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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a very fun and as a bonus relaxing game. It is like...................................Super Smash Bros. Brawl..........but without fighting and the cross-over genre.

Series Logo

The plot for the games is rather similar through each game.
You move into a town you get to name. "You are the new kid on the block" as kids say it these days. Also, you move into a neighborhood that is completely filled with animals that have human personalities. Here's a list.
  • Cranky - Cranky characters are NOT cranky personality-wise. They are just more mature (again, personality-wise) and "Look before they leap" as kids say it. They are terrible with words and wind up saying things that other people don't want to hear. Sometimes accidentally and sometimes on purpose (depending on who they talk to.).
  • Peppy - For a strange reason, Peppy characters remind me of the Mysim Sapphire. That is because both characters are hyper, loudmouthed, and move so fast that they make hummingbirds look like they are as slow as a snail. Peppy characters alone love food particularly candy, sweets, and anything that has sugar. That might explain the hyper behavior. But they also love fitness. And Fashion.
  • Snooty - I'll make this short and simple. Snooty characters are 9, 999, 999 parts fashion, seven parts showoff five parts fancy and three parts average teenaged girl that loves everything I mentioned.
  • Jock - Again, I'll this short and simple. 9,000 parts sports loving, 711 parts food gobbling, and 1,000,000,000 parts fitness and health criticizing. Jocks happen to criticize other people's health and fitness.
  • Normal - Every single personality type rolled up into a mega personality. They have the maturity of Cranky, the fitness of Jocks, the fashion of Snooty, and the hyper of Peppy.
  • Businessmen/Businesswomen - These guys are easily distinctive. They are the only dudes that run a business of any sort. EXAMPLE: The owl Blathers is the curator of the local Museum. ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Crazy Redd runs a market called "CRAZY REDD'S". He puts ridiculously large prices on his products.
If you want a full list of characters please visit Nookipedia (website was named after the Animal Crossing salesman Tom Nook, who happens to be a raccoon). Image from Nookipedia, by the way.

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