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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ultimate Star Wars Time!!!!!

I was looking through my old posts and I noticed that I only wrote posts about Star Wars the Old Republic and Star Wars the Force Unleashed. So THIS post is covering everything in between!!!!

I should start with the Main Series. The original trilogy was about the adventures of a Jedi named Luke Skywalker. Then there is the Prequel Trilogy, which was about the origins of Luke's father, Darth Vader (also known as Anakin Skywalker). As of episode three, Darth Vader became a cyborg. Both his legs and his arms were chopped off, his lungs were not working properly, and his face was horribly scarred. In fact in the Old Republic there was a guy called Darth Malgus that has a identical (but shorter) story. He fought a Jedi, and that Jedi used a massive burst of Force energy to heavily damage his lungs. However, his legs and arms were still intact. In order to survive, he turned himself into a cyborg. The only part of him that was mechanical was the lower jaw, which was replaced with a breathe mask. But Vader was mechanical from head to toe.

If you do not know what a Jedi is, the Jedi are super awesome intergalactic heroes with super powers connected to a special type of energy called the Force. The leaders of the Jedi Order are known as the Jedi Council. They are not a species. They are an organization. Well not really an organization but lets call it an organization. Some Jedi are humans, while others are not. The most famous non human Jedi was named Yoda. His species is unknown. His homeworld is unknown. But it is known that he likes to talk backwards. He says the last few words of a sentence followed by the first words of a sentence. There are five ranks in the Jedi Order: Young-ling, the lowest rank. Young-lings are nothing more than students (in fact they are children). Next is the Padawan. The second lowest ranking. Once a Young-ling completes his/her basic training, it becomes a Padawan and can get advanced training from either a Knight or a Master as well as a real Lightsaber (Young-ling Lightsabers are more like batons than swords. In fact you can grab the blade and the only injury is a small burn). The next rank is the Knight. When a Padawan completes his/her advanced Training, they become a Knight, the third highest rank. A Knight can then train a Padawan. Then there is the Master. When a Knight's Padawan becomes a Knight, the Knight will become a Master, the second highest rank. And Finally is the Grand Master, the highest rank of all. A Grand Master controls the Jedi Council itself and in turn, the entire Order. To become a Grand Master, you must be the heir to someone who is already a Grand Master. Yoda happens to be a Grand Master.

There are also dudes called the Sith. The exact opposite of a Jedi. Same super powers. Only they use their powers for evil, while Jedi use their powers for good. Star Wars: The Old Republic reveals there are two ranks: Acolyte, the lowest rank. They are apprentices. And Darth, the highest rank. Acolytes must complete their training to be given the rank of Darth. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed reveals that Darth Vader has his own apprentice named Galen Marek.

There's also a catch to being a Jedi. You are not allowed to have a normal social life. Because say a Jedi falls in love. The Jedi do not allow love because compassion leads to worry, worry leads to fear, fear leads to hate, and hate leads to the Dark Side. So that Jedi is sooner or later going to become a Sith. In fact that is exactly what Sith are. Rogue Jedi that have been exposed to the Dark Side of the Force. To decrease the chance of having that happen to the next generation, the Jedi would take children that are Force Sensitive (a person that has the same powers of a Jedi and a Sith but are neither) at an early age, like when the child is only a week old and raise it to be a full fledged Jedi. They never take children that are a few years old because that's when the emotions kick in. I know that thanks to the Star Wars wiki, Wookiepedia.

There are also awesome aliens called Wookies. They can perfectly understand every language in the Star Wars galaxy, but they can only speak their own language. They have really long life spans, living for over 900 years. The most famous Wookie is named Chewbaca, or Chewie for short. Chewie is the partner of Han Solo, who owes a crime lord named Jabba the Hutt because Han Solo used to work for him and dropped some stuff in space to lose weight to escape the Sith Empire. Chewie also is a mechanic. Both Chewie and Han Solo have a starship called the Millennium Falcon. It's a freighter. Designed to carry all sorts of stuff. Like Spices, Weapons, Holograms, and other cool stuff.

In fact in the Old Republic the Smuggler Class gets a Starship that looks very similar to the Millennium Falcon, Only difference is that it looks brand new, while the Falcon looks very old and is starting to wear down.

In Episodes Four and Six there is a massive battle station called the Death Star. It looks exactly like a mechanical planet, with a "crater" on one side. This crater is actually part of the design. In fact it's actually a Laser Cannon. Well if you want to get technical, it's actually ten small laser cannons that fire at the exact same time and the lasers combine into a giant laser. This weapon has enough fire-power to destroy entire planets. However, there is a flaw in the design. If you fire a torpedo into a small cooling vent that is perfectly exposed, the torpedo will go down into the core, causing the whole thing to explode, taking the crew on board with it. However that is easier said than done because the Death Star is covered in Turrets, can deploy star-fighters, and if you are with the Rebel Alliance, you only get one shot. Because they only have a few torpedoes, each one equipped to a different Star-fighter. Luke managed to score the hit.

However, In the Old Republic there is a battle Station that makes the Death Star look harmless. It's called the Hammer Station. Instead of firing a laser, it can use a Gravity Cannon to fling Asteroids at targets. This is a danger to both planets and battle cruisers, because their shields are designed to absorb lasers, not physical impact.

There are also very funny aliens in the series known as Gungans. From the planet Naboo. They have their own slang!!! Often saying stuff like "Mesa". The most famous of the Gungans is Jar Jar Binks. Very clumsy on dry land, yet very agile when underwater. Because Gungans are semi-aquatic. In fact they always build their cities underwater.

The last bit of info I will reveal is that their is a sport called Pod-Racing. Very Fast, very dangerous. The goal is simple. Cross the Finish line three times in a row. The only hard part is staying in one piece as you get there. Anakin Skywalker once competed in a race on the planet Tatooine. And came in first place. He was the only racer to cross the finish line three times. Because everyone else crashed.

If you want more info, please go to Wookiepedia, the Star Wars Wiki.

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