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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wii U Time!!!

I know I did a few posts on some Wii U Games, but the Wii U itself is blindingly spectacularly awesome!!! Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show  would say something like "It's so fun. So fun. It's so fun. So fun. It's so fun. So fun." over and over until someone gets the point.

Wii U console and controller.jpg
Wii U Console and Gamepad

Pro Controllers.

The Wii U has some of the latest features in the history of awesome video game machines. It's like a chocolate and vanilla cake: The chocolate is a home console, while the vanilla is a handheld. It also allows up to FIVE local players to play on the same console. It also has a Pro controller  that looks like a wireless version of the Gamecube. The Wii U also has a controller exclusive to it, which is the handheld vanilla I was talking about earlier. This controller is the Wii U Gamepad. Not only is this the one of the few controllers compatible with EVERY Wii U game, it doubles as a handheld system, complete with motion control, a touch screen, and, like a PS3 controller, has a R1, L1, R2, and L2 buttons (all of which are on the back of the Gamepad.) I should also mention you can create Miis on the Wii U and the Mii Plaza has been redesigned to look cooler.

Here's a List of games for (and sometimes exclusive) to the Wii U.
  • The Wonderful 101 - A game where you play as a team of shape shifting super heroes called the "Wonderful 100 Defenders of Earth". They all have the same super power: to shape shift their body parts into anything they want. Giant Fists, Giant Swords, Giant everything.
  • Rayman Legends - A game where you play as Rayman, Globox, some Teensies, and two new characters: Barbara and Murfy. Murfy is the fifth player and is used a lot to solve puzzles to allow everyone else to pass, like say there's a room filled with fire and flame monsters. Murfy can grab a platform and pull it within jumping distance AND distract the flame monsters (don't worry. Murfy is invincible).
  • Nintendo Land - Of course you already know about this one, so you can skip if you like (if you don't know about this game please visit my Nintendo Land post).
  •  New! Super Mario Bros. U - A game where you play through a better version of the original Super Mario Bros.. This game also has a new power-up: Super Acorn. The Super Acorn turns Mario into Squirrel Mario. Squirrel Mario can do every thing Raccoon Mario can, only better and faster, plus the ability to climb walls.
  • Ben 10: Ommniverse - This is a cool game. You play as both the classic ten year old Ben and the new and improved 15 year year Ben. They both have a new sidekick armed with the Prototool, a weapon that can do the job of a thousand weapons all fused together like a Fuzer from Transformers (Fuzers are Transformers that are half Autobot and half Decepticon, which are the warring factions of the series).

NOTE: Images from Wikipedia.

Here's the History of the Wii U.
 The Wii U was first mentioned in 2008 (this is 2012, so this event happened nearly four years ago.) to fill in the weaknesses of the Wii and replace them with some awesome improvements. Originally rumor had it that the Wii U could play movies and Blue Rays. Unfortunately the Wii U can't do that. That is the only downfall about the Wii U. But every other detail about fits perfectly to attract the yin and yang of gamers: Casuals, and Hardcores. I'm the Hardcore. Anyway, another something about the Wii U you should know: The Pro controllers are NOT compatible with all Wii U games (EXAMPLE: The Wonderful 101. In order to use the weapon you like, you must draw lines on the Touch Screen to make your army shape shift into that weapon for your captain to use.) Another thing. The Wii U can play Wii games and is completely compatible with Wii Remotes. So if you have a Wii Remote when or if you get the Wii U system, then you can use you Wii Remote in most games (as long as they don't require the use of a touch screen.)

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