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Friday, October 21, 2011

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure part 4 -My own Cheats

I got good news, and bad news. The good news is... I got five new Skylanders!!! AND I'm on the last level of the video game!!! The bad news is... the boss of the final level kicked my butt. AND my Skylanders' butts, but hey! All you you have to do is just fight your way through Kaos' lair, penetrate his otherwise impenetrable stronghold, fight your way through the castle, climb on up to his throne room, avoid the otherwise unavoidable attacks of Kaos' pet four-headed dragon Hydra, hit Kaos when he gets his spinning whatmasthingius stuck in the ground, and fight all nine of his Darklanders.

Here's some more info on some of the Skylanders, NPC's, and enemies.

NAME: Spyro


LIKES: Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy, roasting Kaos, Eon, Hugo

DISLIKES: Evil, Kaos, Kaos' floating holographic head, being defeated in battle (all Skylanders dislike this)

POWERS AND WEAPONS: Flame Breath, Flight, raming things with horns

HOBBIES: Swimming, fishing, and hanging out with friends at the Lava Lakes

NAME: Trigger Happy

SPECIES: furry thing

LIKES: firing guns, Spyro, Gill Grunt, and treasure.


HOBBIES: firing guns

POWERS AND WEAPONS: Guns, throwing pots of gold

NAME: Gill Grunt

SPECIES: Gillman

LIKES: Mermaids, Spyro, Trigger Happy

DISLIKES: Kaos, pirates, Trolls

HOBBIES: Swimming, rescuing mermaids from pirates, destroying anything the Trolls cooked up

POWERS AND WEAPONS: Harpoon Gun, Jetpack, Water Gun built in Harpoon Gun

NAME: Hugo

SPECIES: Molekin

LIKES: reading, Spyro, Skylanders, Portal Masters, the ancient Arkeyans, getting rid of sheep

DISLIKES: Kaos, Gurglefin, sheep

SKILLS: can use the Far Viewer (a magical telescope), can read maps, can use the Core like a teleporter, can read in Arkeyan text (as seen in the cutscene where he teleports you to Kaos' Lair, where he walks up to a panel, the panel is covered in buttons that have Arkeyan text on them, then he types in some coordinates using the buttons, then your Skylander gets encased in a bubble and flies off to face Kaos, and after you leave Hugo says "Boy the Core works fast!". Also, the books he reads have Arkeyan text in them)

WARNING: talks all day long

PERSONALITY: 50% wise, 50% clumsy

NAME: Arbo

BIRTH DEFFECT: born with numb tongue, thus making it harder to understand him when he's talking

SPECIES: animated tree with arms, legs and a head (his torso is s tree stump)

FAMILY: Yarbo (brother), Barbo (father), Zarbo (mother), Carbo (sister), Darbo (uncle), Warbo (aunt), Karbo (cousin), Jarbo (step cousin)

LIKES: anything natural, being in forests, learning, Nature, light

DISLIKES: Sheep, anything UN-natural, Trolls, the Drow, no light

SKILLS: accelerating plant growth at will (he uses this power to create a beanstalk that you can climb to some levels), talking to plant life (only if they have strong roots)

WARNING: terrible at telling jokes

PERSONALITY: a little strange (EXAMPLE: he calls chain saws "Teeth Machines". He also calls Elves or something similar "Pointy ears".

NAME: Blobbers, Rizzo, Nort, Wezza, and Snuckles

SPECIES: Mabu (a cross from a badger and a human)

CAREER: Snuckles and Nort are army solders, Blobbers is a miner, Wezza is a flower girl, and Rizzo is an army general

PERSONALITY: Nort is a little strange (EXAMPLE: he says stuff like "Well rub pickles on me and color me pink, it's the Skylanders!!!".). Snuckles is always nervous and often argues with himself whether to go home or to do what he was hired for (to protect Skylands from Kaos' army, which often does things that are illegal). Rizzo's answer to every problem is to blow things up (which is why he always had a bomb or explosive with him). Not much is known about Wezza besides the fact that she is a flower girl

SKILLS: Nort serves as a scout for the Skylands Army. Snuckles can hack into certain electronic devices (in the Troll Warehouse level, he hacks into an elevator in order to get you one step closer to retrieving to golden gear). Rizzo commands the total of 16 solders including Nort and Snuckles. Blobbers "has a big brain, but puny muscles".

NAME: Kaos

ORIGIN: Kaos was once a prince, but one day during a temper tantrum he kicked his father in the shenanigans and was banished to the outskirts of Skylands, where he met his future butler Glumshanks.

