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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Icarus Time!!!

This is one of my Kid Icarus Posts!!! About the angel everyone knows and loves!!!! I was reading my other posts and thanks to a wiki I read on I know more details now.

Here is a picture.


This is Pit with a Bow.

In every game in this series, the angel named Pit had a simple bow as a weapon. But in Uprising, he gets to choose one of 102 different weapons, each one unique in design, appearance, and function. Like the Wolf Claws give Pit super speed and a lethal combo, while the Dynamo Cannon focuses on long range attacks and slow Pit down. Because all Cannons are super heavy.

Here is the story of Kid Icarus.
Palutena the goddess of Light defeated and banished Medusa to the Underworld. A few years later, BOOM!!!! She comes back and takes over the world!!! Then Pit shows up, fights his way through a horde of monsters (Armed only with a bow and a set of arrows), becomes super-charged with the Three Sacred Treasures and beats up Medusa. Then Palutena and Pit live happily ever after.

Short, right? This is a classic game, for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Here is the story for Kid Icarus Uprising.
25 years after the first game, Medusa is revived by a dude called Hades. Medusa then "celebrates" her return by attacking a small village. So Pit flies down there (all angels can fly. However, they can only stay airborne for five minutes. Stay flying after that, Pit's wings will burn and he will became affected by gravity and start falling to his doom), And with the First Blade (the very first weapon given to you) fight the horde and defeat Twin-Bellows. Medusa, with her Boss Minion defeated, surrenders the town and any surviving soldiers will retreat.

After that, Pit is rewarded with a new weapon. Depending of the intensity selected at the beginning of the level, the awesomeness of the weapon will vary. You might get a really powerful Dynamo Cannon or even better, an Aurum Palm!!! But the higher the intensity, the more valuable the weapon.

But after that, Palutena sends Pit to help out in a large-scale war between humans and Dark Lord Gaol. On the way there, Pit remarks on how "the 'Dark Lord' thing has been totally done to death". After breaking in the castle of Gaol, Pit meets the only human that actually managed to get inside the castle: A bounty hunter/mercenary named Magnus. Magnus then reveals he didn't expect to see an angel and remarks on how he hopes "that he didn't kick the bucket". But anyway, Pit and Magnus team up to fight the rest of the way to Gaol's throne room. So an epic boss battle happens!!! After Magnus and Pit beat up Gaol, Gaol's helmet falls off, revealing that Gaol was a girl. But it is odd how Magnus didn't reveal the true gender even though he was childhood friends with Gaol.

After that, Pit must return to Sky-World (where he and Palutena along with Centurion soldiers live) because a large amount of Underworld Monsters are terrorizing the place. Palutena tells Pit to go after the Hewdraw and destroy it, as it is the one in charge of this scene. The Hewdraw now has three heads, the power of flight and has a split personality. One head is polite and friendly, another is a nerd, and the last one is a big jerk. Depending on the order the heads are defeated, dialogue will be different. But after two heads pop off, if Pit takes to long to finish it off, Palutena will blow up the final head with a laser which she calls the "Sacred Goddess Glam Blaster".

But unfortunately, the first two heads survive and start terrorizing a medium sized town. After fighting through some newly encountered enemies, Palutena then uses an ability called "Monster Pheromone" to attract one of the surviving heads to Pit, who is at the center of town. But this battle is short and easy, as all the head can do is bounce wildly around the arena, hoping to either crush Pit, or Bite him.

After destroying the head, Pit makes his way to the lake, where the other surviving head is. And now it regenerated, and is whole again. So basically he grew a tail like a lizard. Because the Hewdraw is a snake. That has, or had, three heads. This is the Boss, so Pit wins the level by beating him up and destroying him.

