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Monday, July 15, 2013

Wario Time!!!

This post is about the video game Game & Wario, part of the Wario Ware Inc. series!!!

Wario is a Mario character, but he has his own spin-off games. In those games he runs a company called Wario Ware Inc. (the Inc. is short for Incorporated).

Wario is similar to Mario, only shorter, and chubby. He cannot resist candy, and the only food he eats more than candy is garlic. He eats raw garlic every single day. But he also has a weakness for money. He will do anything to make more money.

And the plot of Game & Wario happily coincides with this weakness. Wario is watching TV in his house, flicking through channels, trying to find something to watch. But suddenly he stumbles upon a commercial for the Wii U system (Game & Wario is exclusive to the Wii U). Wario then sees a chance to make more money and says "I gotta make some games!" and starts designing the very game he is starring in.

And it gets even better!!! Wario's friends also saw the same advertisement and thought the exact same thing that Wario was doing. Only difference is that Wario is MAKING the game while he adds himself AND his friends into the game as the playable characters.

For example, 9-Volt and 18-Volt host the Gamer minigame, where you play as 9-Volt (or 18-Volt), who is playing video games way past his bed time (for 9-Volt) and trying to beat the world record for longest video game marathon (for 18-Volt). But if you play as 9-Volt, 5-Volt (9-Volt's mother) will pop in his room to make sure he is sleeping, NOT playing video games. She can check on 9-Volt by entering the room through the door, looking through the window and rarely she will appear on the TV. When 9-Volt describes the minigame to the player (thus breaking the fourth wall) he says that 5-Volt has a "evil stare". This might explain why whenever she looks at 9-Volt her eyes start glowing yellow. But she is technically not evil. She just makes sure that her son doesn't play his video game for hours and feels all groggy the next day from lack of sleep.

Here is the plot of Gamer. 9-Volt and 18-Volt are addicted to the Wii U system so badly that they couldn't bear to let go of the Gamepad. 5-Volt then takes away the controller. But that doesn't stop the two video game gurus at all. They start playing video games on a totally different system. Alas, 5-Volt tells 9-Volt to go to bed, but does he listen? Yes and No!!! Yes he went to bed, but No he didn't sleep. At ALL. He just keeps on playing video games. When the player beats the minigame, 5-Volt reveals that SHE played on the Wii U and even managed to beat her own son's high score.

But the minigame is a multitasking minigame. You have to play 9-Volt's video game AND pretend to be asleep whenever 5-Volt shows up. But 18-Volt doesn't have to worry about his mom showing up to ruin his fun. Because while 9-Volt is a kid, 18-Volt is a fully grown adult. That is irresponsible and cannot, under any circumstances, turn down the opportunity to play a video game.

Wario is the host of TWO minigames: Arrow and Pirates. In Arrow Wario is shooting robot invader drones with arrows (that, for some bizarre reason, look exactly like Wario's nose). He can even make the arrows sneeze, turning the arrow in question into a bomb that can go off at any second.

But in Pirates, Wario gets bored and is driving around Diamond City (where Wario and friends live) with his trademark Wario Bike (a motorcycle made for Wario, by Wario's good friend Dr. Crygor.). Then he finds a pirate costume and that gives him inspiration for the Pirates minigame. How he got the pirate costume is unknown. He could have either stolen it or bought it, Wario is 100% unpredictable. There is literally no telling what he will do next.

But the minigame is like this. Captain Wario (Wario's pirate alter-ego) is ordering pirates to launch arrows (the arrows are actually plungers) at the player. The player has to move the Wii U Gamepad in time with the music to block the arrows. Wario always tells the player from what position his minions are going to fire. Center, Left, Right, and Over. So you have to move the Wii U Gamepad to block the arrows based on which position they are launched. But whenever he says "Left!" or "Right!", he always uses the player's left/right, not his own. This is probably supposed to make the minigame easier.

Wario's good friend Dr. Crygor also hosts a minigame: Design. In this minigame, you get to build robots!!!!! But to build the robot, you have to draw shapes on the Gamepad (with the stylus OR your finger). But the shape has to be a certain length or width or diameter. The more accurate to SIZE of the shape, and the more PRECISE the shape is, more awesome the robot. Dr. Crygor will give a description based on how well you built the robot. Like if your robot was super accurate, Dr. Crygor will say "Your robot defines average," and if your robot was not even close to accurate, he will say "this is a waste of energy.".

And the funniest and whackiest minigame of all is Taxi. True to the name, you help Taxi drivers Dribble (a giant bipedal bulldog) and Spitz (a normal sized house cat) get potential Taxi customers to their destinations, but here is the whacky part: You also have to stop an alien invasion by shooting down UFO's with a bazooka. It makes you wonder why Dribble and Spitz even HAVE a bazooka. I mean, they are TAXI DRIVERS!!! What do they need a bazooka for!?!?! Maybe because this kind of situation happens to them frequently? After all, Dribble and Spitz did say that shooting UFO's was part of a day in the life of Dribble and Spitz. Either that, or they think that bazookas are handy to keep with you at all times.

But here is the plot and gameplay for this minigame. Dribble and Spitz are driving down route 56, and begin to fall asleep. When they wake up, they find a hitchhiker waiting on the side of the road. And BOOM!!!!! A UFO appears and abducts the person. Spitz then opens up the skylight and pulls out a bazooka. He tries to shoot it down (poking the bazooka out of the skylight), but the UFO escapes. Spitz then orders Dribble to pursue, and DOUBLE BOOM!!!! Epic car-to-UFO chase scene, with Spitz still trying to shoot down the UFO.

