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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mysims Agents part 2

Hey, good news, I managed to beat this game so we can finish MySims Agents part 1 but in a different post.
(Question mark = players name)

After you fix the crane and obtain the third letter Present ? goes to Poppy and he/she asks her if he/she could borrow Poppy's invitation to Madame Zoe's (who is in possession of the Fortunite crystal) dinner party, and then Present ? goes to a Bayou with Madame Zoe's mansion and discovers that Madame Zoe's butler is an undead zombie that asks for his/her invitation card, then Madame Zoe takes everyone to the Crystal room, where the Fortunite is shattered with shards of it on the floor. Then Present ? begins to find out who did it. First clue; Carl's (the zombie's first name is Carl) footprints begin at the dumbwaiter, then go to Carl's toolbox and then end at the Gargoyle statue that once held the Fortunite crystal. Second clue; Carl's hammer was covered in Fortunite shards. Third clue; Present ?, Buddy, and one of the guests, a actor named Trever, put on a play that made Carl's guilt get the better of him. It turns out that the zombiefied butler did it, in fact, Trever said "I starred in 30 plays where "the butler did it". HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS COMING!?" But later, it turns out that the crystal smashed was a fake, and Carl was hypnotized by Madame Zoe so that the guests would leave and she can keep everything that her now dead uncle has left to be up for grabs, but it turns out that the estate goes to Poppy's sister, Violet Nightshade. After the crystal was Present ? was in possession of the Fortunite crystal, he/she and Buddy go to the beach to learn about what Morcubus is doing there. First ? helps a SURFER find out what smashed his surfboard. One clue was; there were tire treads around the scene of the crime, hinting that a jealous daredevil named Chaz Mcfreely did it. The second clue; there was slime all over the board, hinting that a animal did it. Third clue; an eye-witness claims that an angry Kracken named "Mr. Suckers" did it (although ? didn't believe this so he/she needed more evidence). The fourth and final clue; ? joined Clara (the eye-witness, most people think she's premature due to having countless imaginary friends and claims that it's "animal cruelty" to make cheeseburgers, sushi, crab-cake and any other food that requires animal meat to make that I didn't mention by name, DOES SHE NOT KNOW THAT CHEESEBURGERS ARE DELICIOUS!?) on a tea party with Mr. Suckers, thus proving his existence and admits that he accidentally smashed Luke's (the surfer's name is Luke) surfboard. When ? tells Luke this, he/she says "You don't believe a single word I just said, don't you." but Luke says "I believe.... It's my destiny to surf alongside a giant squid." then a thought bubble coming from Luke's head shows him surfing alongside Mr. Suckers with Clara siting on Mr. Suckers' head. Then ? helps a TATTOO SELLER named Justice find out what happened to his missing crab cages (Justice is addicted to crab-cake, so he has his own crab traps.) the suspects are; Clara (possibly destroyed the traps to "liberate" the crabs), Chef Wantanbe, a sushi chef (possibly stolen to help make his newest sushi roll, the "Super Crab Jumbo" roll), and Yuki, one of the Morcugirls (possibly accidentally destroyed during a joy-ride using a submarine). The first clue; submarine oil was seen at the scene of the crime. The second clue; Wantanbe's knife was dropped at the scene of the crime. The third clue; Wantanbe's footprints were seen entering and emerging from the water near the scene of the crime. The fourth clue; the ropes that once held Justice's crab traps were seen tangled in a Morcucorp Submarine propeller. After solving this case ? and Buddy meet Dr. F and his robot best friend T.O.B.O.R. in a mobile lab on the beach and tells them that they can help with their latest problem, trying to find out what is in a treasure chest hidden in a sunken pirate Morcucorp is looking for. T.O.B.O.R. reveals that he has a remote control, but there's a big glitch; Dr. F lost it. But ? finds it, but there's another big glitch; the remote's broken. But ? manages to fix it, but there's another big glitch; the batteries are dead. But Dr. F later gives ? extra batteries, But there's ANOTHER big glitch; T.O.B.O.R. reveals that he has a fear of seaweed. But ? manages to obtain an microchip that is supposed to replace the "Kelpophobia" with a fear of acorns. Then ? turns on the remote, then T.O.B.O.R.'s head spins in a 360 direction with electricity coming out of his body, then the screen that make up his face turns black and starts moving as if