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Monday, September 24, 2012

Battle of Giants!!!!!

Battle of Giants is where you battle. With Giants! I have been waiting a long, long time to use that joke. But it is true for you control some THING Giant-sized that will engage enemy giants in hand to hand (or in some cases, claw to claw and in other cases mandible and pincer to mandible and pincer) combat death matches. Don't worry you character won't permanently die. He'll only stay dead for about five seconds before being magically restored to full health by either a magic spell (in some games) or by severe radiation (in the two latest games).

Combat of Giants Dragons Cover.jpg
NOTE: The 'Battle' in Battle of Giants
is replaced with a 'Combat' outside
the U.S.A..

Here's a list of games.
  • Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs - In this game you are a dinosaur that has to expand species territory by smashing stuff................And beating dudes in those claw to mandible and pincer combat death matches I talked about earlier. And since your a dino, you play through prehistoric times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Battle of Giants Dragons - A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away: Yeah, I know what you are thinking: "Dude that is so, like, the Star Wars opening, man." or however kids say it these days. Well it IS! Anyway, Humans have been hunting dragons since the dawn of time. So the Dragon King Ninnurtu created a dimension called Tammabuku that was a magic paradise for dragons. But the villainous Salmu dragons betrayed Ninnurtu and stole the source of all his power: Ebedu crystals. Powerless to stop them, Ninnurtu sends the last Ebedu Dragon to defeat the Salmu and restore peace and harmony. That's where you come in. You are the last Ebedu Dragon and you must fight through the four Dragon Kingdoms (Fire, Ice, Wind, and Earth).
  • Battle of Giants Mutant Insects - You know in the game above you play as the good guy. Well in this game you play as a neutral (if not then evil) mutant insect that lives 300 years in the future where Humans have been destroyed, by a radioactive asteroid that killed off humans. Only one species survived: Insects. Your mission: You must travel to the now corrupted core of Earth to find the radioactive asteroid still lodged on the planet: Somewhere, at least. And lastly you fight the Mutated king and kill the King. Though the king is dead, the Mutated Queen escaped.
  • Battle of Giants Mutant Insects Revenge - True to it's name, the Mutant Queen is back. And she isn't very happy about what happened to her King. So she plans to get her revenge by using mind control on every bug on Earth (or, at the most, what's left.). So your neutral/evil insect (the only free insect) has to exact revenge for taking over the world through mind control even after you took it over. So you have to destroy her (or kill her, works for your insect either way).
  • Battle of Giants Dinosaurs 3D - A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away: Yeah, I know what you are thinking: "Dude you're like, so using the Star Wars opening again. man.". Well I AM using it again! Anyway, four dino guardians have protected the dinosaurs for hundreds of thousands of years. but a Mega Dino called Arkosaurus killed the guardians and now four unlikely dinosaurs must team up and take him down.
  • Battle of Giants Dinosaurs Strike - No plot. Just some tournaments and street brawls.

Just to let you know, In both Mutant Insects games, you can choose your character's species. Here's a list.
  • Magma Scorpion - Thanks to the severe radiation, scorpions now are the exact same size of the White House. Their exoskeletons have hardened so much, they look like they wear lava-rock armor. The shells become just as hard, too. And their venom has become extremely volcanic: the stinger of a Magma Scorpion can now shoot lava.
  • Acid Spider - Twisted by mutation, spiders have grown to the size of the Millennium Eye (a Ferris Wheel in London, England. The Biggest Ferris Wheels on the planet actually). They have also grown bulbs on their abdomen. These bulbs are used to store toxic acid. Acid Spiders spit acid! Acid that melts stuff! The only thing it can't melt is the armor of a Magma Scorpion.
  • Ice Ant - Corrupted by the increase of toxicity, Ice Ants are almost as big as a Magma Scorpion, only smaller by about one hundred inches. They are the smallest insects in the game but the only ones with flight powers. Despite being called ICE Ants, they have lightning powers and no Ice powers.
  • Bamboo Mantis - Transformed by a combo of radiation, mutation, and toxicity, Bamboo Mantises are Huge! They are bigger than the Empire State Building and Big Ben combined! They have gigantic sword-like blades that can cut through concrete, stainless steel, and even Titanium (all of which can be sliced in half like how a butter-knife cuts through bread)! These guys are deadly!

That's all. The image is from Wikipedia, by the way.

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