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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My 6 hopes (and dreams) for the Nintendo Switch!

You know, with every day that passes the release date for the Nintendo Switch draws closer and closer. So it got me thinking, "Before this thing actually comes out what would I, as a longtime gamer, like to see happen with the Nintendo Switch?". So I thought of five things that range from technical capabilities to what kind of video games I personally would like to see the Nintendo Switch have, either at launch or later down the road. Oh, and the reason why this is a Top Six instead of a Top Five is because I tried to think as many ideas for this list as my brain can think of and I could only think of six ideas.

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While two of these choices are basically universal benefits, all the others are stuff that's mostly my opinion and as such, will contain large quantities of Spencer-Logic. Also, this post will be light on images due to me being lazy (I'll use pictures for things that people might not know about like certain video game franchises, but for things people see all the time, like batteries and DVDs, there won't be a picture). So let's do this! Oh, and the list is in no order.

No. 6!

Please, please make sure the Switch's battery life is good. If it lasts for say, an hour, then that would probably make do what I did to the Wii U (which has terrible battery life); KEEP IT PLUGGED IN AT ALL TIMES. Which would undermine the whole "Hey this thing is a handheld and a home console at the same time!" thing it has going for it. But if the battery lasts for about three to four hours or more then I'd be okay with that since I don't really get out much and I would be near a socket to plug in the recharge cord if needed. But seriously, the Switch NEEDS long lasting batteries.

No. 5!

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Nintendo Switch, you MUST have a Monster Hunter game available at launch. Do you know how annoyed it was when both Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter Generations were made 3DS exclusive? And contained two of the coolest weapon types in the franchise? AND had some of the most awe-inspiring boss battles in the action-RPG genre? Basically when they made that choice I felt very left out. So if Capcom comes back for another Nintendo-bound Monster Hunter game, and said game was on the Switch, that would make THIS monster hunter very happy.

No. 4!

It's 2016. Nintendo has yet to make a gaming system that can play Blu-Rays or even DVDs. So if you wanted to watch something instead of play something your choices were either get Netflix downloaded on your Nintendo console of choice or go buy something that CAN play Blu-Rays and DVDs. Which is basically anything that Nintendo DIDN'T make. I've heard legends about Nintendo die-hards buying PS4's and Xbox One's just so they could watch Blu-Rays. Out of all the hopes (and dreams) for the Nintendo Switch, this is the most optional. I wouldn't mind if the Switch couldn't do this, after all, with such a revolutionary and surprisingly complex mechanic, they would have to make some budget cuts here and there to, you know, make the blasted thing work, but if they did manage to make it Blu-Ray compatible, then that would be swell.

No. 3!

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I'm calling it right now. The massive open world-sandbox titans Minecraft and Terraria will eventually get ported over to the Switch. Why? Because those games are on literally every gaming system with the lone exception of the Nintendo 3DS, in the case of Minecraft. So going by the law of cash cow franchise ports, these two games can and will get ported to the Nintendo Switch, maybe at launch, maybe later on, but my point stands. "But wait!" you ask, "If you're SO confident that these games will get ported, then why are they in you're top 5 hopes for the Switch!?". The answer to that question is a simple one! PORT ALL OF MY FAVORITE GAMES ONTO THE SWITCH!!!! Well, all the ones that are legally possible. Like there's no way they're going to port, oh I don't know, an Infamous game or something (can you believe I have beaten Infamous Second Son a whole year ago and never bothered reviewing it?), because you know, Sony owns that franchise since it's a First Party franchise. But do you know a game they totally could port to the Switch that just might work?

