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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bakugan (This time it's the game rules)!!!!!

This is a THIRD Bakugan post, this time I will write about the human characters and the real life game!!!!

If you have not read my previous Bakugan posts, Bakugan is an awesome series with a TV show, three video games, a real life game based off the TV Show, and DVDs about the show!!!!

Here is a list of human characters from the show.
  • Daniel "Dan" Kuso - The main hero. He specializes in Pyrus Bakugan (the Bakugan that breathe fire). In all four seasons his Bakugan partner is Drago (he has a lot of alternate forms. He has a Dragonoid form, Delta form, Ultimate form, Perfect form, Neo form, Cross form, Hyper form, Maxus form, Titanium form, and his most powerful form is the Fusion form).
  • Shun Kazami - One of Daniel's friends. He is a ninja and his Bakugan (which are of the Ventus attribute) are also ninjas. In season one his partner is Skyress (which gained a Storm Skyress form), while in Season two his partner is Ingram (which has a Cosmic and Master form).
  • Marucho - Another one of Daniel's friends. He is obviously the youngest hero character, but he is ridiculously smart. And his parents are super rich. Marucho even has his own (life-sized and fully functional) jet-plane!!! And he invented Bakugan Interspace (a virtual online game where digital copies of players around the world compete in tournaments with their Bakugan).
  • Spectra Phantom - He makes his first appearance in Season Two, as the villain. He makes a reappearance in Season four as a hero. Either way, his trademark is a mask that covers both his eyes. And the same mask has only one eye-hole. His partner is Helios (who also has a lot of forms). Spectra's real name is Keith, and has a sister named Mira.
  • Mag Mel - He is a major villain, far out-ranking Spectra when he was a villain. He used to be the leader of a race of aliens called Gundalians, but he was believed to have been killed in an epic battle between Dan & friends and the Gundalians. But he came back to life in the form of Mag Mel. The same applies for his partner, Dharak (who became Razenoid). In one episode in season four Daniel and Drago destroyed Mag Mel and Razenoid, this time they stayed dead.
  • Wise Man (A.K.A. Coredegon) - a super evil Bakugan that has the ability to transform into a human (in that form he is called Wise Man). While in his true form, he can combine with three other Bakugan to make a super Bakugan called Mechtavius Destroyer. But as Mechtavius Destroyer he was blown up thanks to Dragonoid Destroyer (a mecha that is piloted by Drago from the inside).

These are the game rules for the real life game.
First the players have to place down their Gate Cards. Then you roll a Bakugan in the exact direction of the Gate Card you want to land on. The Bakugan will magnetize itself to the Gate Card when it's underside touches said Gate Card.

This is a math game, though. Each Bakugan has a number on it, and the number is G-power, or a Bakugan's energy level. If two Bakugan land on the same Gate Card, then a battle ensues. You must use Ability Cards to increase your own G-power or use the Ability Cards two decrease the foe's G-Power. Whoever has the most G-power by the time both players run out of Ability Cards wins (you can only use them once in a battle. But once the battle is over, the player can use the Ability Cards again).

But Ability Cards are not the only way to win battles. There are also Battle Gear, weapons for Bakugan to use. Having a Battle Gear equipped will add the number of G-power on the Battle Gear to your own. And then there are Baku-Nano, which is basically a more powerful version of Battle Gear.

And then there are Bakugan Mobile Assault, which are entire vehicles for Bakugan (they also add more G-power to your own). But this is why each Bakugan is divided into attributes. If your Bakugan's attribute does NOT match the Mobile Assault's attribute, then you cannot use the Mobile Assault and it will be removed from the game altogether. You can tell what attribute your Bakugan is by the color. Red for Pyrus, Blue for Aquas, Green for Ventus, Brown for Subterra, White AND Yellow for Haos, and Black AND Purple for Darkus. However, Helios' Mechanical form is black but is a Pyrus Bakugan.

And there are also Bakugan Battle Suits. They work the same way a Mobile Assault does, but without the attribute rules. Say you have a Pyrus Battle Suit, but you only have a Aquas Bakugan, the Aquas Bakugan can still use the Battle Suit.

And then there are Mechtogan. They are GIANT Bakugan and here is how they work. If you have a Mechtogan and a Bakugan of the EXACT SAME ATTRIBUTE, you can place the Mechtogan next to your Bakugan. A Gate Card will not activate a Mechtogan though. But there is a special card known as a Mechtogan Activator that CAN activate a Mechtogan. From that point on, a Mechtogan works just like a normal Bakugan. It can be equipped with a Baku-Nano, too. But you can only use a Mechtogan once per game, so when the battle is over, you have to make that Mechtogan sit out the rest of the game. Also, because a Mechtogan needs a normal Bakugan to use, on your side it is two-against-one, so you pretty much have an advantage.

And last but not least we have the really awesome ULTIMATE BAKUGAN FORMATION. Really powerful Bakugan that are literally MADE of Smaller Bakugan. But in order to use an ULTIMATE BAKUGAN FORMATION, your opponent must an ULTIMATE BAKUGAN FORMATION too. They always have an unfair amount of G-power. Like the ULTIMATE BAKUGAN FORMATION known as Maxus Dragonoid (Drago's Maxus form) has exactly three thousand and four hundred G-power (which looks like this: 3,400).

The show also (during season one) had an extra card. The DOOM Card!!! Play the DOOM Card and every time you win or lose the losing Bakugan will be sent to the DOOM DIMENSION, never to return to it's master, for ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to the DOOM Cards at the start of season two remains a mystery to me.

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