After defeating the Hewdraw, Pit must go to the Reaper Fortress, home of the Great Reaper, king of all Reapers (Tricky foes. When they see Pit, they will sound an alarm, summoning tiny versions of themselves call Reapettes). The Flight is tricky, just as tricky as the Reapers themselves. Instead of flying through the air, you fly through a secret entrance in a secret lake in a secret mountain pass going through secret mountains. That is a LOT of secret stuff. Anyway, after flying through the lake Pit is attacked by Lasers, and although Palutena and Pit wanted to take a side entrance in, they are Force to make an emergency landing and go through the front gate. From there, Pit must sneak around and fight all the non Reaper Enemies (when your intensity level is super high, Ornes will appear. They are the most powerful enemy in the game, as merely touching one will instantly kill you. And there is only one weapon that works on them). After that Pit fights the Great Reaper and beats him up, like really bad. So bad he EXPLODES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently Pit interrogated a Reaper between this level and the previous level. Because Palutena says that a Reaper gave away the location of Pandora's hideout. Pandora is a living fireball. Guarding a Sacred Treasure's casket. Pandora also reveals that she built a driving course in her labyrinth of deceit, so she can learn how to drive and get a driver's license. But she realizes that she can't drive because as a living fireball she has no hands. Or feet. Or a body. But after beating her (Pandora plays possum, though), Pit accidentally breaks a magical mirror, thus creating a doppelganger called Dark Pit (he looks like Pit but the white tunic Pit wears is black for Dark Pit, Dark Pit has red eyes, Black Wings instead of blue eyes and white wings, and a deeper voice).

The next level focuses entirely on finding, chasing, and dueling Dark Pit (Pit starts calling him Pit-too, a direct reference to Mewtwo. A clone of a Pokemon called Mew. Which is said to be the Creator of all Pokemon.) And Since that Dark Pit is a clone, he can do everything YOU can do!!!! He even has a weapon named after him!!!! The Dark Pit Staff!!! It Looks more like a sniper rifle than a Staff though.). Anyway, He is fought during the Flight section, Land section, and the Boss section in this level. He only uses four weapons though.

After beating Dark Pit (who retreats at the last moment), Pit flies to the desert to find an Under Water Palace. When arriving at the coastline, Poseidon (controller of the seas) opens a path for Pit leading straight to the palace. Even Palutena told him that he would have to swim there. After arriving in the castle's entrance, Pit continues on foot. The reason why he came here is to get the Underworld Key, which allows one to visit the Underworld as many times as s/he pleases. And the current owner is Thanatos. He was once called Tanatos, but added an "H". He says that the H stands for "H-amazing". He is also a shape-shifter, but only uses this power if the intensity is 6.0 or higher. But after getting the Key, you can go to the Underworld, home of the famous Medusa.

But before you go to the Underworld, you need to suit up. That's where this level comes in. Some Pirates from Outer Space stole the second strongest weapon in the Game: The Three Sacred Treasures. So Pit has to get it from Space Pirates!!!! The most dangerous Pirates in Space!!!! This is the highest Pit has flown in his life, because in this level you fly though OUTER SPACE!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Some Underworld monsters also want the Three Sacred Treasures, so it's a race to see who can get the Three Sacred Treasures. And once Pit comes face-to-face with the Captain (who threatens to make Pit walk the plank), the Captain is grabbed by a tendril and eaten by a Space Kraken (the most dangerous Kraken in Space). So Pit shoots it down with his weapon.

Okay, NOW you can go to the Underworld. Curiously enough, Dark Pit helps Pit get to the entrance, and beats up the Gate-Keeper (and hundreds of other dudes). After fighting some Tempura Wizards (Wizards that turn people in a tempura), And some other dudes, Pit comes face-to-face with Medusa, and activates the Wings of Pegasus, which grant infinite flight to angels when used.

After beating Medusa in a three stage battle, the credits scroll. But Hades tears through the Credits and says to the player (NOT Pit, the player playing as Pit) that they cannot beat the game until the player defeats him.

Hades then sends some Underworld characters to gain a powerful item known as the Wish Seed (a seed that grants wishes). Why? He SAYS that he wants to revive the dead parents of a little girl, but this guy is a VILLAIN. He is so VILLAINOUS that you can SMELL his VILLAINY 20,000 miles away. So obviously he wants to use it to take over the world. This level is tricky because there are two flight paths to the Wish Seed. One through a cave and the other through a volcanic mine field. The cave has thousands of enemies, but is safer. The other path has only five or six enemies, but is much more dangerous with the constant eruptions. So Pit flights through the rest of the volcanic wasteland and fights a Phoenix to get the Wish Seed. Unfortunately, it turns out that the Wish Seed is just a normal seed. It can't grant a wish even if it wanted to. Palutena says that if someone got their hands on such power, they would be unstoppable.