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"Gosh darn it Spencer! Stop bringing up Undertale in every single blog post!". But I can't help it. I love that game so much. And if they ported my favorite video game EVER to the Nintendo Switch, I will literally buy the game again JUST to see how it compares to the original PC version. And who knows? Maybe I'll finally man up and do a Genocide run. Actually, no I probably wouldn't do a Genocide run. I already know what happens. And it is not pretty in the slightest. On the opposite end of the spectrum, porting Undertale would take quite a while since it's safe to assume that the Switch won't be compatible with GameMaker, the engine that Undertale uses. because none of Nintendo's consoles were compatible with it before (some of those consoles were around before GameMaker existed). So in order to port this masterpiece of a video game, you would have to rebuild the ENTIRE GAME FROM SCRATCH. And It took Toby Fox about two-and-a-half years to create Undertale in the first place, so yeah.

No. 2!

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You know, I actually never heard of this particular franchise until Smash Bros happened. And I've heard nothing but praise for the two most recent games in the Fire Emblem franchise, but couldn't play either of them because of the fact I do not own a 3DS.

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Or, in my case, haven't even bought a single
game in the series...

Seriously, what is with Nintendo and putting games I actually want to go play on a system I don't even own!? Plus, currently the most overpowered Smash Bros 4 character actually is a Fire Emblem character. Speaking of which, does anyone remember back when Smash Bros 4 was coming out and everyone was like "Sakurai, Y U NO PUT CHROM INTO DA GAME!?". Then Corrin was added and everyone was like "Sakurai, Y U PUT SO MANY FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS INTO DA GAME!?" Seriously, give the poor guy a break, people!

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But back to the subject at hand. If the Nintendo Switch has a Fire Emblem game, then I would get it just to see what all the fuss is about. Although I have little to no knowledge of the Fire Emblem games aside from A: They're RPGs, which is good, since that's my favorite genre. B: One of the characters has dragon powers, which is awesome because I love dragons and ever since I was a wee child I have wondered why nobody made a video game where the main protagonist has dragon powers.  And C: There's a samurai prince that the Internet nicknamed Lobster Lord. Why? I dunno. Oh, and also D: The games take place during the Middle Ages. And finally, E: This franchise is well-known for a (in)famous "permadeath" mechanic, where if a party member dies in actual gameplay and the player completes the rest of the level then that party member stays dead for the rest of the playthrough (if the player gets a Game Over then they get that party member back, but at the expense of having to do the level in question all over again). This is done to make players more strategic and cautious (so they don't try to Leroy Jenkins their way to victory), as well as develop personal attachments to your party members. And honestly, from everything I know, this franchise sounds exactly what I would enjoy in a video game (yes, even the permadeath mechanic). So please, Nintendo, put a Fire Emblem game on the Switch so I can finally see why people love this franchise so much.


This last entry is a bit of a strange one. What I want most out of anything to happen to the Nintendo Switch. In order to safely guarantee the success of this console/handheld hybrid, it MUST have a decent selection of games to choose from at launch. This is EXACTLY why the Wii U failed! With a few exceptions, most of the games on the Wii U weren't really "gateway to brand new generation of Nintendo gaming!" material. I mean, there was Wonderful 101, and I guess Splatoon (even though that game came out a month or two after initial launch). But most of the best games on Wii U were released right when people were giving up on it. The Switch could EASILY avoid this by having about ten or so really big games. And I ain't talkin' Xenoblade big, I'm talking Legend of Zelda big. Like BAM! Instantly recognizable franchise available from the get go! Like have Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild available at launch! Or heck, get Capcom to make a Monster Hunter game as I said earlier! Or just take every hope and dream on this very list and throw in a blender and get a Spencer-approved, Ultra popular, filled to the brim with DETERMINATION, Buffalo Sauce flavored, grape scented cocktail of economical gaming success! How about THAT for a unnecessarily awesome business metaphor!?

So those are things I think can really help the Nintendo Switch be a successful console. Are they going to happen? Aside from my adamant believe that there WILL be a Terraria/Minecraft port for the Nintendo Switch at some point, I doubt any of these will happen. But if all six of my hopes (and dreams) become a reality, then either A: I am psychic, Or B: Someone at Nintendo thinks with Spencer-Logic,

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