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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Stuff About Star Wars: The Old Republic!!!

I've done some research and I have found more stuff about Star Wars: The Old Republic!

First, there's two new Flashpoints (both feature a decease that causes people to mutate into living nightmares just begging to kill everybody): Kaon Under Siege, where the Planet Kaon has been infected with Rakghoul Plague which do what I stated above in the parentheses. Anyway, your job is to round as many survivors as possible without getting either eaten by the Rakghouls or die of the rapidly spreading decease. After rounding up some lucky survivors, then comes the second Flashpoint. In this Flashpoint (called The Lost Island), you (and some other players) target the scientist responsible for the Rakghoul Outbreak. You must fight your way through the aforementioned scientist's lair and then fight the twisted Dr. Lorrick. And here's why both sides target him. The Galactic Republic want the virus destroyed for good. And the Sith Empire......well, let's do the math. Empire + Rakghoul Plague = super awesome ultra powerful weapon!

And you can hitch a ride on Taxis. As far as I know (and I know a great deal of Star Wars), Taxis are found in cities. But what do you do if you are outside the city? I got one word that any speed lover would like: SPEEDERS!!!! I have seen three versions. The BARC Speeder, A Speeder that looks a bit like a hover scooter and (the newest model) the Turcob Alliance Speeder, which looks like Anakin's Pod Racer made into a fast moving hover-chair.

Also, There's a new Companion. He is the deadliest machine in the galaxy. He is the ultimate droid. He is called HK-51, the name of an assassination droid unit! As expected from a assassination droid, he is cold, calculating, and is dangerous with any weapon you give him! But he works best with a sniper rifle. I should tell his origins. A whole ship-full of assassination droid units was discovered by some Republic scouts. One of these guys was HK-51. Oh, and the ship the droids were found in, it's wrecked and is still stranded on the freezing planet of Belsavis. If you want this guy to be your partner, go to this planet (when he becomes available) and reactivate him. There's a small chance that you need Legacy Points to do this however.

And the last bit of details is finally here. Special abilities! Let's start with the Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter is a "hunter, seeker, killer for hire". Because of this description, a Bounty Hunter must have the deadliest weapons ever. Becoming a Bounty Hunter is just plain awesome. Some toys you get while playing as a Bounty Hunter include (but not limited to): Flamethrowers, missile launchers, a dozen different weapons that are mounted on the Bounty Hunter's wrists, jet packs, devices that paralyze whatever they hit, customly designed handheld laser pistols.................the list goes on and on. But I'm not going to tell everything a Bounty Hunter has because we would be here forever. But a Bounty Hunter doesn't really need to rely on the aforementioned tech. I've seen a Bounty Hunter kill a Rancor with only one punch (in the Rancor's face, by the way). AND kill a battle droid with an uppercut (the blow sent the droid flying). AND kill a Republic Trooper with a right hook (he used his jet pack to quickly get himself close enough to kill the Trooper). Now Let's talk about the Trooper. A Trooper is tough (hence the armor they wear). Troopers, like Bounty Hunters, have a lot of weapons. However, most of their weapons are an upgrade for their blaster rifle (excluding Commandos, who actually gain a new gun all together. A rapid fire laser cannon to be exact.). But just because Troopers almost completely rely on a long rang weapon does NOT mean they are defenseless at close range. In fact I've seen a Trooper kill (or, in fact, he only knocked the Imperial out) a Imperial Trooper by SLAMMING the rear end of his blaster rifle. Oh, Troopers are also skilled in using Chryo-gernades (Chryo-gernades are bombs that, when they explode, release a cloud of Carbonite, thus turning everybody in range into a statue). And now it's the Jedi's turn. Jedi Knights are skilled fighters (some of them even use TWO lightsabers at the same time.). Jedi Consulars are wise peace keepers (don't underestimate them because they are ultra powerful. So powerful they can use the Force to create earthquakes! AND they can revive fallen allies!). Knights also have an awesome lightsaber combo. First they turn their back to their foe. Next, as soon as the enemy is behind the Jedi, he/she stabs his/her lightsaber into the enemy's chest (you can see the blade puncturing out of the victim's back). The stab will stun/weaken the foe, but not kill them. And finally the Jedi turns back around to the point that he/she is facing the enemy and will kill them with a slash from the lightsaber. Next up are the Imperial Agents. These guys are stealthy, expert marksmen and have the longest attack range in the game. Agents can call in an air strike, deliver a lethal head shot, and, when there's no place to take cover and return fire from, even bring their portable cover to return fire without risk of getting hit. And Last but not Least are the Sith. Sith Warriors are ruthless super-soldiers, can use the Force to squeeze the life out of their foes, and some can use two lightsabers at a time. Sith Inquisitors are capable of using dozens of Force Lightning moves. Some examples are: Number One: Classic Force Lightning, nothing special. Just the same old Force Lightning, where you shoot a single stream of lightning from your hand. Number Two: Charged Lightning. Charged Lightning is twice as long as the first Force Lightning, and instead of shooting lightning out of ONE hand, you shoot lightning out of BOTH hands! Number Three: Force Storm. Force Storm is where you make lightning rain on every enemy in range (the range is basically every body close to you or the whole screen.). And my favorite combination; Numbers Four and Five: Lightning Charge and Discharge. Lightning covers your lightsaber when you use Lightning Charge, thus amplifying the attack power of you lightsaber attacks. When you use Discharge, the lightning that is used in Lightning Charge will be dished out in a wave of electricity, thus electrocuting whatever it hits.

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