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Monday, October 17, 2011

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure part 3

Hey  I got Skylanders Spyro's Adventure!!!

Apparently the Skylanders Spyro, Trigger Happy, and Gill Grunt all happen to be close friends with each other, although the reason is unknown.

Here's a list of NPC characters in the game.
*Hugo - a badger-like creature wearing a green vest and a brown backpack. He hates sheep. He was Master Eon's assistant. He points you in the right direction in game-play.
*Flynn - a Badger like creature wearing plane pilot gear (gloves, light brown jacket, goggles etc.) and is self passionate to the point that he thinks he's a chick magnet. He is a balloonist and will take you to some levels by having your current Skylander ride in his hot air balloon. He is (possibly) clueless. the proof is in this conversation: Flynn: "Hmm....... I'm gonna need something............something that can push me through that storm." Cali: "How about a propeller?" Flynn: (laughs) "Oh, Cali, that won't do. You look so cute when your flirting with me. I've got it!!! What I need is..... a propeller!!!" Cali: "A propeller, REALLY?!". He sounds and talks exactly the same as Lok from Tak and the power of Juju.
*Gurglefin - a Gillmen that wears yellow scuba gear. He complains a lot. He also gives an Oil Donkey (he didn't name it) after you help him free the Gillmen trapped on a polluted Oil-spill Island. He eventually tells you that he always wanted to be a pirate. He can take you to some levels by having your current Skylander climb aboard his ship (the first one was small, but the first ship got blown up, but after you help him take over an bigger, multi-sailed pirate ship, that will be the replacement of the first ship. Also, Gurglefin is a sailor.) and sailing off (his ship is magical because it normally falls down a waterfall, but can then be seen flying).
*T-bone - a living skeleton. his appearance changes throughout the game. First, when you first meet him, his just a talking skull. Next, when retrieve some of his bones, he is a skull attached to a spinal cord which is attached to some rib bones, which is attached to some hip bones. Then, when you retrieve even more of his bones, he now has a left arm and a right leg. Then when you complete his skeleton, he is a full, animated skeleton. And finally, when you collect the Skeleton Key, he screws his head on the key and the rest of the key gets fused to his left hand.
*Kaos, the main villain of the game. He has a hologram that is a scarier version of his head that has a computer voice. Although he really sounds and talks exactly the same as Zim from Invader Zim. In his true form, he is rather short and requires a boost from one of his minions just to look into his Portal of Power (he's got a Portal of Power too, but his is surrounded by a blood-red mist. Also, he can summon evil versions of Skylanders I like to call, Darklanders.)

Here's the storyline.
Put simple, the player just has to rebuild this machine called the Core of Light. Well, it's harder than it looks. Why? Because you need EIGHT elemental energies, plus EIGHT artifacts to store them in (EXAMPLE: the Golden Gear is needed to contain the Tech elemental energy). And some of them are guarded by Kaos' minions and sometimes himself. Some of them turn into fearsome monsters that your Skylanders must defeat in battle (EXAMPLE: the Earth elemental energy turns into a stone Golem.). But there is good news (I'm not complaining 'cuz it's actually fun to do everything listed above), the game is filled with comedy.

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