Unfortunately, the humans still don't know that the Wish Seed is a fake. So there is a large scale war between two different kinds of humans. So Viridi (A.K.A. Mother Nature) is going to destroy the entire human race!!! With a bomb that only destroys humans while sparing everything else!!! So Pit and Palutena have to stop her (It's Palutena's job as the goddess of light, and it's Pit's job because he is an angel working for the goddess of light. In fact Pit may be a Guardian Angel, considering that everything he does involves protecting humanity.). But after the Flight Viridi orders her soldiers (which she calls her children) to "politely destroy the guest". After fighting wave after wave after wave of Forces of Nature, Viridi summons her champion: A rock monster named Cragalanche. Cragalanche is only vulnerable if you concentrate fire (or combos, if you are using a weapon specializing in close quarters combat) on a red dot on the back.

After defeating Cragalanche and gathering up the survivors of the Reset Bomb's impact, Pit sets out to find Viridi's Reset Bomb Factory/Stash. But before that, Pit must destroy another Reset Bomb. Once that is out of the way, Pit continues in the factory on foot. The boss is unique in the way that it does not fight back, but has Forces of Nature dudes protecting it. But Pit knocks them in a pit between the boss (A Reset Bomb Pod), and Pit. It eventually explodes, taking the factory with it.

After defeating Viridi (she retreated), Pit starts singing a victory song and says that he can go after Hades. However, Viridi has dangerous allies, including a guy called Arlon the Serene. In fact, his moon shaped fortress is even more dangerous than the Reset Bombs as it has enough firepower to slaughter the human race in a day. So Pit flies up to it, boards it, fights his way to Arlon's chamber, and runs into Dark Pit who is currently working for the Forces of Nature as a neutral party. So Pit and Dark Pit (Pit is still calling him Pit-too) engage in a duel. After that, Pit makes his way to Arlon and they fight each other with our angel hero coming out on top. And he destroys the Lunar Sanctum (as the fortress is called).

As Pit leaves the Sanctuary (the "relax and take a breather" room of the game. Pit has to jump out of it's doors to go anywhere.) he barely dodges a Laser. Viridi's Second in Command, Phoshora and Thanatos (he's back again) are locked in a battle, with the Underworld Horde and the Forces of Nature brawling a free-for-all-brawl on ground level. Pit helps in defeating Thanatos, but does not get the final blow. But Pit needs to defeat Phoshora at her hideout because Viridi STILL wants to destroy humanity. And after a "shocking" (Get it? Because Phoshora has lightning powers.) battle, Pit leaves the temple victorious.

Now here is where it gets crazy nasty. Pit wakes super early in the morning and has to defend the Earth from Alien Invaders from Outer Space!!!!!!!!! How does Pit know they are Aliens? Because Hades is complaining that if the ALIENS take over, HE won't be able to take over the world himself. And Viridi is doing the same thing, only difference is that she doesn't NEED to take over, because she has been ruling the Earth (specifically the wildlife and plants) for thousands of years. These Aliens are called the Aurum. Copy-Cats. They create duplicates of whatever they kidnap. During the flight fight the (self proclaimed) god of the sun Prryhon shows up and helps out in destroying a portion of the Aurum. Now you know how Viridi wants to blow up humans, right? Well she no longer wants that, but still holds a grudge on humans. Because now the Forces of Nature are your sidekicks!!!! They help out by fighting side by side with you. Once Pit lands on an Aurum base, he notices how there is lack of life. He also guesses that a boss is going to jump out and say "Mwa ha ha!!! I've been waiting for you, Pit!!!!". After fighting his way through the Aurum soldiers, Pit goes to the Aurum Core. Hades also sends reinforcements, but they are destroyed by the Core before the battle even began. After fighting and destroying the Core, Prryhon saves Pit's life, and Palutena teleports Pit back to the Sanctuary.

