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Friday, July 22, 2011

MySims Agents

MySims Agents is a pretty good game, despite lacking explosions or fighting like in secret agent movies, it instead has you play Sherlock Homes.

The game is like this (I don't know what happens at the end of the game, although I tried Wikipedia). First a MySim called Buddy tells you that he now writes his own comic books based on secret agents, but he then says "But what nobody knows about my comics is that their based on REAL live events, in fact, the main character is actually my BEST FRIEND! Here, I'll draw a picture of what he/she looks like." Once this part of the conversation is over you must create your own MySim. Then Buddy Says "But when we were teenagers, He wasn't a secret agent, and I wasn't a Comic Book Writer, we were classic detectives. Back then, we didn't have are own office, but Chef Gino let us use his restaurant, GINO'S PIZZERIA, as a temporary office, well... as long as we bought some some pizza now and then." After this Past Buddy is seen siting at one of Gino's tables eating pizza, then Past ? barges through the front door, complaining on how he wished to be a secret agent one day. Then Past Buddy says "Being a secret agent would be SO cool! Hey, do you mind if I draw YOU as a secret agent?" Past ? then says "Go ahead." Then Past Buddy starts drawing Past ? as secret agent (the picture will show Present ? Instead of Past ? as a secret agent). Just as soon the picture is complete a flower girl named Poppy runs in looking for Past ? with tears in her eyes. Once she finds him/her, she says "? I need your help!" Once Past ? asks her the problem she says "A UGLY man in RED AND GREY CLOTHES stole my DOG!" Then they later meet the "the UGLY man in RED AND GREY CLOTHES" to be Past Morcubus, (who is actually the main villain In Present Buddy's comic books) a man who Past Poppy's dog (who was renamed "Killfang" by Morcubus, even though the dog's real name is "Dogwood"). Past ?'s first clue to who really own Dogwood/Killfang was Dogwood/Killfang's favorite chew toy, Past Poppy said his favorite chew toy is a pink ball, while Past Morcubus said it was bones. after Past ? hands both toys to Dogwood/Killfang he clearly didn't like the bone but DID like the pink ball. The second clue was why Dogwood/Killfang was trying to climb over a wall, Past ? then investigates on the other side, only finding a few trash cans and a dumpster, but that doesn't stop him/her, after dumpster diving Past ? finds some jerky and gives it to Dogwood/Killfang and finds out that he was trying to get the jerky. Once the case results are go, it turns out the Past Poppy is Dogwood/Killfang's owner. Then Past Morcubus throws a tantrum and says "You shall bow before ME when I RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" before disappearing. Afterwards Past ? goes back to GINO'S PIZZERIA and meets a strange man in a tuxedo, the man introduces himself by saying "? I've been watching you out there, you did a good job on that case. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Walker, SPECIAL AGENT Walker." After Past Buddy says "No way! You're a SECRET AGENT!?" Walker answers by saying "Special Agent, to be exact. And I'm here to recruit both of you into AGENTS. But before I take you to HQ, help some more people if they need a mystery to be solved." Then Past ? helps Past Shirley find out who left the "secret love flowers" at her doorstep. The suspects are Skip Rogers the Mayor, Patrick the Construction Worker, and Chef Gino. The first clue; Past ? asks all the suspects if they bought a bouquet of "secret love flowers", surprisingly they ALL bought a bouquet, but for different  reasons, Gino bought a bouquet to make his latest pizza, the "SECRET LOVE PIZZA", Patrick pre-ordered some but the delivery never showed up, and the Mayor used them as a decoration. The second clue; a love note: After looking at the hand writing he/she decides to get a hand writing sample of all the suspects, first Past ? checks the menus made by Gino, his hand writing is too cursive, Next he tried Patrick's blueprints, his hand writing is too sloppy, and finally he/she asked to see the Mayor's files, but he keeps his files in a vault, then Past ? jumps from rooftop to rooftop until he/she reaches