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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My top 15 favorite Pokemon!! (Generations 1-6, mostly my opinion)

Okay, so they recently unveiled some pretty cool info for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games, including new moves that look like they have been pulled straight out of Naruto as well as the most gloriously hilarious Pokemon ever.

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I will never take palm trees seriously ever again. But we are not here to talk about that info because I realized that is the opportune time to make a Top 15 Favorite Pokemon list because I love Pokemon, I love writing top 10 lists (I am doing 15 instead of 10 due to the large quantity of Pokemon available), so why not put them together?

First, some things to note.
  1. I am NOT - I repeat NOT - a competitive player (heck, the last Pokemon main series game I played was Pokemon Platinum). However, if a Pokemon is competitively viable, I shall explain why that Pokemon is good. In case you do not what exactly I mean by "competitive" I am talking about the multiplayer aspects of the main Pokemon games.
  2. As I do not own ANY portable gaming systems, my experience with most Pokemon comes from the anime and the home console games. 
  3. Most of these Pokemon are fully evolved since I have a thing for strong, tough pokemon that can wreck people.
  4. As one can tell by the title, only Pokemon from Generations 1 through 6 are allowed on this list. I will make a sequel to this list for Generation 7 Pokemon. Unless, magically, Generation 7 has less than 10 Pokemon. Not saying it will happen, but it's a possibility (this is a joke, there are currently 31 confirmed new Pokemon for Generation 7, not counting Alola versions of previous Pokemon).
  5. This list is in no order because six generations of Pokemon equals 721 Pokemon to choose from, making this list surprisingly difficult. Oh, and if you don't know anything about Pokemon, Generations mark a Pokemon's debut, with Generation 1 Pokemon like Pikachu being around since 1998 while Generation 6 Pokemon like Greninja have been around since 2012. The other generations are somewhere in between.
  6. I will be using a lot of pro Pokemon player lingo (such as "sweeper") a lot in this blog post, so if you don't understand the terms I use I shall put a description for them I the bottom of the post.
  7. For your convenience I shall inform you of which Generation a Pokemon made it's debut in

So without further adieu, let's get started.


Image result for rayquaza

Ah, Rayquaza (Generation 3). The Sky Snake Guardian who single handedly destroyed the entire competitive scene with it's whopping 810 base stat total and AMAZING alternate form.

Image result for rayquaza

Behold the majesty that is Mega Rayquaza, destroyer of multiplayer tournaments. Also, Rayquaza's signature attack, "Dragon Ascent", is NOT Dragon Type attack. It's Flying Type. Why is it Flying Type instead of Dragon? I have no idea... Anyway, I like Rayquaza because it's a giant snake dragon with weather powers. And thanks to it's 810 base stat total, Rayquaza is currently the strongest Pokemon that ever lived. Heck, in the lore of Ruby & Sapphire, Rayquaza actually managed to get Groudon and Kyogre to stop fighting. Which is impressive, since those two Pokemon were powerful enough to mold the surface of the Pokemon world.


Image result for nidoking

Nidoking (Generation 1). He's a king. As the name implies. A part-rabbit-part-dinosaur-part-rhino-part-hedgehog-part-bear king. And he's PURPLE!!!! But between the Nido lines (that is, the Nidoking line and the Nidoqueen line, the King line is my favorite because it's purple. Also...

Image result for nidoqueen
Since Nidoking and Nidoqueen are, for all intents and purposes, the same species, we might as well put her on this list as well. Also random fun fact! Generation 2 added the breeding mechanic, which basically lets two Pokemon have a child (Pokemon born and raised through this mechanic are normally stronger than Pokemon caught in the wild). And one would think that Nidoking and Nidoqueen would be able to breed with each other due to being nothing more than gender specific variants of the same species. But nope. For whatever reason, Nidoqueen and Nidoking cannot breed. Just something that I thought was interesting.