Now Pit's homeworld is being invaded!!! Palutena uses her "Power of Weak-Point Exposure" to make the vital points on the Aurum attack ships visible, allowing Pit to optionally destroy Aurum ships as he flies around. Hades sends in some Monoeyes (disembodied, floating eyeballs) to look the larger ships. While the Underworld is doing that, Pit heads straight for the Aurum Hive. Unfortunately, the entrance is sealed off with an energy barrier. But the Monoeyes ram a hijacked Aurum ship into the barrier, thus opening the entrance, and in turn, allowing Pit to continue on foot. After fighting through more Aurum, Pit then has to fight the Aurum Generator while rail grinding on cables. Later on Prryhon tries to help by shooting lava at the Generator, but it absorbs the attack and becomes stronger. But Pit blows it up.

And this is the Aurum's final moments. Prryhon merges with the Aurum Brain, leader of all Aurum. However, the explosion caused by the fusion will cause Pit to use up four minutes of flight and Palutena "switches off" Pit's flight to save him. He only falls a few feet, because now the Forces of Nature are carrying you on a small platform. But Pit wants a bigger platform, as there is no room on the smaller platform. But the Forces of nature are destroyed, and Palutena summons some Centurion Strong-Arms to carry Pit's platform all the way to the boss. Which is against Aurum Prryhon, an Aurum version of Prryhon. So Pit defeats Prryhon, reverting the transformation. What happens to Prryhon is unknown, even though Palutena hopes that he uses his power to send the Aurum to the other side of the Galaxy.

This level is unique because you can play as three non-angel characters, and it does not begin with Pit flying to the level's location, but rather, ends that way. Pit wakes up and finds he has been turned into a teeny tiny gold ring. Whoever puts on the ring will be possessed by Pit's soul. First a little girl puts on the ring, allowing the player to play as the girl. She is slow in terms of speed, despite being small and lightweight. After traversing the town streets Pit finds Palutena's soldiers fighting down the road and wonders if Palutena sent them there to protect the citizens. But the girl drops the ring, and a dog puts it on, allowing the player to play as the dog. Using the dog's super running speed, Pit finds Magnus the Bounty Hunter. Who just finished fighting Centurions. Magnus puts on the ring, and when he does, Pit telepathically asks him exactly why are Centurions terrorizing humanity. Magnus reveals that it has been three years since Pit and Magnus last saw each other and that Pit's empty shell of a body is public enemy number one. When Pit tells Magnus to get the ring back to Pit's body (which is smashing everything in sight.). So Magnus finds Pit's body (after all, since the body IS public enemy number one, there is a bounty on it's head, which means Magnus is going to destroy the body anyway), fights it, and slips the ring on the body's middle finger, returning Pit to his original state. Pit then realizes he needs to get back to Sky-World, but he can't without the power of flight, which must be granted to him. But Mother Nature Viridi grants the power of flight to Pit, allowing him to return to Sky-World.

Now this is where things get weird. Palutena betrays Pit and blocks him out of the Sanctuary via energy Barrier. So Viridi teleports Pit to her version of the Sanctuary (exactly the same but with a plant theme.). Now Pit needs to suit up. With a Chariot. A Lightning Chariot!!!! But to get it, you need to climb a extremely tall tower on foot. In fact this tower is so big that it has a second loading screen. In fact, Viridi says that they are not allowed to talk about that extra loading screen. Hades also wants the Lightning Chariot, simply because he thinks that riding in it will attract girls (a running gag in this game is that Hades flirts with all female characters, considers himself a "ladies' man" and ever since he first revealed himself he has been looking for more ways to attract girls). But the Chariot Master won't give up the Lightning Chariot to ANYONE unless they beat him in a fair, one-on-one chariot race. If you win, he gives you the Chariot. But if he gives the Lightning Chariot to anyone, he will die. Because he is the guardian of the Lightning Chariot and once he gives someone else the chariot he will fulfill his purpose and dissolve into energy.