the Mayors house and spies on Past Rogers to learn where the vault is and how to open it, then the Mayor pulls a book and the entire shelf slides vertically, revealing the vault, then he enters this code; 1000240055030007859 on a dial. after writing a copy of this code, Past ? sneaks through a window and pulls the same book Past Rogers pulled, yet again revealing the vault and enters the code (see above), opening the vault, and steals one of the files and looks at the hand writing, it's the same writing as the writing on the love note! But the file revealed that Past Rogers is actually working for Morcucorp (a company that Past and Present Morcubus own). Once Past ? has told Shirley that the Mayor is the one that sent the secret love flowers, she says "This love note say that my eyes are deeper than OUTER SPACE!!! I'm gonna ask him out on a date!!!" then rushes to do so. After she runs out of the door Past ? says "But he's working for Morcu- Aw never mind." Then help help Gino find his stolen maps (the robber set GINO'S PIZZERIA on fire as a diversion so that nobody could see what he/she was doing). The suspect are; Past Derek, Past ?'s high-school and neighborhood bully, Past Shirley, the Aunt of Past Derek, and once again Patrick the Construction Worker. The first clue; Past ? asks all of them what they think happened, Patrick said that he could barely breathe during the fire even though he managed to successfully eat his pizza, claiming "What's the point of being able to breathe when you can eat?" Past Shirley said that she is EXTREMELY glad that she and Past Derek got out without getting singed. Past Derek refused to talk, But Past ? convinced him into talking (if Past ? is a girl then she will use the "cute look" on him, but if Past ? is a boy then he grab him by his shirt and hold him saying "Get SERIOUS, Kid, I'm not your little punching bag anymore, got me?!" Then Past Derek will reply "Oh, look who developed a backbone." Then Past ? will say "that's not all I developed, now start talking!!!") The second clue; Past ? decides to investigate the crime scene, then follows a set of FOOTPRINTS to the park forest and discovers that the robber has climbed across a fallen tree, then Past ? decides to investigate on the other side and discovers a piece of paper atop a pillar and uses his/her CROWBAR to knock it off. The paper turns out to be one of Gino's stolen maps. He/she later finds two more maps. Then Past ? searches the rooftop of the crime scene and finds a baseball stuffed down one of the chimneys of GINO'S PIZZERIA, even more surprising, it has "DEREK" written on it. when the case results are go, Past ? Says "The case is solved. The Robber is none other than Derek!!! Derek created that fire by stuffing his baseball in the chimney connected to the oven, stole all the maps, and gotten rid of the maps he didn't want, but instead kept the fourth and final map. The only thing I don't know is why? Why did you do steal those maps?" Past Derek then says "Well, Sherlock, I was HIRED by Morcucorp to steal those maps, but they only wanted the map that leads to the North Mountains. They didn't tell me why." Then Past ? and Past Buddy run into Walker at the train station, then Walker says "If you want to go to HQ, you're gonna have to catch the next train, take it east of here. I'll see you guys when you get there." Past ? and Past Buddy do so and proceed to enter HQ, once they do, a she-scientist shows them around and introduces them to other agents. Then Walker appears and tells them that they are officially Special Agents. Then a Woman named Evlen Grey and tells them that she's been robbed. After arriving at the crime scene, Past ? then follows a set of inked footprints to Times Square, then asked nearby people if they seen a "woman in a red and grey suit" (that's what the robber looked like") but nobody seen her. Later, Past ? finds out that the robber has abandoned the money, gems, and jewelery but gave everything else to Skip Rogers. Afterwards, Past ? and Past Buddy then go to the North Mountains to find out why Morcucorp is targeting a man whose initials are "P. W.", but wind up help a Northern girl named BeeBee reunite with her lost boyfriend (whose name is "Preston Wisisky"), resulting in a treacherous climb up the mountain. Once Past ? reaches