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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure part 2

Good news, I'm gonna get Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure for my PS3 on 10/16/2011!!!

Here's a happens in the Blow It Up!!! commercial.
UNNAMED SKYLANDER: "Yah hah! Go Skylanders!!"
SPYRO: "How's he going to get past that gate?"
SPYRO: "Wait! He's got the key."
BOOMER:"I don't care! BLOW IT UP!"
UNNAMED SKYLANDER: (unlocks gate with key).
STEALTH ELF: "How's he gonna get over that wall?"
BOOMER: "I'm out of ideas..................BLOW IT UP!"
STEALTH ELF: "Is that your answer to everything?"
UNNAMED SKYLANDER: (destroys wall with bazooka)
BOOMER: "What? I couldn't hear ya because it BLOWN UP!"

Here's some interesting facts about some of the Skylanders.
*Fact #1 - Eruptor has a habit of burping uncontrollably.
*Fact #2 - Ghost Roaster can eat ghosts other than himself, but when he became a Skylander, he promised to only eat evil ghosts.
*Fact #3 - Trigger Happy shoots gold coins out of his guns instead of bullets.
*Fact #4 - Zap was raised by electric eels.
*Fact #5 - Stealth Elf has no memory of her past.
*Fact #6 - Prism Break lives with a group of miners.
*Fact #7 - Sonic Boom is the only Skylander that has children (she taught her kids how to fight).
*Fact #8 - Ghost Roaster's trademark mace (which is tied to his tail) is a punishment by the Elder          Elementals for devouring ghostly spirits.
*Fact #9 - As a child, Flameslinger saved an fire spirit from a watery doom and the spirit rewarded       him with magic shoes (which leave behind a wall of fire in his wake) and a magic bow (which make the arrows Flameslinger launches burst into flames).
*Fact #10 - Bash always wanted to fly like Spyro.
*Fact #11 - Terrafin used to be a lifeguard.
*Fact #12 - Spyro is good friends with Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt (same with Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt but the other way around).


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