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Monday, July 9, 2012


Kirby is, as you know, a pink little dude from Planet Popstar (Mainly Dream Land) who has the power to copy to powers of anyone he eats. Well there are also Essences. Essences, when touched by Kirby, automatically give the powers of enemies, like breathing fire or flying, without Kirby having to eat something to get the powers!

 Kirby riding a very small
Warp Star.

Kirby also is great at another thing: Racing! in Kirby Air Ride, he is one of three racers to choose to play as. In the same game, there are differently colored versions of Kirby (Most of which must be unlocked) that fill in the rest of the spots for a race. In Air Ride, there are  two types of rides: Air Ride Machines and Wheelie Bikes. King Dedede always rides a Wheelie Bike that has a rhino-like horn on the "head". There are also Legendary Machines, Air Ride Machines that pack a whole lot of awesome! The Hydra (Legendary Machine number one) is a powerhouse that can rip apart someone's vehicle by just driving over it. The Dragoon (Legendary Machine number two) is fast, but not as fast as the Hydra (which is the fastest vehicle in the game, by the way). The Dragoon can't outrun the Hydra, but it can OUTFLY it!!! That's Right!!! the Dragoon may not stand much of a chance on the track, but in the air it's flight makes it almost impossible to beat it! It's got the BEST flight capabilities in the whole game!!!

Kirby also has a mode of transportation. The Warp Star (also a vehicle in Air Ride). The Warp looks like planet Popstar (in some ways). As it is a transport object used to get place to place, it is extremely fast. As seen in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, it can fit about four people (Kirby, King Dedede, Bandana Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight).

NOTE: Image from Kirby Wiki.

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