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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nintendo Land

Nintendo Land is a Wii U video game that takes place in an amusement park with twelve minigames, each based on one of Nintendo's most popular video games. But the characters of the games don't appear themselves, like how Mario and Luigi themselves don't appear in either of their minigames (Mario Chase and Luigi's Ghost Mansion respectively). Instead, one of your Mii character replaces the character from the video game. They will look exactly the same as the original character but the hands are either floating orbs or cute little mittens. Also if the original character wears a mask or hat the Mii will almost always wear an exact replica (Only exception is the minigame Metroid Blast, a search-and-destroy minigame based off of Metroid, where despite being in Samus Aran's Varia Suit your Mii doesn't wear the Varia Suit's mask or any headgear.)

Here's a list of minigames in Nintendo Land (And what the Miis look like in that minigame).
  • Mario Chase - Just to let you know, the Wii U can let you play with five players. In Mario Chase, one Mii runs around the Mushroom Kingdom dressed, while the other four players chase the first player. The Toads win if they tag Mario, and Mario wins if he/she (depending on the Mii's gender) survives longer that the time limit without being tagged not even once. Miis dress up as four differently colored Toads and one single Mario.
  • Luigi's Ghost Mansion - This minigame is more suspenseful than the others. Four Miis act as under-equipped Ghost Busters and explore a haunted mansion looking (and hoping to defeat) a ghost. the last Mii is the Ghost and is bent on scaring the other Miis. The Ghost Busters have to defeat the ghost by exposing him the light of their only weapon: a plain old flashlight with a single battery. The Ghost Busters win if they destroy the ghost by exposing him to enough light that he/she will explode. The Ghost wins if he/she scares all four Ghost Busters before they can revive themselves. The Ghost Buster Miis are dressed up in differently colored Luigi costumes, while the Ghost Mii looks exactly the same in the Mii plaza but orange, glowing and has a ghost tail.
  • Metroid Blast - One Mii pilots Samus Aran's spaceship. The other four are stranded on the planet below and have to take out the spaceship. And the ship has to take out the other four Mii. And since the grounded Mii are wearing differently colored Varia Suits (one of Samus' combat suits), you get all the features the Varia suit has. Also the Mii Team have to fight their way through hordes of enemies. All Miis wear Samus Aran's Varia Suit (each in a different color).
  • Animal Crossing: Sweet Day - One player controls two Miis, one holding a giant butter-knife and the other holding a giant fork. Both of them are guarding a stash of delicious candy. The other Four Mii have to eat as much candy as they can without being tagged by the first two Mii. The candy slurping, sweet gobbling, dessert eating team win if they eat a certain amount of candy AND escape the guards.The Mii Guards win if they keep the Mii Team from eating that amount of candy. The candy eaters are dressed as various animals (Elephant, Mouse, etc.) and the Mii Guards are dressed as dogs wearing British trooper uniforms.
  • Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - This is a interesting minigame, my favorite if you will. Three Mii (all of which wielding replicas of the Master Sword), fight their way through carboard and cloth versions of Zelda enemies. Unlike a lot of minigames, the last player helps the first three players by sniping enemies from a safe distance with a bow and a set of arrows. I don't know exactly how to win, but I bet that you fight your way into a dungeon where you first fight a mini-boss, then after even more plowing through enemies you might have to face a boss and after destroying it you win. But this is just a theory.
  • Balloon Trip - Only one player plays this minigame. That one Mii rides on a balloon and you use the Wii U stylus to draw wind paths to have that Mii follow that path. The game ends when something pops the balloon.
  • Donkey Kong's Crash Course - Again this is a single player minigame. Your Mii is in a mine cart. You control the tracks. "Just get to the end and you Win! Win!". This is a quote from Jibberjay (from Super Mario Galaxy 2). But if you crash you lose. That simple.
  • Pikmin Adventure - In a word, this is exactly the same as Pikmin. Only difference is that Captain Olimar is replaced with a Mii and that the other four Mii are gigantic Purple Pikmin. All players have to work together to collect Enemy Shells (in the original you collect their bodies after you kill them but in this game You collect their shells for the enemies are just robot replicas of the enemies from Pikmin).
  • Captain Falcon's Twister Race - There isn't much that is special about this minigame. It's just a race in the future.
  • Octopus Dance - I have no info on this one.
  • Yoshi's Fruit Cart - Again, no info.
  • Takamaru's Ninja Castle - In this minigame, you score points by throwing paper shurikens (which are star-shaped blades that ninja throw at their enemies) at pieces of carboard shaped and colored to look like ninja warriors.
For more info, please go to Wikipedia, Super Mario Wiki, Zeldapedia, and Pikmin Wiki.

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