ALLIES: Trolls (70% of army) , the Drow (10% of army), Glumshanks (only friend), Darklanders (9% of army), Cyclopeses (rest of army), Hydra (pet)

SKILLS: magic, piloting a spinning thingy , summoning Darklanders

RELATIONSHIP WITH SKYLANDERS: He owes Terrafinn 5 bucks. Slam Bam says that he a major downer

NAME: Glumshanks

SPECIES: goblin

RELATIONSHIP WITH KAOS: Glumshanks is Kaos' right hand man, second-in-command and Kaos' only friend. When you go to the Lava Lakes Glumshanks will try to stop you. First, he rearranged train tracks needed to make the train (piloted by Diggs) (you need the train because the Crucible of the Ages  is inside. The Crucible is the artifact need to contain the Eternal Fire Energy. Plus, it's in the train because it's to heavy to carry with one hands) go to the Lava Lakes, then he locks the gate leading to the Lava Lakes, and finally, he sabotaged the tracks (in the cutscene showing the broken tracks Glumshanks himself can be seen banging a pickaxe on the tracks, but then he sees you and drops his pickaxe and cowardly runs away off-screen) After you fix the tracks, a tired Glumshanks is seen on the tracks taking a breather from the last encounter. But he later hears the train's whistle, looks behind his back and sees Diggs' train charging full speed at him. He immediately starts running for his life, but he's following the tracks (it was the only safe foothold at the time) and thus the train is still charging at him, and after the train catches up to him he jumps off the tracks and escaped the train, but he later falls into a lava pit (oddly however, he survived and is later seen in Kaos' throne room, covered in burnt marks and smoke emitting on the tip of his right ear. He then groans.