This flight is a lot different from the others. Instead of just using wings to fly, Pit uses the Lightning Chariot to mount an assault on Palutena's temple. The only thing faster than the chariot is the lasers the unicorns pulling it shoot out of their horns. Anyway, The Lightning Chariot is so fast that it can blast through anything. Even energy barriers!!!! Unfortunately, turns out that when Pit destroyed the Lunar Sanctum a few levels ago a creature called the Chaos Kin escaped it's prison. It's a parasite that has complete control of it's victims as it slowly drains the LIFE ENERGY out of the victim in question. So Pit beats up the Chaos Kin, and the Chaos Kin retreats to a pocket dimension called the Chaos Vortex. But it drags Palutena's soul with it. Pit failed to get in the portal in time, but Dark Pit shows up and uses the Lightning Chariot to smash open a hole in the portal, keeping it open longer and widening it at the exact same time.

But before Pit can go in there, Viridi tells him to save his progress first. After that, Pit and Dark Pit dive right into the heart of the Chaos Vortex and fight the Chaos Kin. But after defeating eight waves of enemies summoned By the Chaos Kin, and Defeating the Chaos Kin itself, it comes back to life and uses the last amount of strength to throw Dark Pit off the Arena. Pit flies and saves Dark Pit, but remember in the first paragraph in the parenthesis that if an angel flies for more than five minutes their wings will burn up, and thus rendering them flightless and crippled? Yeah, Pit's wings burn up, revealing the skeletal frame of the wings.

And NOW it gets AMAZING, DAZZLING, and FANTASTIC!!!! You play as Dark Pit!!! Dark Pit needs to carry Pit to the Rewind Spring, capable of restoring severe injuries. Even restoring burnt to the bone angel wings. But Dark Pit has fixed the one major flaw of Pit's flight (despite being a clone): He can fly as long as he wants without burning up!!!!! But before Pit can recover, Pandora shows up and uses the Rewind Spring to give herself a body: The body of a teenage human girl. But Dark Pit beats her up, she retreats, and here is a funny. Not a single character in the whole game knew that Pandora was originally a teenage human girl, not even Hades. Even Pit is surprised because when Pandora winked at him, he shouted "Who is THAT!?!?!?". But Anyway, Pit regrows his wings and Dark Pit, ashamed of the good deed he just did, tries to flee, but now that Pit has his wings, Dark Pit can no longer fly without a god/goddess to grant him flight. Because he almost fell to his doom. But Viridi saved him by teleporting him to safety

Okay, the Aurum have went back to their home planet, humans are no longer warring with each other, the Forces of Nature are no longer trying to reset the planet, the Space Pirates are no longer roaming the cosmos stealing constellations or stuff like that, and there are NO more distractions. Now Pit gets to fight Hades with the Three Sacred Treasures!!!!!! But Hades smashes the Sacred Treasures, and swallows Pit whole. So Pit has to fight his way to the "heart". However, Pit says "It's the closest thing to a heart a guy like Hades can get". And Pit smashes the heart!!! It does not kill Hades though. And Dark Pit gets Pit out of that stomach by driving the Lightning Chariot straight into Hades' chest, puncturing it, and Pit hitches a ride and escapes with Dark Pit. Although Hades is in great pain via combo of Dark Pit driving through him and Pit smashing his heart, he just walks it off.

Now only one person can help Pit. The god of blacksmiths: Dyntos!!! He built a GIANT ROBOT COMBAT SUIT!!!!!!! IT IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!! But he will not help Pit unless he completes three trials. First trial: Defeat a clone of the Phoenix, and next a copy of Cragalanche, and finally ANOTHER Space Kraken (The most dangerous Kraken in Space). Second trial: Defeat Magnus the Bounty Hunter AND Dark Lady Gaol (or Dark Lord. I like using "Lady" better, because it fits Gaol's true gender) at the same time!!!! Final Trial: Fight the GIANT ROBOT COMBAT SUIT!!!!!!!! But Dyntos "adds in some freebies" because in between each battle, you would have to fight enemies from ALL five factions!!!! Space Pirates!!! Underworld Horde!!! Forces of Nature!!!! Aurum!!!!!! And Palutena's Army!!!!!! Surprisingly, there are no Neutral Parties to fight. But this is what the weapon Dyntos promised to give Pit, the only weapon capable of destroying Hades (In fact, Dyntos is a thousand times more powerful than Hades. Also, he is the most powerful character in the game, so powerful he could rule the entire UNIVERSE if he wanted to, but he doesn't.): The GIANT ROBOT COMBAT SUIT!!!!!!! By the way the GIANT ROBOT COMBAT SUIT is called the Great Sacred Treasure.

