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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So... Many... Pokemon... Pokemon Sun & Moon update! (part 1 of 2-ish)

Hey! You remember that Top ten favorite Pokemon list I did the other day? Well, they announced some new info for Pokemon Sun & Moon. Oh, and this is going to be a LONG one. So long I am splitting this up into two parts because Game Freak was like "Hey, let's dump a boat-load of new info for Generation 7 so that a certain slightly obscure video gamer who runs a blog reviewing games and movies among other things will have a harder time spreading the info around his tiny corner of the Internet!". So I'll post half of the info today and post the other half tomorrow because otherwise we'll be here for a LONG time.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon

In case you are wondering why I am covering a game I cannot play thanks to not owning a 3DS, it's because Pokemon is bound to make a home console game and probably devote a whole season of the anime to Ash Ketchum's adventures in the Alola region. Speaking of Ash, he's FINALLY a decent Pokemon Trainer (Prior to the Kalos series, I and several other long-time Pokemon fans have mocked Ash's talents as a Trainer due to ALWAYS losing the Pokemon League or breaking the laws of Pokemon psychics to beat a Gym, most notably when his Pikachu one-shot a GROUND-Type- that is, a Pokemon with an IMMUNITY to Electrical attacks- with a Electrical attack).

Image result for exeggutor
Classic Exeggutor!

So what's so special about the new info? New Pokemon, that's what! But first a new thing. Apparently, a new mechanic has been added. Region variations of existing Pokemon. Basically, some Pokemon have brand new forms if the Pokemon in question grew up in a specific region. They even have new Types (FYI I shall assume you have a decent understanding of how Pokemon works). So they are basically new Pokemon. Let's start the reel with the most ridiculous creature ever created...

Image result for alola exeggutor

This is what happens when Exeggutor gets a vacation to the tropics. It is now 38 FEET TALL. And it is the epitome of absurd. And nobody on the Internet can take this thing seriously.

Image result for alola exeggutor

Image result for alola exeggutor

Image result for alola exeggutor meme

Anyway, Alola Exeggutor is no longer a Grass/Psychic Type Pokemon. It's now... Grass/Dragon? What!?

Image result for alola exeggutor meme

Image result for alola exeggutor meme

Image result for alola exeggutor is a dragon type

Anyway, because Exeggutor can now learn Draco Meteor thanks to the new Dragon Type. Which would be hilarious to see a walking palm tree rain down meteors on your foes. But it's Typing gives it a 4x weakness to Ice attacks. So my boy Weavile can probably wreck this thing.

Next up on the Alola variant list is the Vulpix line.

Image result for alola vulpix

Image result for alola ninetales

First things first. Vulpix and Ninetales are now Ice-Type Pokemon. But the concept of region variants is that the Pokemon's appearance and typing changed to help the Pokemon survive in a foreign environment. But Alola is a series of tropical islands. So why would Vulpix and Ninetales adapt to a cold ecosystem? Well, tropical islands often have mountains that reach freezing temperatures. It's safe to assume the Alola Vulpix line adapted to live at the top of said mountains. Also...

Image result for tales of zestiria mikleo

Why does Alola Ninetales look like Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria!? Or is that just my imagination? I think I have been playing that game too much... (In all due respect Tales of Zestiria is very good game and a whole lot better than what most people make it out to be).

Anyway, I really like the design for the Alola Vulpix line. But one must ask, because of the Ice typing, does the method to evolve change? Like a regular Vulpix evolved into Ninetales if you give it a Fire Stone, but you obviously can't do that if the Vulpix is WEAK to fire. So is there going to be a Ice Stone or something? Oh, and if you are new to Pokemon, here is a picture of what Vulpix and Ninetales look like normally.

Image result for ninetales

Image result for vulpix

Now we move onto the coolest (geddit?) part of the Alola variants.

Image result for alola sandslash

Image result for alola sandslash

Sandshrew and Sandslash are now Ice/Steel types. They took a page out of the Vulpix line's book and moved up to the colder areas of Alola. Also, Alola Sandshrew looks adorable! It's a Igloo Hedgehog! And now... Sandslash has become Sonic The Hedgehog. Although it's new Pokedex states that the icy armor covering it's back makes it much slower than a normal Sandslash.

And that's about it this time. Stay tuned for tomorrow, where I shall cover the other half of the info. Although, there is a chance it'll be in three parts. Personally I hope not because I'd rather keep the number of sequel posts to a minimum. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading about five new variants of pre-existing Pokemon.

P.S. How do you get a Snorlax onto a bus? You POKEMON!

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