The UFO then leads Dribble and Spitz to a open field, where hundreds of UFO's are trying to abduct cattle and taxi customers alike. Then gameplay starts. To beat this minigame you must get taxi hitchhikers to their destination and shoot down UFO's trying to abduct potential customers. The TV shows the whole meadow from an areal view, while the Gamepad shows a first person perspective view. That means you are looking through the eyes of Dribble (when driving) or Spitz (when using the bazooka). I am not sure what happens when a UFO escapes, though you can imagine getting penalized somehow.

There is also a Kung Fu minigame. You have to help Young Cricket reach Master Mantis by having him jump from platform to platform. There is a time limit showing how Young Cricket can keep jumping until his hunger gets the best of him. You can land on dumplings and scrolls for more time, though.

But wait there is another cool minigame!!!! It's called Fruit. The player with the Gamepad selects a character and must steal fruit, but the players with the Wii Remotes must find the Gamepad player's character and take pictures of him stealing the fruit. But the Gamepad player has an advantage. He can hide behind buildings to avoid detection, and do the same with cars and buses. And can blend in with crowds, making getting a good picture of the crime difficult because you have to make sure that the person committing the crime is visible but also make sure that the person in question is HOLDING the stolen item. If the thief steals the target amount of fruit (the character will tell you how much fruit is needed with this quote: "I'll steal <number and name of target fruit> right under your noses!!! And leave one behind....". But if the Wii Remote players, the Agents as they are called, get enough pictures of him committing the crime, then THEY win.\\

This minigame is similar to the Clutter minigame, but instead of taking pictures of a crime in progress, you have to take pictures of NPC's. But each one does an activity. Some might drive their car around, others will stay inside reading a book. The better the picture, the more points you get. But if the person's eyes are closed, BOOM!!!! You get half as much credit!!!! So you have to wait until the person's eyes are open.

Another minigame is Sketch. Draw a picture so that Orbulan the Alien can learn more about Earth. In muiltiplayer mode, one player draws a picture and the other players have to guess what the picture is.

And there's Ski. In Ski, Jimmy T. is going skiing, as skiing is the quickest way to the disco club that Jimmy T. is almost late for. There are two modes, one where Jimmy races against time to reach the disco club, and the other is where Jimmy has to guide a group of Skiers and a bear (that's right. A bear. Nothing special about him though. He is just your normal, everyday, straight to the point, bear. A Black Bear to be exact.) to the Disco Club. The bigger the group, the bigger the party when you cross the finish line.

And another minigame is Patchwork. In it, Wario's friends Kat and Ana (two little girls. With NINJA SWORDS!!!!!!) are solving a homemade puzzle they made themselves.

Another minigame is called Bowling. In it, all of the characters in the game turn into bowling pin versions of themselves. The player can then start bowling. Just use the Gamepad to guide the ball to he pins.

Another minigame is called Ashley. In it, you play as a witch named Ashley. Or a wizard. Whatever. Anyway, here's the plot of the minigame. Ashley is reading a book, and then sees a horror themed page in it. She is delighted by the sight of it and casts a spell to put herself in that page. Unfortunately the wind blows the page over and she gets trapped in the page. But the page shows a bunch of candy. And Ashley wants out of the page A.S.A.P. (As Soon As Possible). To beat this minigame Ashley needs to fly (courtesy of a flying broomstick) from one end of the Page to the other. Ashley is invincible but when she gets hit by something, the player will have to use the stylus (or finger) to pat her head to make her feel better. But there are enemies too. But the good news is Ashley can use her wizard/witch (whatever) powers to shoot lasers out of her hand.

 The second to last minigame is Disco. The host of this dance party is Mike. A Robotic DJ!!!! In this minigame, one player makes a music attack, while the other player tries to replicate it to defend. It keeps on going until either YOUR dancer or the enemy dancer makes a mistake.

And now the FINAL minigame: Islands!!!!! In this minigame, two players launch creatures called Fronks. They say on the website that "it's hard being a Fronk." Fronks come in hundreds of colors, but the Yellow subspecies is the most common. In fact, the yellow Fronks appear in Taxi, riding a hot air balloon. If shot down and delivered to the shelter (any time the UFO's try to abduct animals Dribble and Spitz must take them to the shelter on every stage. The rarer the animal, the more points rewarded), he gives a whopping 500 points to your total.

This minigame is like a dart throwing game. Somewhat. Anyway, You use a slingshot to launch at least a dozen (at most a hundred) Fronks on a island. Where the Fronks land determines the points you get. After five launches from both players, the player with the most points wins. One can imagine that the Fronks are actually feeling a little pain, because they always land on their face.


This is Taxi. Please notice the UFO. Click to enlarge so you
can see the taxi and other UFO.

File:WiiU GameandWario Disco.png
This is Disco. The blue dude on the left is using a music attack.

File:Uae1fKLIJ Xv-tUm0YBcdbch4B1docBX.jpg
This is Arrow. Please notice the giant
robot with Wario's face.

File:WiiU GameandWario Gamer.png
This is Gamer. Please notice 5-Volt in the window. Also please
notice how 9-Volt is wearing a helmet before going to bed.
That is weird. Who would wear a helmet to sleep in?

This is Jimmy T. in Ski. Hey, I made a rhyme!!!!

These two are Kat and Ana. Kat is the one with her sword out.

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