular horror games involving animatronic animals and the night guard of a pizzeria).

P.S. This is probably the strangest post I've done in a long time, because it's not often you wake up in the morning and think "Hey! I'll do a countdown of my top ten franchises I want to see get turned into LEGO video games!".

*- If you know fluent Japanese and played through the Japanese version of Tales of Berseria don't give any spoilers relating to Edna trolling the Berseria team. Actually, don't tell me anything about the game's story since I already know who the party members are and who the villain is so I would rather not know anything else about that game since I want to play as blind as possible.

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