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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The newest generation of Pokemon!!!!! Pokemon X and Y!!!!!!

This is one of my Pokemon posts. And this post is about Pokemon X and Y!!!! Two seperate games coming out at the exact same time!!!! Yet again, Pokemon does that. A LOT. For example: Pokemon Black and White came out at the exact same time, Pokemon Fire Red and Grass Green came out at the exact same time, and various other games came out at the exact same time. However, Pokemon Platinum came out by itself.

Anyway, Pokemon X and Y introduces a whole new region (and thus a whole new generation): The Kalos Region!!!! Unlike the Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Hoen regions, which are based off of Asia, and the Unova region, which is based off of New York (in the U.S.A.), Kalos is based of Europe, specifically France (one of the many cities in the game has it's own Eiffel Tower). And whenever a new generation is introduced, there are always Legendary Pokemon.

For those of you that do not know what a Legendary is, a Legendary is a Pokemon of supreme power. I know of two Legendary Pokemon in Kalos: Yveltal and Xerneas. Their type is unknown, but will be revealed when the games are released. But these two Legendary Pokemon are crazy awesome.

And perhaps the best part about these games is that the player can fully customize his or her character. In fact there is a new Pokemon known as Go-goat that players can ride on. Riding in style!!!!!

Just like any other Pokemon game, X and Y are most likely going to have Pokemon Gyms. In order to beat a Pokemon game, you must clear all eight Gyms in the region. But this is easier said than done because each Gym has a Leader which will engage his or her Pokemon with your Pokemon in a awesome battle. Each Leader specializes in a particular Pokemon Element, like Fire, or Ice. And each type has a weakness against a different type. Like Rock-Paper-Scissors. But in Pokemon it's Fire beats Ice, Grass and Steel, Water beats Fire, Grass beats Water, Ice beats Dragon, and Dragon beats everything. Including itself. It's weak against itself and the only other type like this is the Ghost type. However, Ghost is the Ghost type's ONLY weakness. But Dragon has power over everything. The only weakness is itself and Ice. So if a Leader uses only Dragon Pokemon, get as many Ice types as you can. You are going to need a full deck. Because although Ice does work well against Dragon, Dragon is going to EXTERMINATE Ice. Shoot Dragon types are practically unstoppable if you don't have Ice with you.

Also just like any other Pokemon game, you are probably going to have to save the region (or the world) from a criminal organization. Like Team Rocket, Team Plasma, Pokemon Poachers, and a dozen other crime syndicates. Well, actually Team Plasma had good intentions, because they wanted all Pokemon to live free without masters to obey. But a guy corrupted those intentions and turned them into plans for Global Domination.

Anyway, and just like any other game, you get your own Pokedex. The ultimate computer. It's portable, supplies you with info, and (in the case of the TV show) doubles as an ID. But the Kalos Pokedex is shaped like a cell phone (in fact it's the exact same size as a Smart Phone). But the Unova Pokedex is also shaped and sized like a cell phone. However, the Kalos Pokedex is colored to look like the Kanto Pokedex. Mostly red with a black stripe on the back and a white circle on the front.

Pokemon X and Y also have three new starters. A starter is a Pokemon given to you at the very beginning of the game(s). There are always three, but you can only get ONE. The Kalos starters are Froakie (a bipedal frog), Fennekin (a fire breathing fox), and Chespin (a gopher-like Pokemon). But do NOT choose a Pokemon starter for their looks. They each have awesome powers. Fennekin's Ember attack is useful against a Ice type. And Chespin's Vine Whip is effective when used on Water types. And Froakie's Bubble Beam is very powerful and leaves Fire types struggling to get back in the fight. And they possibly have evolved forms that make themselves even more powerful and look even cooler!!!! Some Pokemon can evolve where they go through a metamorphosis and gain a whole new body. In fact they become a whole new breed of Pokemon altogether. Once the process has started, It cannot be reversed. Well actually in the card game there is a gizmo called De-Evolution Spray which in fact can reverse the effects of normal evolution.  And in the TV show a Trainer named Dawn had a Piplup (a penguin-like Pokemon) and although the Piplup was ready to evolve, it delayed it's metamorphosis using one of it's powers (I forgot which one), and Dawn (at the end of the episode) used a special stone called a Ember Stone to down-right prevent evolution from happening to Piplup ever again. But in the video games evolution cannot be reversed once it begins.

In Pokemon X and Y, if your character looks at an NPC Trainer right in the eyes, a Pokemon Battle begins. Mainly because all Trainers go by a policy which says that if two Trainers look each other in the Eye, they must battle. Pokemon Battles are great for giving your Pokemon some Battle Experience, and the more experienced the Pokemon, the closer it becomes to Evolving. However you can collect stones that prematurely evolves a Pokemon of the same element of the stone. Fire for Ember Stone, Electric for Thunder Stone, and so on and so forth.

One of the most famous Pokemon in X and Y is Eevee. Even in Pokemon standards, it's DNA is bizarre. Because unlike most Pokemon, which have three or four Evolved forms, Eevee has EIGHT Evolved forms!!!! The most recently discovered is known as Sylveon. Introduced in Kalos. Flareon, Vaporeon, and Leafeon first appeared in Kanto, Umbreon, Jolteon, Glaceon and Espeon were introduced after Kanto but before Sinnoh.

The last bit of info is the name of the hometown of the player's character: Lumino City, you can spot it a hundred miles away because it has it's own Eiffel Tower. Oh and another thing: In several games Pokemon Gyms are located in any place with the word "city" in it, so there might be a Gym here. However, there might not be because your character's adventure/quest to become a Master (or in Kalos, a Champion) will take you from your hometown to a City twenty thousand miles away. And regions are entire continents. So the game should be like a really long road trip.

And that's all I know about the game. If you want more info, please go to either the Official Pokemon Website (A.K.A. Pokemon.com) or the Pokemon Wiki.

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