Okay, NOW it's time for the final battle!!!!!! Pit's got the Great Sacred Treasure, and Hades has nowhere to run. This battle is actually just one long Flight Fight. Here is how the fight went. Hades attacks with lasers, twisters, and other moves. The Great Treasure works just like normal Pit: Since the game is on 3DS, these controls are handheld style. Press the L button to fire a charged shot, and hold that same button down to engage rapid fire. When standing close enough to an enemy, keep pressing the L button to do a combo. When attacking from a distance, use the Stylus to aim. And use the circle pad to move across the screen. That's it. But after enough hits, Hades retreats to the surface to recharge (he eats souls for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. Literally). Then guns sprout from his legs and cape. The Treasure switches to Pursuit Mode (it can transform for different situations. Pursuit mode for chasing things, Mech Armor Mode for taking a brutal attack, etc.) to chase Hades. After the treasure blows up several guns and a green gem on Hades' collar, He launches missiles at Pit, so the Treasure switches to Mech Armor mode to survive the explosion, perfectly unscathed. Later on Hades tries to drill away the Mech Armor, But the Treasure literally turns into a giant sword and chops Hades in half. But Hades regenerates shortly afterward, and the Treasure switches to Ultra-Light Mode. After sustaining a great deal of damage, Hades destroys the Great Sacred Treasure. the Player must align Pit with the ground for a safe landing. Palutena then senses an outside force coming for Hades (who is charging a super deadly laser). The Player must keep their targeting reticule on Hades at all times. The Outside Force is revealed to be Medusa, who wounds Hades. Hades regenerates and uppercuts Medusa, killing her. Viridi then gives Pit the power of flight and Pit grabs the Great Sacred Treasure's primary cannon. Here is the tough part. Pit must evade lasers and other stuff, while Palutena AND Viridi charge the cannon. Once fully charged, the Cannon will PERMANENTLY destroy Hades. And now everyone enjoys a well-deserved HAPPILY EVER AFTER MOMENT. With Viridi asking why Pit protects humans. Pit replies that humans are the only beings that believe in, and respect deities. Viridi then labels religion as a way to get wishes granted.


Here's a funny moment. If you wait through the credits, Hades will show up and say (NOTE: CONVERSATION IS FROM DIVINIPEDIA THE KID ICARUS WIKI): "Well, okay, I am impressed. Such a teeny little angel defeating such a big, bad god of the Underworld. Why, Pitty, that must make you the most powerful Nintendo character of all time. I'm actually rather proud of you. 8-bit Pit would've never made it this far. But don't worry, I'm not going to tear up the credits again, the game really IS over... Which is why I'm here to delete your save data!"


*Screen blacks out*

*Screen lights up again*

"Noooo, I'm just messing with you, buddy. Settle down! Your save's, oh, er, safe. I can't, I don't even have a body anymore. Couldn't delete a save file if I wanted to. I'm not even sure if I can be resurrected in this state. There's the real tragedy. This dashing physique, this literally GODLY body, is gone forever. Ladies everywhere are no doubt weeping as we speak. Your fault!"

"Oh well, I'll figure something out. I have, what, 25 years for the next sequel?"

"Anyhoo! Anywho, you can always revisit me and other...friends...in the chapters you've beat. You could play battles over and over again like a favorite book, or a broken record. Oh! And if the mood strikes you, throw some hearts into the Fiend's Cauldron, hard, spice up the difficulty of a level and commend you some sweet rewards! And because I'm not a sore loser, I unlocked Boss Battle Mode for you."

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