the summit he/she meets and befriends a wolf cub and uses Wolfah's (a name given to him by Past ?.) sense of smell to find an ICE CAVE, and explores it, and finds a YETI sitting in a recliner and watching TV. The Yeti introduces himself (his name is Paul Wiwaka) and tells Past ? that he wasn't ALWAYS a Yeti. He was once a human scientist but experiment gone wrong Transformed him into a blue skinned, fanged, clawed, hairy, big monster, After this conversation Past ? befriends him and invites him to come to the LODGE. He does, but is arrested by Agent Marshell (an agent you meet before this event. She thinks that Paul is a criminal, even though she is completely wrong due to the fact that she is impatient and naive. In fact, when Past ? talks to her, he/she says "What I THINK I'm doing is taking my time and thinking it through, unlike you."). After this, Past ? tries to prove that Paul is innocent.  The first clue; Past ? finds TWO sets of Yeti footprints, one being Paul's (the WATER BLUE footprints) and the others being a different Yeti's (the DARK BLUE footprints), with one set of footprints leading to the JACUZZI (being the different Yeti's footprints) and the other leading to a heap of snow (being Paul's footprints). The second clue; The SECURITY CAMERA FOOTAGE showed a MySim dressed up as a Yeti smashing the Jacuzzi with a baseball bat with a picture of the Yeti's Logo (the Yetis are a baseball team) on it. The third clue: the same baseball bat from the footage was found hidden under the heap of snow that was mentioned earlier. The fourth clue; The same Yeti costume from the footage was found in the Ranger's cabin. When the case results are go, this is what everyone said "Alright everyone, Paul is innocent, but PRESTON isn't!!" said Past ?. "What!? Impossible! Wait, if it was Preston that did all this damage, then HOW did he do it?" Said Marshell. "The CAMERA FOOTAGE showed a MySim in a Yeti costume BREAKING everything using a baseball bat." Said Past ?. "You have no PROOF of that!" said Preston. "Here is the BASEBALL BAT from the footage, along with this YETI COSTUME!" said Past ?. "Just because you found a baseball bat and a costume doesn't mean that I'M the culprit!!" said Preston. "Why don't you put the YETI COSTUME on and see how it fits?" "Fine." "AHA!!! It's a perfect fit!!!" (the "Why don't you put the YETI COSTUME on and see how it fits?" and "AHA!!! It's a perfect fit!!!" were both said by Past ?, "Fine." was said by Preston, who coincidentally reunited with BeeBee right after Paul was falsely arrested.) When Paul got his freedom, all criminal data on him was deleted on HQ MAIN COMPUTER. Afterwards, Paul sent a text message to Past ? which said this when decoded. "? I'm sorry I can't remember anything else about my past or anything else about the CROWN OF NIGHTMARES, But my collage roommate, Dr. F., might remember. From your friend PAULDIYETI" After hearing this Past ? rushes to meet the deranged scientist in the Industrial District. After helping Gabby find out who stole his car engine Past ? finds Dr. F. (when they meet for the first time he says "Ah, just put the squirrels over there." either his squirrel delivery boy/girl resembles Past ?, or he's just plain crazy.). After helping DJ Candy and the Morcucorp girls (the Morcucorp girls were disguised as normal people at the time.) with their problems Past/Present ? discovers a crystal that can create a copy of the Crown of Nightmares. Then, Present ? decides to go to this woman's dinner party (the only reason why is because her mansion has the Fortunite he was supposed to retrieve, Fortunite is the energy source of the Crown of Nightmares) but has to help Present Poppy retrieve her stolen mail. I manage to get two out three of the letters, but to get the third and final letter you must find the crane keys (which are in a vault in Patrick the Construction Worker's trailer), then you got power the crane up (to do so you must hack into the crane's generator), and finally you must repair the control panel. (I have not done that yet, so I wish you luck that you can get further in the game than I have so far.)

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  1. Sounds like a Great game,you really researched this game.keep up the great work my son loves to read your blog he loves games.