Image result for tyranitar

Tyranitar ( Generation 2). Tyranitar was created mostly to be the mascot for the then new Dark type. Also, it's a Godzilla. And everything is better with Godzilla. Oh, and Tyranitar is also a very powerful half-sweeper, half-tank psychical attacker with decent Defense. So yeah. Cool points for being a Godzilla and more cool points for being really powerful.


Image result for tyrantrum

Tyrantrum (Generation 6). Another strong psychical attacker, And IT'S A FLIPPING T. REX!!! *ahem* Not Tyrannosaurus Rex is not my ALL time favorite dinosaur (in fact, if Game Freak would be so kind as to make a Spinosaurus Pokemon I would scream like a goat. But like, a happy scream), I will admit that a Tyrannosaur Pokemon is inherently awesome. If only it had a hidden ability that made it's combat skills better... Oh, wait, it does! It's hidden ability, Rock Head, prevents Tyrantrum from taking recoil damage. And it can learn the attack Head Smash, Which is the strongest Rock Type attack ever. Only downside is Head Smash will deal recoil damage... Yeah, Rock Head + Head Smash = a deadly combo.


Image result for gardevoir

You know what's awesome? A Pokemon that is both powerful and graceful. And you know what else is awesome?

Image result for gallade

...Having ton fa blades attached to your forearms! Did you really think I would give the No. 11 spot to Gardevoir? Nope! #TeamGallade. Anyway, Gallade (Generation 4), is effectively the male version of Gardevoir, but unlike the Nido-lines, Gardevoir and Gallade CAN breed. So Yay... I guess?. Anyway, Both Pokemon are very powerful. Gardevoir has an insanely large Special Attack, while Gallade gets a equally large Psychical Attack. Aside from that difference, and the fact that they learn different attacks, they are the same stat-wise. But Gallade has ton fa blades. And Gardevoir has... Magic? And a dress? Yeah, Gallade has the extra cool factor with it's ton fa blades.


Image result for Infernape 

Infernape (debuted in Generation 4). This Pokemon got so much hate for it's Fire/Fighting dual typing. Not that it's a bad typing. But many Trainers were annoyed with how common that specific type combination is. But Nevertheless, Infernape is one my favorites because Chimchar (Infernape's baby form) was my Platinum starter (Hurray for Nostalgia!). Also, this Pokemon is based off a Journey to the West character by the name of Sun Wukong. Which is a monkey king. But I like Infernape because 1; It's one of the few Pokemon that Ash Ketchum fully evolved (anytime Ash's Infernape went into Blaze mode was guaranteed awesomeness incarnate). So bonus points for being one of the few Pokemon in the anime NOT caught in evolution limbo. As for whether it's good competitively, it's a powerful mixed attacker with good speed and perfectly even offensive stats. So yeah, Infernape is pretty good in the competitive scene.


Image result for weavile 

Weavile (Debuted in Generation 4). It's a cat (weasel? it looks more like a cat to me...) with ninja talons. And a fan/crest/crown. And s/he's adorable (this Pokemon has a gender ratio of 50-50) and cool (geddit? Cool! Because it's a Ice type) at the same time. Weavile is my main in Pokken Tournament due to Weavile's incredible combos. Heck, in that game Weavile, along with flipping MEWTWO were considered the best characters in the game. But in the main series? Weavile is the best Ice sweeper ever. With a ludicrously high Speed and a equally ludicrous Attack stat, Weavile can outrun most Pokemon and hit them like a truck. Possibly at the same time. There is only one thing I don't like about Weavile. It's typing. I mean, sure, it's Dark typing makes perfect sense for a sneaky little prankster. But why is it an Ice type!? It doesn't LOOK like a Ice type... at least not to me.


