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Monday, February 6, 2012

Poképark 2 part two

Hey, I got new info on Poképark 2.

Some recently found info reveals part of the story of the game.
The game no longer has Zones, but instead has Areas (which are pretty much the same as Zones, but having villages the Pokemon live in.). The game starts at the Cove Area (which replaced the Beach Zone) where Pikachu and Piplup go to visit their old friends. Oshuwatt tags along with them. They hear rumors and myths about a alternate dimension known as the Wish Park. Pikachu and friends find a portal and jump through it. The next thing I know is they're all in the Wish Park. It is here that we see the generation 1 (Kanto), 2 (Johto), 3(Hoen) , and 4 (Sinnoh) Pokemon. I have no clue to what happens next, but from a screenshot it is revealed that all the Pokemon in the Wish Park are somehow possessed, as a Flareon said "My body is moving on it's own!!!" and all the Wish Park Pokemon seem to have spirals in their eyes.

Here's a list of recently discovered actions.
  • Iron Tail - Smack foes with a swing from Iron Tail! <Pikachu>
  • Leaf Storm - N/A <Snivy>
  • Flamethrower - shoot a stream of fire! <Tepig>
  • Razor Shell - N/A <Oshuwatt>
  • Heat Crash - N/A <Tepig> 

Here's a list of Area Keepers (they replace Zone Keepers). Okay, there's actually one known Area Keeper.
  • Samurott - An Area Keeper that everyone in the Cove Area depend on. He is very reliable so you can rely on him to help you out.

Remember this note! The game comes out, on February the 27!

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