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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Skylanders: The Books are Back!!!!

This blog is about the Skylanders book Gill Grunt and the curse of the Fish Master!!!!!!!!

The reason why I am writing about this book is because There is like no info on it until today!!!!! So obviously I'm going to collect all the info I can and put in this blog!!!!!

Here is the plot.

This book takes place EXACTLY where the book Spyro versus the Mega Monsters left off. But I myself never read the book, so this info is coming from the Spyro Wiki. Because they know all about the book. Anyway, The Eternal Archives have just been restored (because Kaos had giant Chompies smash it) and Gill Grunt is singing about their victory. Unfortunately, Gill Grunt is a horrible singer, and his fellow Skylanders do everything they can to block out the song. Then Spyro and Gill Grunt look into the Book of Power (which, by the way, makes a reference to the first Skylanders game, because the book foretells the destruction of the Core of Light. Because in the game Kaos smashed with a four headed dragon). It reveals the existence of a evil artifact called the Mask of Power (in fact this book is part of the Mask of Power collection. Part two to be exact.).

The good news is that the Mask of Power was broken into eight pieces, each one disguised as an object of the exact opposite of the piece. I do not know the full potential of the Mask of Power, but I do know that the mask can allow you to control the eight Skylander elements: Magic, Tech, Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Life, and Undead. But the bad news is that Kaos is focusing on reconstructing the Mask of Power, and already has one of the pieces.

Master Eon (the awesome-st Portal Master that ever lived) sent Gill Grunt to find the next piece of the mask. Gill then proceeded to go to a bar (with a LOT of pirates using it as a club) and accidentally started a fight between himself a a crew of pirates. Before the fight can be finished, however, a giant squid showed and smashed the bar to pieces and almost ate Gill Grunt for lunch. But two other Skylanders, Zap the water dragon, and Wham-Shell the crab person saved Gill Grunt from being eaten by a giant squid.

And in the middle of the fight scene a ship called Fearsome Fang showed up and the moment the squid saw the captain it turned tail and ran. Or swam, because it's a sea creature. Anyway, all three of the Skylanders were confused because the captain (named Grim-slobber) did nothing when he scared the squid away. But all was good for the Skylanders until Zap heard one of the pirates mention treasure and asked them about it, causing the entire crew to attack the three Skylanders.

Gill Grunt, Zap, and Wham-Shell retreated into the ocean. After all, they are all Water Skylanders and Water Skylanders are the only Skylanders that can breathe underwater. In fact Water Skylanders are the only Skylanders that can swim. While retreating, they decided to go visit the mer-people (mermaids, mermen, etc.), because they most likely know where the Mask of Power piece is.

Unfortunately, the mer-people are somehow hypnotized and start swimming into a mysterious cave. So the Skylanders follow them. Also unfortunately, when they got closer to the cave, Wham-Shell was also hypnotized and started attacking his fellow Skylanders, and dragging an almost completely unconscious Zap into the same cave.

Turns out Captain Grim-slobber has mind control over anything that is a fish, squid, or crustacean. And he was using mind control on the mer-people to mine and collect gem-eels. They are eels literally made of gems!!! It's even in the name. Once the gem-eels are at the surface, Grim-slobber would make himself rich. And he uses mind control on Gill Grunt and makes him mine for Gem-eels.

But Zap was immune to the mind control and managed to help Gill Grunt break free from the mind control. Gill and Zap then smash Grim-slobber's source of power: the Fish Master Crown. It allows whoever wearing the crown to control most sea animals' minds. But Grim-slobber escapes to the surface (thanks to an underwater elevator).

Then Gill Grunt's back-up arrived. And the reinforcements consisted of the awesome-st Skylander of all: Spyro the Dragon!!!! Four Skylanders versus a pirate with two peg-legs, and a mouth full of fake teeth capped in gold. So who do you think is going to win this one? Obviously it's the Skylanders. If Wham-Shell and Spyro were not there, then he MIGHT have had a chance to win. But they were there and the odds were NOT in Grim-slobber's favor.

And the Skylanders unintentionally make Grim-slobber fall off his own ship, and he cannot swim. Gill tries to rescue Grim-slobber, but he was too late. Then Kaos appears and thinks that he found the second piece of the Mask of Power and mocks (and humiliates) the Skylanders by dropping raw fish on them. Before he left though, he made the ship sink, with the Skylanders still on board. But they escaped through a portal created by Master Eon.

Although it seems like the Skylanders failed their mission, it turns out that Gill Grunt got the second piece of the Mask of Power. It was disguised as a dirty sack. Gill grabbed the sack while he was trying to save Grim-slobber.

The book ends with the Skylanders realizing that Kaos won't stop until he has full restored the Mask of Power and that Kaos is probably looking for the next piece (and probably realized that he stole the wrong object, which was the remains of the Fish Master Crown).


If you want to know what happens next, try to get the next book in the Mask of Power series: Lightning Rob meets the Cyclops Queen, or wait for me to post a post about that same book, which might take months.

Here is a picture of the cover. NOTE: ALL IMAGES ARE FROM THE SPYRO WIKI.

 Curse of the Fish Master cover
the red dude is Wham-Shell, the dude
with horns is Zap, and the dude with fins
on his head is Gill Grunt.

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