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Friday, August 12, 2016

Pokemon Shenanigans! Pokemon Generation 7 Update (part 2)!

Okay, so the other day I said I would post a Part 2 to that Pokemon Sun & Moon news update the next day. As one can tell, the next day already passed, and BOOM! No Pokemon. Why is that? Well, yesterday was my day-off. That's my pitiful excuse. WARNING: THIS IS YET ANOTHER LONG POST. ALSO I SHALL BE IN EXPERT POKEMON MODE. JUST A FOREWARN.

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Anyway, shortly after I finished the first part of the update they unveiled EVEN more information. Much to my dismay, since that means there will DEFINITELY be a Part 3 and maybe a Part four. But I like Pokemon, and I like talking about Pokemon, and I like sharing my opinions on new Pokemon. Oh, and I'll save the NEW information for later.

So let's start off with the "new" Pokemon (most of them have been revealed for quite a while, so I'm a little late to the party because, you know, I had a day-off). But let's start with a Pokemon with a neat concept.

Image result for oricorio

Oricorio. The Pokemon with the hardest to pronounce name in the history of Pokemon. This Pokemon is based off of not one but for different dancing styles from across the world. But here is where it gets interesting. Alola is made up of four islands. The kind of Oricorio you get depends on which island you go to. And each dancing style for this Pokemon changes it's type. From left to right on the picture above, Oricorio can be a Fire-Type (Baile style), Psychic-Type (Pa'u Style), Electric-Type (Pom-Pom Style), or a Ghost-Type (Sensu Style). Also All forms of Oricorio have the brand-new passive ability Dancer, which lets this Pokemon copy any attack that has something to do with dancing (Quiver Dance, Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, etc.). And it is the first Pokemon in history that can use the attack Revelation Dance. What does it do? It damages the opponent with either Fire Magic, Psychic Magic, Electric Magic or Ghost Magic, depending on the style. I actually like this Pokemon, but there is only one thing left to do before moving on to the next Pokemon.

Image result for portal bird

Portal jokes aside, lets move on to the next Pokemon.

Image result for mimikyu

Now we have Mimikyu. Which is the greatest stealth pun of all time (Mimikyu = Mimic You). Also this Pokemon has taken the cake for saddest Pokemon ever. Not even Cubone can top Mimikyu's sad back story. Mimikyu spend their entire lives pretending to be more popular Pokemon so that people will love them. Like the one pictured is pretending to be Pikachu. Also, they look like something out of a *creepy-pasta. Wouldn't be surprised if someone came up with a Mimikyu focused creepy-pasta. It shall be the **Ben Drowned of Pokemon. Oh wait... We already have a Pokemon creepy-pasta. Raticate's Death. Oh, and Mimikyu is the first ever Ghost/Fairy Type Pokemon in history. Good job, Mimikyu! You shall now be a Typing trend setter for generations to come. Mimikyu also has the Disguise passive ability, which lets Mimikyu automatically avoid one attack by sacrificing it's costume.

Image result for wimpod

Next up is Wimpod. It's a wimpy sea scorpion.Oddly, despite being based off a sea scorpion - a prehistoric creature mind you- it is (as far as I know) not a Fossil Pokemon. For the uninitiated a Fossil Pokemon is a kind of Pokemon that is based off a prehistoric animal (like dinosaurs) and can be obtained by collecting the corresponding fossil. Anyway, it has the passive ability Wimp Out, which lets it run away from fights automatically if it has lost 50% of it's health or less. But other than that, it's just your average Water/Bug Type.

The next Pokemon is incredibly powerful... In fact you should totally...

Image result for bewear

...BEWEAR it!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love this guy's name so much! Anyway, Bewear is a bear... That wears a bear costume... Bear-ception...? Anyway, it's a Normal/Fighting Type with the most adorable passive ability ever. Fluffy. What does Fluffy do? It cuts the damage that Bewear takes in half. BUT! It gives Bewear an automatic weakness to Fire Type attacks. Because something literally called Fluffy has to have a trade-off somewhere. Oh, and it's Pokedex entry states that Bewear is so strong that a simple hug from one can split anything in two. In other words, I guess you could say that it gives one heck of a BEAR hug!!

Image result for fomantis

Next up is Fomantis and Lurantis. A pair of praying mantises. Although we already had a praying mantis in form of Scyther. But anyway, Fomantis spends every day absorbing sunlight so that it can have enough energy to evolve into Lurantis, which, I kid you not, is canonically the most beautiful Pokemon ever. That's not even my opinion. It's Pokedex specifically states that it is considered by almost everyone in Alola to be the most beautiful Pokemon. As for me, it's a pink mantis. As long as female Lurantis don't do what real life female praying mantises do upon getting pregnant and we will be fine. In case you are wondering what real life female praying mantises do after getting pregnant, they eat. EVERYTHING. Including other mantises. And mantises are the most brutal hunters in the insect world, because praying mantises decapitate their prey before eating them. The More You Know! *twinkle* Speaking of mantises, did you know that mantises are the only insects that have pupils in their eyes? Which might explain why they have much better vision than most insects. Oh, and Lurantis can learn a brand-new attack called Solar Blade, where it summons a giant lightsaber. Which is as cool as it sounds.

Image result for comfey

Next is Comfey. Yes. Another punny name. It's the Generation 7 version of Vanillite and Klefki. Everyone is probably going to hate it since Pokemon based off of inanimate objects are somehow automatically bad. But hey! At least Comfey fits into the Hawaii theme because, you know, Comfey is a flower necklace. Or flower crown. Flower ring? Not sure. Anyway, it has the brand-new passive ability Triage. Which makes it so if Comfey uses a healing move it will go first regardless of whose turn it is. Also, why do so many Generation 7 Pokemon have brand new passive abilities?

Image result for minior

And now, for Minior. It's a mini meteor. It's a Rock/Flying Type. It has a passive ability called Shields Down. It normally starts off in it's shell which has an immunity to every status condition ever, but if it's health drops below 50%, then it will shed it's shell and turn into the adorable pink ball pictured above. With it's Core form, Minior's offensive stats are dramatically increased. Basically, if you want a tank, keep it at 51% health or more, but if you want a sweeper, wait for it's health to get low enough to transform. Also...

Image result for minior

Minior can come in one of four colors! Which color you get is apparently random.

Image result for mudbray

Last but not least we have Mudbray and it's evolved form, Mudsdale.

Image result for mudsdale

But let's start with Mudbray. It's a Ground-Type donkey that used to be found all over the world but became an endangered species thanks to over hunting. But may I be the first to say that I find it slightly creepy how people hunted a Pokemon? It's almost as bad as the restaurants in Pokemon X & Y, which made it clear their food consisted of deceased Pokemon. Anyway, Mudbray is now an Alola only Pokemon due to over hunting. Mudsdale is Mudbray's evolved form. It's still a Ground-Type, but now it's much bigger (it's 8 feet tall!) and stronger. Also apparently impossible to annoy, since it has really good control over it's emotions. Also, going with the whole Generation 7 Pokemon having brand-new abilities, Mudsdale has, you guessed it, ANOTHER brand-new ability called Stamina, which makes it so every time Mudsdale takes damage, it's Defense doubles. And I can see this thing having a high Defense stat anyway, so this will be a very powerful Pokemon to have on a team.

And that's all the time we have for today! Stay tuned to when I release the third part of the update series where we will cover three new Region Variants of pre-existing Pokemon as well as three brand-new Pokemon.

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