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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Robots are SUPER awesome

The name of this post is a reference to the blog post "Ninjas are awesome". Because I am ALSO a ROBOT fan!!!

Here is a list of my favorite robots from video games.
  • The LD-301 robots - These robots are from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They have oval shaped torsos and their hands are connected to their shoulders by a single strand of electricity. You will find them deactivated if their is not a single active Time-shift Stone in the area. But if you activate a Time-Shift Stone, the LD-301 robots within the radius of the stone will spring back to life. It is worth noting that the only LD-301 robot that can be told out from the others is LD-301 Skipper, who is twice the size of a normal LD-301 robot (which is knee-height to Link), has a cute pirate captain hat with a feather, and has a mustache. Also, it is apparent that they work for Lanaryu, as the robots tend to call Lanaryu "Master".
  • Drill Sergeant - This robot is from Skylanders. According to his online bio, Drill Sergeant was an Arkeyan robot. He was nothing more than a miner. And just like the other Arkeyans, he was deactivated and was nothing more than a relic from a lost civilization. Also according to the bio, Terrafin found Drill Sergeant and had Master Eon revive him with magic. Since that Drill Sergeants masters have been deactivated permanently, Drill Sergeant was a free machine and the first thing he wanted to do is obey orders from Terrafin. Because all Arkeyan robots are literally constructed to obey. I would say "born", but robots are not born. They are constructed.
  • Bouncer - This robot is from Skylanders. According to his bio, Bouncer was a Robot-o ball pro. The only reason he became a Skylander (Giant class) is the fact that the Arkeyans enslaved his entire fan club. So he became a Skylander so he could save his fan club. I do not know if he did that, but this bio (and all bios about Skylanders) is just to reveal the origins of whatever Skylander the bio belongs to. But given the fact that all Giants have been around for thousands of years, I would say that Bouncer out-lived his fan club.
  • Clank - This robot is from Ratchet and Clank. He has Kung Fu skills, can turn into a backpack, and do much more. Although everybody calls him "Clank", his robot unit number is "XJ-0461". In some fiction robots would have unit numbers in the place of names. Either way, he is the sidekick of Ratchet in pretty much every game. In Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Clank's R.Y.N.O. VI Proto-suit (bulky, but unstoppable, battle mechas) makes Clank look like his Giant Clank mode.
  • R.Y.N.O. VI Proto-suit - These robots are from Ratchet and Clank. Although they, themselves, are not really PURE robots, they are still robotic. Ratchet, Clank, Captain Quark, and Nefarious each get their own R.Y.N.O. VI Proto-suit. But since Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One uses a multi-player, the R.Y.N.O. VI's have the overload feature, where two players fire the exact same weapon at the exact same target at the exact same time. The Overload for the R.Y.N.O.'s is: They just fire all weapons at the same time until the second half of the Overload, where they combine into a GIANT BATTLE MECHA that destroys everything on screen (EVEN BOSSES!!!!!!!!!!).
  • Farbros/ Assail Farbros - This robot is from Bakugan. It is truly massive, even for Bakugan standards, and is a two-in-one. Farbros is a Mechanical Bakugan, a Bakugan-sized robot that can do everything a living Bakugan can do, but Farbros (when combined with the Assail System to make Assail Farbros) can be manually piloted by King Zenoheld.
  • LD-002G Scervo - This robot is from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is the mini-boss (a boss fought exact right at the middle of a level) of the Sand-ship, the "dungeon" housing the second Sacred Flame. According to Skipper, LD-002G Scervo stole the ship from it's crew hundreds, maybe thousands, of years ago. Yet he is still functioning at optimum efficiency. At least when you meet him at the Sand-Ship's front bow. He is clearly based off of a pirate, as he has a pirate captain's hat, a cutlass (a kind of sword that only pirates use), a hook in the place of a left hand, and in order to defeat him, you have to make him walk the plank. Literally. Because the battle takes place on a long, narrow plank of wood. The base is blocked off by a spiked gate, and the plank is at a height which would cause severe injury. He actually puts up a good fight, but is still easy to defeat assuming you have the proper skills needed to knock him towards the end WITHOUT exposing yourself to enemy attack. It appears that Scervo is well prepared for a confrontation, as after you get him to the end once, he will drop his sword, but immediately pull out another cutlass, possibly an emergency back-up sword just in case he lost his primary sword. Or maybe Nintendo threw in the back-up sword to give Scervo more of a fighting chance because if he had only one sword he would be too easy to beat.

Here is a gallery of robots. NOTES: All images are from the Legend of Zelda wiki, Bakugan wiki, and Spyro wiki.

 LD-301N Skipper

LD-002G Scervo Artwork

Series 2 Drill Sergeant Promo
Drill Sergeant (with the spiked drills available in a
certain upgrade)

SG Illus Bouncer Crop LoRes1

Assail Farbros

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