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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Star Wars Time!!!

I'm sure you remember Star Wars: The Old Republic. Well, I played the game (there's a free trial. Let's you level up your character to power level 15. Level 15 is where you get your very own starship, thus allowing you and your sidekicks to travel to any planet is the game. And it's past level 10. Level 10 is where you choose your Advanced Class.).


Sith Inquisitor


Jedi Consular

Here's your character's story (and saga).
I'm not giving spoilers, but I'll give you a basis. Your Jedi Knight arrives on Tython (ancient Jedi homeworld) to complete the Jedi graduation trials (which is a task picked by your future master). But things go wrong when Flesh Raiders (a primitive but deadly alien race of cannibals) invade the training grounds. After finding out who controls the Flesh Raiders, you decide the rest of your saga. Have fun playing with a Jedi Knight.
Again I'm not giving spoilers, but I'll give you a basis. Your Jedi Consular arrives on Tython (for the exact same reason your Jedi Knight comes to Tython.). And just like the Knight, an event changes everything. Only this time, Flesh Raiders are NOT the problem. Instead of fending off Flesh Raiders, you must bring three hologram chronicles (even though there's four holograms. the fourth one got stolen) to your new master Yuon Parr. After finding out who stole the fourth holocron, you decide the rest of your saga. Have fun playing with a Jedi Consular.
Again I'm not giving spoilers, but I'll give you a basis. Your Inquisitor starts out as a slave, but at the start you are released from slavery to become a Dark Lord of the Sith. You must compete against some other dudes (one by one each fail and die, leaving you, one powerful Acolyte, and two twin Sith). After killing the Twin Sith (who tried to kill you at the same time), you become an Acolyte and gain authority in the Sith Academy. The events that follow are up to you, depending on what you want in the game, your morals and so on and so forth.
Again I'm not giving spoilers, but I'll give you a basis. The story is exactly the same as your Inquisitor, but you are not a slave. Your Warrior has been a Sith Lord all his (or her) life. And the graduation trials are different. And you have to compete against TWO Acolytes instead of one. And you don't have to kill any Sith Twins.
Again I'm not giving spoilers, but I'll give you a basis. A criminal called Skavok steals your favorite starship (a 7-16 Freightor) and a cargo of smuggled weapons (Skavok is gonna sell the weapons to the person who gives the most credits). Even worse, the smuggled weapons were intended to be delivered to a crime lord and if he doesn't get his weapons soon, he'll place a bounty on your head that's "so big you won't go near a civilized star system ever again" (NOTE: Jabba the Hutt said the exact same thing about Han Solo.). As if he really needs to do so. Your character is already Death-marked (Death marks are bounties that will only pay for the person who is Death Marked is killed). But the fun part about being a Smuggler is that your like Captain Jack Sparrow and Indiana Jones. Your a swashbuckling adventurer with a heart of gold. Okay, maybe credits.
Honestly I can't give the story but I can tell you a little bit about Agents. Agents are masters of disguise, operatives and in a word, don't mind doing the dirty work for the Sith Empire.
Honestly I can't give the story but I can tell you a little bit about Troopers. They are intergalactic law enforcement, ultra responsible for their actions and in a word, decide how things go down.

Don't ask for the story of the Bounty Hunter. All you need to know about bounty hunters are hired to kill people in cold blood.

In The Old Republic There are times when you must decide the fate of certain people. Here's a list
  • Captain of the Black Talon - Empire Only. Flashpoint Only. The Captain disobeyed a direct order from Grand Moff Kellren. You Must decide whether to spare his life but force him to obey or just kill him and take over the ship.
  • Engineering Crew of the Esseles - Republic Only. Flashpoint Only. There are two ways to reach the boss: A reactor reset will unlock the bridge and give access to the boss, but will open the doors to the Engine Room, thus blowing the Engineering Crew into space where they will die from not being able to breathe. The other method is deactivating the secondary condiments. Doing that will turn off all ship functions except for flight. You decide which method to use, one will kill the Engineering Crew but allows you to fight the boss sooner while the other is longer but saves lives.
  • Sith Archeologist - Empire Only. Mission Only. The poor guy followed some Tusken Raiders for he believed there had an artifact. When you find him, he is mortally wounded but lives long enough to tell you everything he learned. You can either finish him off by killing him, or take him back to the Imperial Fleet to heal him. If you do kill him, you also decide what happens to what remains of he research. You can burn what's left of it and cover your tracks, or leave it for someone else to deal with it.
  • Zixi - Republic Only. Smuggler Only. A Slave girl who helps ruin Skavok's reputation. You must decide what to do with her after she done her stuff. You can either release her from slavery and erase all evidence of her past life, Keep her as a slave or kill her.

  • Sith Inquisitors and Jedi Consulars are the only two classes that get an apprentice (Padawan Nadia for Consular, Acolyte Xalek for Sith Inquisitor).
  • The fact that Bounty Hunters get a lot of flamethrower-related abilities might be based off of Boba Fett (famous Star Wars Bounty Hunter). Boba is known to burn his targets with wrist-mounted flamethrowers.
  • Some movie characters actually use moves that are in the game. Qui-Gon Jinn used Introspection (a healing move where the user sits down to meditate) in The Phantom Menace when he fought Darth Maul. Similarly, Darth Maul used Seethe (a healing move where the user walks left and right repeatedly while waiting for the opponent's next move) in that same battle. Darth Maul also uses a double bladed lightsaber (a lightsaber with a blade on both end of the hilt). Consulars and Inquisitors are the only classes that can use such a weapon. Darth Sidious used Force Lightning.
NOTE: For Companions and other stuff, please visit Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki. Images also from Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki.

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