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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lego Heroica

LEGO Heroica is a LEGO board game (everything you must build, board itself included). It's most likely based on Dungeons and Dragons.

Heroica has a lot of characters. Here's a list.
  • Barbarian - A character from (and sworn to defend) the Mountains of Barresh, the Barbarian is strong, crazy, and wild. The Barbarian also traveled with the Wizard until the Barbarian learned that his village was overrun with Goblins. That made him rush back to Barresh to save his people. He also has an ability that allows him to defeat one enemy while moving one space forward. The Barbarian's weapon is the axe.
  • Wizard - A character with little known origins, the Wizard is wise, mystical, and has a vast knowledge of magic. The little bit of origins that is known is that he as been is solitude for years and in those years he studied magic. He also has an ability where he can defeat an enemy four spaces away, even around corners.
  • Prince - a character who is the son of the King, the Prince is pure in heart, brave and is a little inexperienced when it comes to being an adventurer (EXAMPLE: In Issue 5 of Heroica Comics, he impatiently charges into the Ilron Catacombs, unaware that zombies were going to ambush him. Because of that, the zombies almost killed him if it wasn't the Wizard who saved the Prince at the last minute.). But hey, maybe his time hanging with the other good guys will help him become a better King when it's his time to rule the Kingdom of Ennon. He also has the same ability the Barbarian has but the Prince uses a sword, not an axe.
  • Sage - A character who is the Prince's right hand man, The Sage is similar to the Wizard, but with much clearer origins. The Sage was the adviser of the King, and with the King kidnapped and taken prisoner by the Vampire, the Sage made it his number one duty to protect, mentor, and train the Prince for the crazy adventures that will come. The Sage also can collect one piece of gold and if he has enough, buy a bonus weapon giving him (and teammates) an extra ability.
  • Knight - the Knight is, in a word, crazy loyal to the King and the Prince. He will do anything for them and without hesitation. The Knight doesn't even second guess his actions. The King wouldn't held prisoner if the Knight had been in Castle Fortaan during the invasion. Why? Because then he could help the small amount of soldiers defend the King. But sadly, he was outside the Kingdom of Ennon and didn't even know about invasion until he got back. But when he got back, BOOM! The King had been kidnapped and the Prince and Sage barely escaped and fled the Kingdom. He also has the same ability the Prince has.
  • Rogue - The Rogue has the common back story of most anti-heroes. The Rogue spent his childhood as a homeless thief in Drandora Port (his hometown) and as a result of being a kid who had to steal from others to survive, he became a master thief. He can steal almost anything from almost anyone. When the evil dudes invaded, the Rogue saw a chance to use his stealing talents for something good. And make some bucks while doing it. The Rogue also has the ability to defeat one enemy and collect one piece of gold, at the same time. The Rogue's weapon is any medieval thief's favorite back up when he gets in trouble. A dagger.
  • Ranger - The Ranger is skilled at archery. In fact his ability is where he can defeat an enemy four space away in a straight line using his bow and arrows. The Ranger has been slinging arrows with his bow every since he could hold said weapons (around the age of four). Nobody can beat his skills, he's THE best archer there is. The Ranger loves a good challenge, and freeing the land of Heroica (Heroica is also a world filled with magic and our world's myths are real in Heroica) might be the Ranger's greatest challenge yet.
  • Druid - The Druid is the good guy counterpart of the Dark Druid. The Druid can heal himself or his allies with a magic spell. He also has a strange staff weapon that has a hook. In the Comics, he would hang out with the Ranger but split up to make more progress in the quest to save Heroica. The Ranger went to help Seldaan Village while the Druid went to find the Knight and, with the Knight's help, take back Castle Fortaan and remove the Goblin King from the King's Throne (the Goblin King was sitting on it while the King was held prisoner).
  • Dark Druid - A wielder of dark magic (when I say "dark magic", I mean shooting lightning out of his hands and summoning werewolves and mutated spider monsters). He took over the Waldurk Forest and uses the Chalice of life to amplify his own power (that means shooting ten times more lightning out of his hands and summoning even more werewolves and mutated spider monsters).
  • Werewolves - Werewolves are one of the seven varieties of enemies in the board game. Just like their myth counterparts, these Werewolves are wild and savage. Their claws and fangs can rip apart almost anything.
  • Goblin Warrior - These guys are the weakest enemies in the game. But they fight very well if they outnumber you by at least one. They also make up most of the Goblin Army.
  • Goblin General - The Goblin King's right hand man. He's a boss character. The Goblin General also is the second-in-command of the Goblin Army, meaning he must take orders from the Goblin King, but gets to boss around the other Goblins.
  • Goblin Guardian - The Goblin King's personal bodyguards, the Goblin Guardians patrol Castle Fortaan like Jabba the Hutt's palace guards (Jabba the Hutt is from Star Wars).
  • Goblin King - Leader of the Entire Goblin Army, the Goblin King is the third strongest boss. He took over Castle Fortaan and claimed the King's Throne as HIS throne. But as revealed in Issue Four of Heroica Comics that the Goblin King HIMSELF is nothing more than a pawn for some unknown super powerful evil dude so powerful that he opened a vortex between Space and Time and used that vortex to bring forth a whole dimension full of monsters and evil dudes.
  • Golem - the reanimated minions of the Golem Lord. Golems can never be defeated unless you steal the sacred artifact known has the Scepter of Summoning from the Golem Lord.
  • Golem Lord - The leader of the Golems, the Golem Lord has a powerful artifact called the Scepter of Summoning, which has the power to reanimate the dead and give life to inanimate objects. But don't think that most of his power comes from a wand that he is weak at close combat. In the comics, he knocked the Wizard, Rogue and Barbarian off their just by punching the ground (He knocked both the Wizard and the Rogue unconscious but failed to knock out the Barbarian who possibly killed the Golem Lord with a swing from his axe.).
  • Vampire Lord - A Boss character that has an army of zombies, the Vampire Lord kidnapped the King. And held him prisoner in the Ilrion Catacombs (a.k.a. his lair). Just like the Goblin King, the Vampire Lord is just a minion of the "Super Monster". But of a higher ranking compared to the Goblin King.
  • Zombies - The Zombies are the ultimate soldiers. They can't feel any physical or mental pain. But don't give them a weapon. They may not feel pain, but they are extremely stupid, so stupid that they might blow up themselves with a bomb

If you wish to learn about the rules and locations of Heroica, please visit LEGO.com and click on any link to the Heroica pages.

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