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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wii Party, Wii Music & Fishing Resort

Hey, today's Blog post is about Wii Party, Wii Music and Fishing Resort (all three I want).

Fishing resort is a fantastic game, and all-in-all, I give a big thumbs up. The game is based on R'n'R (rest and relaxation). As the name says, there's a lot fishing. Ya get your own aquarium and every fish you catch will be put in the aquarium. There's a monster big "aquatic nightmare" known as the King of Herrings (a real live fish that is about 56 ft long, and 661 lb.). You can also get a tan, drive a 4x4 jeep all over the place, fight a mummy or climb up the Eiffel Tower, discovering something that doesn't exist, or give a Yeti a shower, Building a giant snowman, finding a dodo bird, or locating Frankenstein's brain, filming a movie, painting with cotton lint and driving our sister insa-oh darn it! I got the theme song for Phineas & Ferb (both summer version and Christmas version) mixed with things you can do in Fishing Resort. Well all of them is true all but the part with the mummy, the Eiffel Tower, building a snowman, the dodo bird, Frankenstein's brain, the Yeti, filming a movie, painting with cotton lint, and driving your sister insane. But the discovering something that doesn't exist part is true cuz you could catch an extinct specimen of fish (aligator gar for example).

Now let's talk about Wii Music. The game has over 60 instruments to choose from, my favorite being the Castanets. One funny instrument is the Dog Suit, where your Mii dresses up like a dog and makes dog noises. You can perform several versions of the Main Theme from Super Mario Bros.

And then there was 1. Time to talk about Wii Party. I extremely recommend this game for any party-lover (Especially birthdays, cuz I love birthdays) to have. Wii Party has pretty much any party-lover could ever ask for. Want games that make the room part of the fun? Wii Party's got it. Want virtual board games? Wii Party's got it. Want games that are 2-player only? Wii Party's got it all.

 Overall, all three games are great.

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