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Monday, June 17, 2013

Smash Time!!!!!!

This post is about Super Smash Bros!!!!! Because they are coming out with a NEW game in the series!!!!!

One improvement is that it is now impossible to trip. Sometimes in the older games if you try to dash, your character would trip and are left vulnerable to attack until they get back up. But another improvement is that they added Mega Man to the series.

If you do not know who Mega Man is, he is a Capcom video game character. He is a robot that gets a new upgrade every time he beats a boss. He can use those same upgrades in this game too!!! Oh, one more thing. He can turn his hands into a special weapon called the Mega Buster (he uses this weapon for all but one of his attacks.). Another cool thing is that another Newcomer is the Villager. From Animal Crossing. This is a little weird considering the fact that the Villager never fought a battle in his life. So he is a rookie. Unlike Mega Man, who has been fighting bad guys in over 50 games, and has been fighting other dudes in various Marvel vs Capcom video games. And the game has some veteran fighters such as Mario, Link, Pit (this time he has his Kid Icarus: Uprising weapons instead of a simple bow), Donkey Kong, Bowser, Samus Aran (now her battle suit has a new design), Pikachu, Fox McCloud and Kirby. I do not know if Sonic the Hedgehog is in the game, because there is no mention of him on any source of info. But it would be awesome if they included him in the game.

Another newcomer is the Wii Fit Instructor. She is a human exercise instructor. From the game Wii Fit. All her attacks are actually yoga poses except her dash attack and Final Smash. And just like last time there are awesome stages with some traps to spice up the brawling. One of these stages is Skyloft!!!! From Legend of Zelda!!!! There is also another stage that was made just for the game. It's a boxing arena. Complete with ropes around the edges. And just like last time there is at least one stage based off an area in the game universe of a character. Not counting R.O.B.. It doesn't get a home stage. Because it is not a video game character, but a video game accessory. it was an expansion pack for a classic game console. Which one I do not know.

Yet again, I don't know if R.O.B. is even in the game. Just like Sonic there is not a mention of him in any info source. This game is also for Wii U and 3DS. But if you have a Wii U and a 3DS get the Wii U version if you want the Villager. As far as I can tell the Villager is exclusive to Wii U. Because all of his screen-shots are on the Wii U and his trailer doesn't feature him until the Wii U segment comes in. Mega Man is in both versions though. Because although HIS trailer is entirely on Wii U he has screen-shots showing him in the 3DS version.

That is all the info on this game that is available. For more info, wait a year or so and the game will come out. By then every thing you need to know about the game will be available.

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