he is being remotely controlled (witch he is) and then swims to the sunken ship. From there, the player must pilot T.O.B.O.R. through the ship and find the treasure chest (that has a map that reveals the location of the CROWN OF NIGHTMARES) Then T.O.B.O.R. gives the map to ? (the picture on the paper shows a badly drawn map that looks almost completely cartoonish). Then ?, Evelyn and Buddy go to the Amazon Jungle and shortly find the Temple that contains a magic artifact (possibly the Crown of Nightmares) as well as their Guide, A girl named Lyndsay, and then they try several attempts to open the door (although all of those attempts failed) Then ? tried to solve the riddles written on the pedestals. (the answers are here; "The Earth Pedestal requires you to climb up to the top of Gaia Tree on the left side of the temple. There, you'll find Magellan and several other lemurs. You must then talk to him about the Pedestal and he will then go stand on the Earth Pedestal, which will then be activated. He is able to this because of his special collar." "The Wind Pedestal can only be unlocked after getting into the Moon Temple. However, Vincent blocks the way, and you can only get him to move by finding the treasure of the Sun Temple and then giving it to him. After he leaves, you must go into the Moon Temple and pick the lock on a chest so you can open it. When the chest is open, you will find a horn. You must then ask Buddy to play the horn on the Wind Pedestal, which he agrees to. The Wind Pedestal will then be unlocked." "The Water Pedestal requires you to fill a cup with pure water. The cup you seek is located in the Sun Temple. You must then find several gear parts from around the Jungle (such as in Vincent's computer, his tent, in the water-mill, etc.). You then have to climb up the side of the temple and use the gears to fix the fountain, and then have Roxie examine the water. She will reveal it's completely pure and you can give it to Lyndsay who will stand on the pedestal, thus activating it." "The Fire Pedestal requires the torch that never goes out. This torch can be found in the Sun Temple, but only after messing with the direction of sunlight with mirrors. Once you recover the torch, you can give it to Evelyn. Evelyn will stand on the pedestal and activate it.") Once ? does so, the door will open up, and ?,Buddy, Lyndsay, and Evelyn meet a deranged man that calls himself "King Mike" and lectures ? and his/her friends and runs away, then ? tries to catch up with him. But there's a big glitch; ? has to bypass dragon heads that have flamethrowers in their mouths. But ? manages to deactivate them. But there's another big glitch; the next room has narrow pathways (the player must TIGHTROPE walk on these pathways) and has EXTREMELY strong wind. But ? barely makes it to the top. There, King Mike says that you must find him new "friends" (by friends I mean get two coconuts and carve faces into them and give them to Mike, his craziness will make him think that coconuts are like family), then he will help you get to the treasure chest that possibly contains the Nightmare Crown. Once open, the Nightmare Crown is not in there, and Mike reveals that the Crown is in the Grotto the whole time (the Grotto is the first room that you enter when you go in the Temple). When Mike and ? go back to the Grotto, it turns out that Mike is actually Evelyn's long lost father. But when they leave, Morcubus and the Morcugirls were waiting outside and reveal that they put a tracking device in Evelyn's research journal (she has been using the journal throughout the game) and have been following ? and friends the whole time. Then Morcubus steals the Crown and activates it. But then, Evelyn sacrifices herself to prevent Morcubus from ruling the world by throwing herself and Morcubus into the vortex that lead to the NIGHTMARE REALM. THE END

an example of what an average MySim as an agent looks like (with F-zero space manipulator)

*King Mike thought you were a figment of his imagination at first, but realizes you are real when you hire him.
*T.O.B.O.R. is robot spelled backwards.
*Paul the Yeti are the only "Around the World" character you cannot hire.
*Makuto and T.O.B.O.R. are considered siblings by fans because they were both built by Dr. F and are both robots, but during Makuto's Dispatch mission, it turns out that they are cousins.
*Despite being the Culprit at the Mountains, Preston can be hired after your trip to the Mountains.
*the secret character Marlon the Wizard is considered and uber character due to having the highest Paranormal ranking out of any character in the video game.
*Isaac Clarke was originally going to be in the game, but was removed for some reason.

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