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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Generator Rex Time!!!!

I did a blog before the day of this post so I'm going to do another post!!! Generator Rex!!!!!

Generator Rex is this awesome show I watch (among others including but not limited to: The Aquabats Super Show, Ben 10, Ultimate Spider Man, etc.). It's mostly about these microscopic machines called Nanites. Every living organism has at least a thousand Nanites in their blood stream. Though that would not happen if the Nanite Event had not occurred five years before the events of the show. Because an epic explosion jettisoned trillions of Nanites into the air, later to be absorbed by the population of Earth.

Anyway, sometimes the Nanites would enter an active state, altering the host in the process. The most common alteration is transforming into a hideous monster that only knows one thing: Smash everything in sight. But some victims, called E.V.O.'s, do not transform but instead gain superpowers. Most notably Rex. He is the ULTIMATE E.V.O..

Why? Because he can literally take away the powers of other E.V.O.'s by touching them with his hand. This normally transforms the E.V.O. in question back into a normal human. Or animal.

But that is not his only power. He also can communicate with and control machines. And he has several Machine Forms. The only one he uses in every episode is the Smack Hands, giant mechanical versions of his hands. They give him super strength and super punches. Then there's his Sword, where his arm transforms into a giant blade that can be transformed into a buzz saw. And one of my favorites is the Slam Cannon, where his arm transforms into a bazooka that makes cannonballs out of whatever the Slam Cannons claw can grab. The claw is on the end opposite of the barrel.

But Rex does not fight E.V.O.'s by himself. He has a "gruff, but lovable" talking monkey sidekick named Bobo Haha. He says really whacky stuff.. Like when giant metal eating E.V.O.'s invade Beijing, China, Bobo Haha tells a dozen Providence (an organization Rex and Bobo work for. They make sure E.V.O.'s don't get out of hand) "Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the Broiler (pulls out a large gun). Your Broiler is your friend. Learn the Broiler. Love the Broiler.".

And another Providence Agent is Agent Six. He is like a ninja. He is insanely acrobatic, has a pair of awesome swords that can combine into a sword sized magnet, wears a green tuxedo, and is the one responsible for everything Rex does.

But here is a really spicy fact. Rex has amnesia. He remembers NOTHING about his past. Like how he is technically the very first E.V.O.. You see, when Rex was a kid, BOOM!!!! Industrial accident left him fatally wounded!!! But by injecting the very first Nanites into him, DOUBLE BOOM!!! He survived injuries that would have killed anyone else in a day. But the Nanites gave him extraordinary abilities. First came the ability to manipulate technology, and later on he developed the power to cure other E.V.O.'s. And his most recent power is his Machine Forms.

But every show must have a villain. And this show's villain is Van Kleiss. He is similar to Rex, but instead of Curing E.V.O.'s he can create them. And can suck the Nanites out of other E.V.O.'s. Because he is unstable and needs a constant supply of Nanites to keep himself alive. All his Nanite drained victims become statues placed in his garden. But there are E.V.O.'s that work for him that he DOES not drain. These guys are known as the Pack. Members include Beowulf, Skalamander, Breach, and a unnamed wolf E.V.O. that accidentally cut the tubes pushing more Nanites into Van Kleiss' body. But Van Kleiss drained him of Nanites as punishment for doing so.

Breach is the E.V.O. in charge of transport. She can open portals anywhere. And she can open at least a dozen portals at once. And she has four arms. Two normal sized arms and two arms ending in gigantic hands. In one episode she opened a portal big enough to engulf Grenville Ohio but never released it from it's portal. She uses the whole city as a doll house. She hates it when someone messes up her "Doll House". She normally puts E.V.O.'s in the city and force them to fight each other.

Beowulf is Van Kleiss' second in command. He is completely and utterly loyal to him.

