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Monday, February 20, 2012

Skylanders Giants

Okay, I'm pretty sure you know about Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, but what about it's sequel? I'm one of the few people to discover an official video game that doesn't even have a trailer aired on TV. This game is Skylanders Giants.

  The Skylanders are back, bigger than ever! They now have enormous alleys and they're ready to kick some evil butt. There are 8 newcomer Skylanders (like Alchemist) and 8 veteran Skylanders (like Spyro).

 There are now 2 kinds of Skylanders. There are normal Skylanders. And the other kind are the Giants (fan belief, the Giants are possibly Elder Elementals, who are the most powerful of all Skylanders.). The only known Giant so far is Tree Rex.

Kaos has returned and apparently has some plan to take over. Now your probably wondering "So, what's his plan in the game?"To tell you the truth I don't know exactly what his plan is. But I bet my Miis that it will involve the Core of Light and the pure evil of the Darkness

  • Alchemist's ability to turn into a monster via drinking a potion is similar to how Dr. N. Brio (from Crash Bandicoot) turns into a monster by drinking a potion.
  •  There is an unnamed Skylander in this game that greatly resembles Falco from Star Fox.
  • Giants are 3xs bigger than a normal Skylander, and as such, they can destroy blockades, towers, outposts, and everything a normal Skylander can only destroy with a bomb. But Giants can do this without a bomb, and even more impressive, with their bare hands.
  • Prism Break, Cynder, and Spyro will receive a remodel or a light up feature (Cynder and Spyro get the remodel, while Prism Break gets the Light up.)
  • The starter for this comes with a veteran, a newcomer, a Giant, a poster, an optional Portal of Power, trading cards, stickers, and the game itself.
  • I want you to tell me what you think Kaos' plan is, so please put a comment about what you think the plan is.

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