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Thursday, August 25, 2016

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review!

Alright, if you know me you know that I LOVE the LEGO video games. They're short, but they are fun little romps through LEGO-ized settings and universes that add a little charm to it's source material.

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Speaking of which, Star Wars: The Force Awakens happens to be my all-time favorite movie (with Zootopia coming in second). So that they turned my favorite movie into a LEGO game, all Traveler's Tales have to do is make LEGO Doctor Who a reality and I'll be 100% happy. Actually no, make LEGO Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a reality as well. AND make LEGO Five Nights at Freddy's because the only way I will play a FN@F game is if it is in LEGO form (also, a certain friend of mine would probably scream like a goat if they actually did turn his favorite horror series into a LEGO game). Oh, and make LEGO Naruto for good measure. You know what? Turn EVERYTHING I like into a LEGO game! LEGO Undertale! LEGO Tales of Zestiria! LEGO Kingdom Hearts! LEGO Ratchet & Clank! LEGO Transformers! EVERYBODY GETS TURNED INTO A LEGO GAME!!!

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Ignoring my rant on my dream LEGO games, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is currently my favorite LEGO game to date. The music is amazing (it's STAR WARS after all) the game looks gorgeous (especially on PS4, which is what I play it on), and the gameplay is fun.

This is actually the first time a LEGO Star Wars game actually got full voice acting. Although there HAVE been previous LEGO games with voice acting, this is the first time with STAR WARS. It's kind of a big deal. While the game mostly copy/pastes dialogue from the movie, they did get most of the original actors to record new dialogue just for this game (including the legendary Harrison Ford!).

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Something new and VERY different from the previous LEGO games is there are now Third-Person Shooter segments in almost every level. It's very different the normal combat (mash Square to beat up bad guys!) and actually really fun. The way it works is that the controlled character can take cover behind objects, you hold down one button to pop out of cover and press another button to shoot something (you can aim of course but the game has a auto-aim feature where you character will shoot the closest enemy first automatically).

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Another thing that is new is the multi-build system. Basically, you can now pick and choose what to build when you find certain piles of LEGO bricks (these piles are marked by an orange particle effect, pictured above). In fact, some of the most clever puzzles in the game require exploiting this system constantly (build a bridge to get C-3PO across a gap, smash that bridge and re-build it into an elevator to get C-3PO to a higher platform). It's really cool and adds a unique twist on things.

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The last majorly new thing is that there are star-ship dogfights. Two different kinds, actually. The On-Rails kind, where your star-ship's flight path is scripted and all you have to do is dodge/shoot enemies. Then their is full-flight, where you have complete control over your star-ship and my favorite feature from the second one is that you can DO A BARREL ROLL!!!!

Aside from these major changes, it's a LEGO game. It's what you expect. You control one of several playable characters, each with a unique ability (Han Solo has a scanner, Chewbacca has grenades, Rey can do parkour, BB-8 can hack computers, etc). You use these abilities to solve a series of puzzles and fight enemies. Basically the same as the previous games, which might turn some people off but you know what they say, "Why fix something that ain't broke?".

Okay so how's the story of this game? That, my friend(s), is a trick question. The story is, with the exception of bonus levels explaining minor events like how C-3PO got a red arm, is exactly the same as the real deal's plot. Which is not a bad thing, because we ALL know that Star Wars has the second-best story in history (the honor of first goes to my favorite video game of all time, Undertale, at least in my opinion). As far as graphics go, this might just be the prettiest LEGO game yet. The LEGO pieces look more plastic, which is a good thing, since that's what it is supposed to be. And the music is awesome as well (it's always a blast from the past to hear that opening theme).

But is this game perfect? Almost... The only problem I have experienced with this game is the lag. It only (again, in my experience) occurs at the title screen, but I kid you not, one time it took 2 WHOLE MINUTES to boot up. Yeah. So if you get this game, be aware there MIGHT be some lag at the title screen. Aside from the lag issue, this is my favorite LEGO game. So I give it 9/10.

P.S. I guess you could say this game is FINN-TASTIC!!! :D

P.P.S. BB used to be hungry, but then BB-8.