But wait there is another character!! The White Knight. The only person with NO Nanites in his body. He does not trust anyone that has Nanites (ironic because everything has Nanites), and believes that only HE can be trusted because anyone with Nanites can turn into E.V.O.'s at any second. When he first met Rex, White Knight and some other dudes tried to dissect him. To create machines that can cure E.V.O.'s. To his surprise ALL of Rex's Machine Forms activate subconsciously and simultaneously (at the exact same time). And threw the dissection equipment all over the place. In fact Rex even has a FULL E.V.O. FORM. Two FULL E.V.O. FORMS to be exact. One with the season one Machine Forms, and another when Rex used the Omega-1 Nanite. The Omega-1 Nanite is the Nanite to end all Nanites. It is the ULTIMATE Nanite. All of it's Machine Forms are at least ten times more powerful that his default powers.

Anyway, White Knight is the leader of Providence. But he is more like a anti-hero. If you do not know what a anti-hero is, it's a hero that most of the time does stuff that a villain would do. King Dedede from Kirby is a notable example. But everything bad he does turns out to be for the greater good. Like when he stole the Star Rod to seal away a super evil villain dude. And in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in the Adventure Mode, King Dedede kidnapped Luigi, Ness, and Peach (or Zelda. It depends on which Princess you rescue at the beginning of the game), turned them into Trophies and placed badges shaped like his own face, but turns out the badges made you immune to Tabu's Off Wave Attack, which can turn you into a Trophy in one second flat.

An example of White Knight's anti-heroism includes poisoning all of New York just to take down a single E.V.O.. Yet again, that E.V.O. did have Mind Control powers. But he was still going to poison the state. With poisonous gas. That can, and will, kill you within seconds. And another example was when a E.V.O. spread a plague that made everyone on the planet fall asleep (they had 60 hours to wake up before dying of thirst) he was only too happy to kill the E.V.O. even while Rex was curing him. And ANOTHER example is treating Rex like a weapon. He does not care about Rex. Or anyone. To him, Rex is nothing more than a soldier. He believes he is expendable. In he believes EVERYONE is expendable.

But, White Knight is normally confined to his office, because as he IS the only human with no Nanites, contact with Nanites will probably kill him. But he also has a combat/survival suit. Complete with a mecha. His office is also the only PLACE with no Nanites in it. Anything WITH Nanites that enters his office will feel a sudden burst of pain and the gravity around them will become strong enough to force you to the ground. On the lowest setting. On the highest setting you will be EVAPORATED.

Rex also has crush on Dr. Holiday, Providence's number One chief scientist. Her sister happens to be an E.V.O.. A giant spider, to be exact. That spider is so dangerous that they keep her in the Hold, a prison cell for E.V.O.'s. All the other E.V.O.'s are kept in the Petting Zoo. Either that or the Bug Jar. The Petting Zoo is where the animal E.V.O.'s go, while the Bug Jar is actually a city under quarantine. Because the biggest E.V.O. outbreak happened at the city and they surrounded it in a containment barrier. A energy barrier that you can pass through on the outside, but you are trapped there if you are on the inside. Unless you make a hole. But the hole will only last a few seconds. But the only thing that can make a hole in the barrier is a nuclear missile. Anyway Dr. Holiday also (just like Bobo Haha) is skilled with a gun.

And this show has a VIDEO GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's called Generator Rex: Agent of Providence. In it you can use ALL of the Machine forms that Rex has!!!!