DISLIKES: Skylanders

Here's the entire plot (or just, 97% of it).
The game begins with Hugo and Flynn parking their hot air balloon near a bus stop. Noticing the traffic is wild, Flynn says "Wowsers. Look at all these balloons leaving. Parkin's gonna be a snap!". Hugo says that they are evacuating, then tells Flynn to get to higher ground and he will meet him at the bus stop later. Flynn then wishes him good luck and takes off without Hugo. Hugo begins his search for a Skylander but he starts believing he is losing his mind, but takes that back when the player summons their first Skylander and tells the player to help the local villagers trapped on the island. After you rescue 97 of the 100 villagers, you have to rescue the Royal Mabu Family (which has 3 members, a father, a mother, and a son) from a tornado (oddly, they were standing right in front of the twister, but they didn't get lifted by the tornado's gravitational pull). After that, you meet up with Hugo and Flynn exactly at the bus stop they parked near. Then they explain everything and a flashback rolls showing Eon (when he was alive) looking into the sky with Skylanders Trigger Happy and Spyro. But all of a sudden, Kaos' fortress appears in the sky and Kaos sends a group of Drow and some Miniclopes (miniature versions of Cyclopes) to destroy the Core, an ancient machine that weakens Kaos' power. The group of minions failed because the Core was heavily guarded by all 32 Skylanders, but Kaos had a plan B. He summoned his pet Hydra and ordered it to blow up the Core, and it's attack was successful, it fired it's flame breath that rivaled even Spyro's most powerful flame breath attack (the Daybringer Blast). The Core exploded, killing Eon in the process, and the only ones who survived were Hugo, who was hiding in a manhole the whole time, and the 32 Skylanders, who were catapulted to Earth by the explosion. After the flashback, you have to rescue this girl named Cali. Later, Hugo brings you to the Ruins, the place where the Core was before it's destruction, he tells you to have a look around. While your gone, Hugo searches through some rubble, and finds what he was searching for. The Blueprint for the Core! He then reveals a plan he has, to rebuild the Core!!! But there are 2 things you need to know: 1: the Core needs 8 magical energies to power it and 7 artifacts to build it. And 2: Kaos is looking for the same artifacts and energies you're lookin' for, so be prepared to see Kaos' goons lookin' for whatever your looking' for (minus the Eternal Earth Energy because it turns into a hideous, horrific, terrible monster. also minus the Eternal Tech Energy for the Trolls have turned it into a super tank armed with missile launchers, laser canons, and spiky armor) them. First, you must upgrade Flynn's balloon (you have to because Kaos' minions took to the Stormy Stronghold and the storm protecting it will tear up Flynn's balloon unless you upgrade it. To upgrade Flynn's balloon, you and Flynn must go to Sky Skooner Docks, shoot down the Elite Drow Warship (the one with the cool looking propeller) and slap it's propeller on to the balloon. After that, Flynn and your Skylander go to Stormy Stronghold, a place said to be impenetrable, but the Eternal Air Energy has been turn into a twister the size of a large mountain...... Correction: it was BIGGER than a large mountain! Anyway, to get the Eternal Air Energy, you have to lower the Lightning Pylons, fight your way through the castle that the tornado was ripping, fight some more, and after you defeat everyone, walk up to the Eternal Air Energy and it is yours. After your Skylander brings back the Air Energy, Eon's spirit is revived and teaches you things that you need to know. Then, Hugo sends you to investigate the ruckus down at the beach. A Gillman named Gurglefin is in a prison cell at the beach. After you free him by picking the lock on the door, he begs you to free his people. To rid his home, Oilspill Island, of the Trolls you have to redirect energy beams to unlock the doors, grab a few keys, unlock the cages the Gillmen are in, and destroy the Trolls' Factory using a bomb. After you do that, Gurglefin awards you with an Oil Donkey (he didn't name it) and Hugo uses it to fill an oil can and uses it on a rusty Far Viewer, and sees the artifact needed to contain the Eternal Water Energy, the Twin Spouts of Ocea-Major-Minor. But to things: 1: it's in Dark Water Cove, where pirates hang out. And 2: the pirates are also guarding it with their lives. To get the Twin Spouts, you have to steal it from them. But shortly after you arrive, they sink Gurglefin's ship, the North Star. After you fight your way to the chamber where the Spouts are, you have fight even MORE pirates (plus a Water Spell Punk), and when you defeat them all, grab the Spouts, take over one of the pirates' ships, open the main gates and set sail back to the ruins. After you do that, Hugo pinpoints the location of the Water Energy, in a lagoon......But in that lagoon is a man-eating, flesh-tearing, shark-like killer fish called "The Leviathan". But the pirates you encountered in Dark Water Cove are after the statues needed to summon the Water Energy. The first statue is stolen by a Grab'n'Yaro (a kind of pirate), kill the Grab'n'Yaro to get the statue. The second statue is guarded by two Squiddlers (another kind of pirate), use Trigger Happy to kill them (or use Boomer or anything that can throw something high in the air), The Third statue is again stolen by another Grab'n'Yaro, but this one is much faster than you Skylander, so to catch and kill him, block the path he always take (or just lure him to a dead end) with a turtle. The forth and final statue has been stolen by the pirates. The pirates loaded the statue on to their ship and made a run for it. Sink their ship and kill all the pirates on board (actually, you don't have to. The pirates perish once you sink their ship), after you collect all four statues and put them on the shrine, The Water Energy appears! Your Skylander walks up to it, but gets eaten by the Leviathan. Kaos appears and taunts you by saying "Well well well. Look at what we have here. A stupid Skylander and Eon's Portal Master apprentice! You should have never became a Portal Master! I AM KAOS!!! Emperor of Skylands and a REAL Portal Master!!! My Evil Water Dragon will take care of you! ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Then he summons a Darklander version of Zap. after defeating the Water Dragon, Kaos says "WHAT?!?!?!?!?! So you managed to defeat my minion so WHAT?! I - KAOS - SUMMON THE DEADLY SHARK BATH OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMSHAAAAAAAAAARKS!!!" Then he launches sharks at you. If you survive, he'll say "WHAT?! YOU SURVIVED MY <fast> DEADLY SHARK BATH OF DOOMSHARKS!?!?!? Never mind! MY EVIL AMPHIBIOUS GILLMAN WILL TURN YOU INTO..........FISH FOOD!!!!!!!! <laughs> ATTACK!!!". He summons a Darklander version of Gill Grunt. After defeating it, He'll say "GRRR! HOW DARE YOU USING MERE LUCK AGAINST ME - KAOS - !!! MY NEXT SPELL WILL WASH YOU UP! I - KAOS - SUMMON THE EVEN DEADLIER SHARK BATH OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMSHAAAAAAAAAARKS!!!". Then he launches more sharks at you. If you survive, he'll say "WHAT!!!???!?!?!?! YOU BESTED MY MOST POWERFUL WATER SPELL!!! -er......I MEAN YOU BESTED A VERY MEDIOCRE WATER SPELL I FOUND...........Laying around..................somewhere. I AM NOT IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!! AND NEITHER IS MY EVIL ICE YETI!!!!!! ATTACK!!!". He then summons a Darklander version of Slam Bam. After it's defeat, he says "OKAY, YOUR 'SLIGHT GOOD' AT FIGHTING MY MINIONS ONE-ON-ONE.................................................BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THREE AT ONCE!!!!!??????!?!?! MINIONS!!!!!!! ALL AT ONCE, ATTACK!!!!!!!!!" Then he summons all three of his Darklanders and you must defeat them all. After that, Kaos gives up his Water energy and the Water Energy is yours. After collecting a few more Eternal Energies, you encounter Kaos at the Lava Lakes and you must do what you did during the first encounter. Only difference is that he summons three new Darklanders and now launches fireballs at you. After collecting the Magic Energy, you must face Kaos "on his home turf". I haven't defeated him yet, so I wish you good luck if you make it to Kaos' final boss fight. Oh yeah, he use 9 Darklanders during the boss fight.

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