Image result for greninja 

From Pokken Tournament to Super Smash Bros, we have yet another of my mains in a fighting game. Greninja (debuted in Generation 6) is a frog. And a ninja. And a Water-Bender. AND it can somehow *Armatize with Ash (don't know exactly how it does it but I have heard that there's a "Ash-Greninja" in the anime. I should probably watch X & Y on Netflix now). Oh, and Greninja can change it's Typing on dime thanks to it's passive ability, Protean. What does Protean do? It makes it so that Greninja will transform to match whatever attack it just used. Because of this ability, Greninja is the only Pokemon that will receive S.T.A.B. (Same Type Attack Bonus, makes so if a Pokemon uses an attack that matches it's typing, that attack will deal extra damage. I.e. If a Pikachu uses Thunderbolt it shall get a S.T.A.B. boost to it's Thunderbolt, and thus deal more damage to the target) boosts from EVERY ATTACK.


Image result for hydreigon 

Alas, poor Hydreigon (debuted in Generation 5). In Generation 5, Hydreigon was a nightmare in the competitive scene, thanks to it's HUGE Special Attack and decent stats overall (having immunity to both Ground and Psychic type attacks also helped). And then the fairies came. Now Hydreigon's family cry in shame of their fallen prince who can get one-shot by a flipping CUPCAKE. Nevertheless, Hydreigon is an awesome Pokemon who will always have one of the best designs. It's a three-headed, six-winged dragon that looks like it's wearing a custom hoodie. Now you cannot un-see Hydreigon's hoodie. Boom. Although, I have to ask, what on Earth happened to Hydreigon's feet? It's this big tough dragon but it has such stubby feet... It looks like somebody's been relying on that Levitate ability for too long...


Image result for eevee

Eevee (debuted in Generation 1). But not just any Eevee... Oh no...

Image result for eevee

ALL the Eeevees (before you tear me limb from limb, I already know the plural of Eevee is still Eevee but one must admit that adding a "s" at the end makes it even cuter). I knew I wanted some form of Eevee on this list but I couldn't decide, so I am putting all nine forms (Eevee itself and it's eight evolutionary forms) on this list in a tie. But anyway, Eevee is perhaps the cutest Pokemon ever. And arguably the most versatile. Want a speedy Electric type Pokemon? Evolve it into a Jolteon. Want a tank-y Dark type? Go with Umbreon. Or maybe you would be interested in the dragon killer that is Sylveon? Or maybe, you want a fiery psychical attacker like Flareon. Even though it is considered the worst of the eight due to having below average stats everywhere except attack but doesn't get much use out of that stat considering it couldn't learn psychical Fire Type attacks until Generation 6, which let it learn Flare Blitz, but because that attack also hurts the user (stronger attacks equal recoil damage) based on how much damage Flareon did with the attack means it might unintentionally KO itself due to not having a large enough health bar to survive the recoil. Which is funny and sad at the same time. Especially since it took almost 7 years for Flareon to learn this kind of attack.


Image result for giratina

Ah, Giratina (debuted in Generation 4). The official mascot of Pokemon Platinum as well as the first Legendary I ever heard of (I joined the Pokemon Hype Train at the peak of Generation 4, in case you are wondering why there are so many Generation 4 Pokemon on this list). It also starred in the first Pokemon movie I ever watched, Giratina & the Sky Warrior.  It's also the only Pokemon that has the Ghost/Dragon typing. Which is a really cool concept. Also, Giratina is part of the Matter trio (a trio is a group of Legendary Pokemon with similar traits) along with Palkia and Dialga. The Matter Trio, as the name implies, are based off the forms of matter, with Dialga being solid, Palkia being liquid and Giratina here is based off gas. Although, something I am curious about, does that mean Arceus is Plasma since he created the Matter Trio to begin with, and Plasma makes up most of the universe? The world may never know...


Image result for sableye

Sableye (debuted in Generation 3) is a purple elf with diamonds for eyes, that spends every day of it's life looking for gemstones to eat, and can create a shield out of rubies upon Mega Evolving, and prior to Generation 6, it had no weaknesses whatsoever. Your Argument is Invalid. But in all seriousness, Sableye is one of my personal favorites. Sure, he's not the best Pokemon competitively, but he's far from the worst.