In fact, here is a list of his forms.
  • Smack Hands - Rex's hands transform into giant mechanical fists. It also has a Combat Drill Mode where the Smack Hands become spinning drills, enabling the ability to burrow underground or simply to add extra power to a punch. He uses these in every episode in season one but starts to use the other Machine Forms starting with Season Two.
  • Big Fat Sword - Rex's entire arm turns into a giant, orange sword. It has a Battle Saw Mode where the tip of the blade turns into a buzz saw. He normally uses both of these to cut through tentacles (there are a LOT of E.V.O.'s with tentacles).
  • Punk Busters - Giant, orange, spiky boots appear where Rex's feet are. It has Super Kick, Super Stomp, and Super Jump.
  • Boogie Pack - A pair of wings with turbines that pop out of the back. It can launch missiles and Grappling Hooks. It also allows unlimited flight.
  • Rex Ride - Rex's legs combine into a hover-cycle (a motorcycle that hovers above the ground just a few inches). It allows Rex to move at high speed and has a Battering Ram Mode where the front end transformed into a Battering Ram, not only allowing the Rex Ride to move faster, but also allowing it to take a beating. Perfect for crashing into things!!!!!
  • Slam Cannon - A massive orange gun that is generated from either one of Rex's arms. One of by personal favorites, It can shoot whatever it loads at supremely fast speed. After a few shots it has to reload. It does so by having Rex pose it straight up so the rear end of the Slam Cannon can project a claw, which grabs and loads whatever is behind Rex.
  • Blast Caster - One of the Omega-1 Forms. Rex grows a giant tentacle with a energy conductor on his back, electrocuting you if you get grabbed by the whip.
  • Fun-chucks - Rex's hands turn into giant glowing nun-chucks. He can use them as if they are Smack Hands, plus it can launch energy pulses.
  • Bad Axes - Rex's arms turn into a pair of axes sharp enough to cut through Providence jets with one slice. Hence the name.
  • Block Party - this is the only Machine Form designed solely for defense. His hands turn into gloves that can project energy shields. 
  • Sky Slider - It took Rex four whole episodes to build this one. His legs combine into a hover-BOARD instead of a hover-cycle. It can fly through the air at high speed, even faster than the Boogie Pack.

Remember when I said the Rex can cure E.V.O.'s? This is how it's done. Rex absorbs the renegade Nanites making the person E.V.O. into his own body. There is a limit to how many Nanites he can carry in his body. Too many Nanites, and he gets covered in metallic lumps. This is painful, so whenever he reaches the limit he is to go to Paradise or another base and Off-Load the extra Nanites. The Off-Loaded Nanites are then disposed of in a containment chamber. But the bigger the E.V.O. the more Nanites the E.V.O. has. He once tried to cure a giant E.V.O. Godzilla sized, but he absorbed so many Nanites he lost consciousnesses, even before the curing was complete.

There was once a Generator Rex Ben 10 cross over. Mainly because both were made by Man of Action. Anyway, When Ben and Rex first met, Ben thought that Rex was a renegade alien (It's Ben's job to fight evil aliens. It's his thing. And he can turn into one of ten different aliens) and Rex thought that Ben was a E.V.O.. Rex tried to use his curing powers on Ben, but instead of curing him, he ended up putting some of his own Nanites into Ben!!!! Now Ben is officially Nanite infused. And Rex made a REALLY big mistake when he did that because Nanites do not exist in Ben's dimension, just like how they do not exist in the Dragon Realms (Spyro), Ninjago (NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitsu), Tatooine (Star Wars), Mushroom Kingdom (Mario), Planet Mobius (Sonic the Hedgehog), The Great Tree of Ga'Hoole (Legend of the Guardians), Unova (Pokemon), Dream Land (Kirby), New Vestroia (Bakugan), Skyloft (Legend of Zelda), Pac-World (Pac-Man), or Middle Earth (The Hobbit trilogy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy).

And they winding up teaming up against a guy called Alpha. Alone they don't even stand a chance when he infuses himself with Rex's Omega-1 Nanite, turning him into DUH DUH DUH!!!!! ALPHA OMEGA!!!!! Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet while Omega is the last letter. In fact the phrase Alpha Omega means Beginning and End.


Generator Rex: Agent of Providence
This is the cover for
 Generator Rex. Rex has his
Bad Axes in this picture.

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  1. By the way, the cover is from the game for Nintendo called "Generator Rex - Agent of Providence".
    Generator Rex is one of the best animated TV series ever, man. It's revolutionary. Download it from here.
    Generator Rex - Season 01 (TV Series)