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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LEGO time!!!

This post is about LEGO's many toy-lines (mostly my favorites!!!!)!!!!

A really awesome toy-line (and perhaps the oldest toy-line) is Bionicle. This toy-line is something LEGO cooked up themselves. It is not based on ANYTHING. Except robots that can be posed in every possible joint.

Up until the Glatorian era, their has been heroes known as the Toa. There has always been six. But they have been around in the Bionicle world for thousands of years. They have always been succeeded by a new generation. The only Toa that has been featured in almost every generation is the Toa of Fire, Tahu. But he has been reincarnated hundreds of times.

But in the Stars era, Tahu (in his Mistika form) is magically transformed into his very first form so he can use the Golden Armor to defeat the super evil Makuta.

Unfortunately, Bionicle has now been discontinued. But it's legacy lives on in a newer toy-line: Hero Factory. Uses the same type of pieces until the second wave, which gives the heroes elbows and knees that bend. However, some Bionicle characters also have knees and elbows that bend.

An extremely new toy-line is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy-line. Based off the new show. It even has a build-able Turtle Lair. It has a laboratory for Donatello, A small skate park, a training dojo for Leonardo, a pizza oven (complete with a pizza pie with all toppings) for Michelangelo, and a explosion feature to add an invasion scene for the Dark Ninja (that comes with the set).

Another cool set from this toy-line is the Shell-Raiser. The Shell-Raiser is an old subway car that used to belong to a mutant alligator called Leather-Head. He is a very close friend to Michelangelo. Plus, Leather-Head is the only person that likes Michelangelo's cooking. Because Michelangelo tries to combine everything with pizza. But anyway, Donatello managed to turn it into a mobile assault vehicle. It has a "on track mode" and a "off track mode", with the difference being in on track mode, the wheels move upwards high enough to not touch the ground (as it has train wheels underneath) and off track mode is where the wheels come downwards.

But the toy comes with only two turtles, even though there is enough room to fit all four. But it does come with a purple skateboard for Donatello, a weapons rack which can store four different weapons (katana, nun-chucks, spear, and sai knives, to be exact), and a computer for Donatello (which has a e-mail message printed on it).

Another one of my favorite toy-lines is Ninjago. It focuses on four ninjas (five in the second story arc) protecting the world of Ninjago from Lord Garmadon. But in the second arc, Garmadon's son, Lloyd, becomes the fifth ninja. And in the final episode, he becomes the ULTIMATE SPINJITSU MASTER. While in that form, Lloyd's green kimono (a type of Japanese robe) becomes golden. And in that form, he has the power of light. And according to Lloyd's mother, in order to have light, there must be darkness. In fact the show's secret villain the Overlord (he possessed Garmadon and turned his body into the body of a massive dragon) also says this line, but Lloyd dealt the Overlord's death blow. And Lloyd dealt said blow in the nick of time because the Overlord has almost completely consumed the world.

It is apparent that LEGO will release a new wave of Ninjago sets, along with a new story plot in 2014, though I know nothing about that. I would say some ideas for the next wave, but that would make me a critic telling LEGO what to do. I don't really do that kind of stuff. So I keep my mouth shut. After all, there is a time and a place for talking about ideas, but this blog and the day of this post is neither the time, or the place for talking about ideas. Just like how the Aqua-bats' Battle Tram's laboratory is not the place for singing. No really there is a sign that reads "Dangerous chemicals. NO SINGING.".

The last toy-line I will talk about is Legends of Chima. It has eleven factions, all of which feature humanoid versions of real life animals (they have clothes, machinery, modern speech, can walk upright, and even have pose-able thumbs.). But the prince of the Crocodiles, Cragger, started a large scale war against the other ten factions. Over a mineral known as Chi. Magical? Yes. Powerful? Yes. Creative? Yes. Destructive? Definitely a Yes. Chi can create AND destroy, and Chima characters use Chi for everything. It's the ultimate source of energy. It's even the fuel of their war machines. Minus the Ravens. They just steal war machines and handheld weapons and spray paint the stolen item so it cannot be recognized. The war machines that they actually OWN are built entirely out of scrap metal, garbage and whatever the Ravens could get their talons on.

But the main hero is Prince Laval, the Lion prince and heir to the throne. But here is the twist. Laval and Cragger have been friends since childhood, and now Laval has to fight his long time friend in a eleven-way war (even though the Lions, Gorillas, and Eagles joined forces).

For more info on these toy-lines, please visit Brickipedia, the LEGO wiki.

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