Image result for lugia

Lugia (debuted in Generation 2). What's so special about Lugia? Well, it's a sea dragon that can effectively cause Noah's Deluge simply by flapping it's wings together (it's Pokedex entry reads "It causes a 40 day and 40 night thunderstorm when it flaps it's wings"). But if that was the case, then would that mean that every time flaps it's wings multiple times, does an extra 40 days and 40 nights get added on top of the current thunderstorm? Because, if so, the whole planet would have been flooded by now. Then again, the Pokedex does lie to you (Pokedex: "Ho-oh flies around on it's rainbow colored wings". Me: "Ho-oh does not have rainbow colored wings, Pokedex! Unless you are colorblind, Ho-oh only has FOUR colors on it's wings! And you need at least SEVEN to make a rainbow!" Pokedex: "Arceus created the universe with it's 1000 arms." Me: "Arceus doesn't even HAVE any arms! Unless you count that ring thing around Arceus' waist,.. But still!"). And speaking of lies, why on Earth is Lugia NOT a Water Type!? It lives at the bottom of the sea, learns a large amount of Water Type attacks, and it's literally classified as the DIVING (diving as in, swimming deep underwater) Pokemon. Who is the "genius" that thought it would be funny to make the Guardian of the Sea a Psychic type instead of a Water type!? But I digress.


Image result for heracross

Heracross (Generation 2). It's a beetle. That has super strength. And it's cute. AND Heracross is one of the few Pokemon that, under the right circumstances, can stand up to the madness that is Whitney's Miltank. *shudders* Anyway, Heracross can have the ability Guts, which makes it so that whenever it gets a status condition like Paralysis for example, it gets a 50% boost to it's Attack stat, which is already massive. Sadly, it doesn't get this ability if it Mega Evolves.

Number One!!!

Image result for kangaskhan

Kangaskhan. It's a kangaroo. Kangaroos are cool. Also, bonus points for being an average Pokemon competitively until Generation 6, which added the concept of Mega Evolution, letting Pokemon that couldn't evolve gain a form similar to evolution, if only for a short while. And Kangaskhan was one of the lucky ones that not only got a Mega, but also quickly became one of the most overpowered Pokemon of all time, so unfairly powerful that **Smogon has banned this Pokemon from most tournaments (well, actually, if Uber tier Pokemon are allowed, Kangaskhan is also allowed). Plus the baby in it's pouch is adorable. Speaking of adorable things, I remember a theory that the Pokemon Cubone is actually a baby Kangaskhan whose mother passed away. So sad. But hey! That's just a theory. A... Pokemon theory.


Image result for goomy

Behold the most powerful Pokemon in all the known universe: Goomy!

Image result for goomy meme

Image result for goomy meme

Image result for goomy meme

But in all seriousness, Goomy is the cutest Pokemon in the known universe. Unless Generation 7 has something even cuter. But I doubt that.

And that does it for my Top 15 Favorite Pokemon! If you have a favorite Pokemon then please let me know what it is with a comment.

P.S. If your favorite is Pikachu then... Well, have fun.

P.P.S. And now for Pokemon pro lingo. "Sweeper". A Pokemon that uses a combination of speed and offensive firepower to wipe out several opponents in a row. "Tank". As the name implies, a "tank" is a Pokemon that has absurdly large defenses.

*Armatize. A reference to a really cool game mechanic from I game I've been playing recently called Tales of Zestiria. I'll explain it in full detail once I review that game.

**Smogon. While officially title Smogon University, it is normally referred to simply as Smogon. It's the number one competitive Pokemon battling website, complete with thorough guides on how to effectively use every Pokemon in a multiplayer tournament, it's own Pokedex, and complex strategies to guarantee a easy win. A must visit for the aspiring competitive Trainer.

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