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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Poképark 2: Wonders Beyond

Just to let you know, my last post was just created five seconds ago. So... you'll have twice as much fun reading this!

Poképark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure is an already great game. And Poképark 2 is even better!

Here's a list of differences between the original and the sequel.
  • In Poképark 1, the game focuses around restoring a magical artifact called the "Sky Prism". In Poképark 2, the narrator said something about the local Pokemon going missing. So I'm assuming that you have to go find them.
  • Poképark 2 is muiltiplayer.
  • In Poképark 1 you can only play as Pikachu in adventure mode. In Poképark 2 you can play as: Pikachu, Tepig, Oshuwatt, and Snivy.
  • Poképark 2 allows the player to play in two parks: the Poképark and the mystical Wish Park. While in the original, your only allowed to dwell in the Poképark.
  • Poképark 2 has Pokemon from both original and Unova generations.
  • Poképark 2 allows you to switch characters in the middle of a mini game anytime you want.
  • Poképark 2 has (from what I seen) more danger. In a teaser trailer, Pikachu, Oshuwatt and Piplup were seen running for their lives and a pair a floating arms was chasing them and nearly squashed Oshuwatt (but Oshuwatt somehow managed to escape unharmed).

Here's a list of known actions Pikachu and his friends can do.
  • Thunderbolt - A shocking attack. Electrocute enemies with hundreds of  bolts of lightning! Charge up machines! <Pikachu only>
  • Quick Attack -  An attack involving speed and running. Run at amazingly fast speed! <Pikachu only>
  • Carry - Lift small Pokemon and small items and carry them over any desired distance. <Pikachu only>
  •  Flame Charge - Ram into cracked objects to break them! <Tepig only>
  • Water Gun - A watery attack. Water Gun packs enough force to push even the mighty Ursaring (a Pokemon as heavy as a sumo but more in shape)! <Oshuwatt only>
  • Swim - Back stroke in deep bodies of water! <Oshuwatt only>
  • Leaf Tornado - Increase the height of your jumps with a Leaf Tornado! <Snivy only>
  • Jump - Leap to reach an elevated platform! <shared>
  • Run - Fitness counts! run at fast speed (Quick attack is faster though)!
  • Interact -Talk to other Pokemon. Pull switches. <shared>

 NOTE: this product is not purchasable until Feb. 27 2012.

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