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Friday, July 19, 2013

Ultimate Ratchet & Clank Time!!!

What do you get when you cross Me with a new totally awesome Ratchet & Clank game? Me writing this very post. Why? Because it's there.

This post is actually about TWO Ratchet & Clank games: Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, and Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus.

I will start with Full Frontal Assault.
Captain Quark is no longer President. He lost the election for the second term. And now he is trying to do what he does best. Fighting intergalactic crime, and telling the whole story of it to someone, albeit greatly exaggerated. Like the time where he claimed to have fought a giant mechanical dragon and managed to make himself just as big as the robotic dragon. Anyway, to entertain a bored Quark, Clank tells him that there are "rogue cleaner bots" in the engine room. This was not entirely true. There WAS cleaner bots in the engine room of Quark's ship, the Starship Phoenix II, but not a single one even thought about going rogue. But the good news is that this is tutorial, that allows you to learn how to fight WITHOUT a gun. Unfortunately, when they get back from cleaner bot smashing, BOOM!!!!! A mysterious villain shows up and threatens to shut down the Planetary Defenses of every planet in the galaxy. Good news is that he only managed to shut down the Private Sector, where the whole game takes place.

Bad News is that if he so much as sees a police officer TRY to restore the defenses, he WILL shut down the galaxy. So Quark reassembles the "Q-Force". It's a team that Quark founded to take care of crime. The only member that ACTUALLY FIGHTS criminals is Ratchet (and, occasionally Clank).

So this is what the player does. First they have to activate as many weapon pods as they can. Weapon Pods give you shiny new guns to use. Or flamethrowers. Or ice-throwers. Or bazookas. Or hundreds of other weapons. Anyway, once you do that, THEN you have to fight your way through a heavily guarded Enemy base and activate the Key Nodes. After that, you have to go even DEEPER behind enemy lines and activate the Planetary Defense Center. After that you must prepare for a final confrontation with the enemy. You do so by placing traps throughout the YOUR base. Like turrets and land mines.

After you are done preparing, you must reactivate the Defenses, therefore removing the Grungarians invading. But it takes a VERY long time for that to happen, enough time to endure a large scale assault. You have to make sure at least ONE generator is still standing.

Once you take back the first planet, that mysterious villain reveals himself to be Quark's ex-biggest fan. according to Quark, he wrote "disturbing fan-fiction". But that was for the sake of humor. Anyway, he wants revenge on Quark for being involved in major disasters.

And after that you must go to the next planet and do the exact same thing, only in a completely different environment. And you do this on the third planet, and BOOM!!!! The Plumber (one of the many crew members of Starship Phoenix II) calls for help restoring his ship. But when they do this, they realize that the Plumber was never on board the ship, it was the fan boy in disguise!!! Holo-guise to be exact!!! It surrounds you in a hologram, making you look exactly like the person you are mimicking. Anyway, the fan boy (named Zurgo) then sets the Hidden City of Balkai to be trapped in a endless and super snowy winter. So the Q-force restore the weather controls and turn off a snow twister.

And finally the Q-Force challenge Zurgo in his Lair of Doom. But first they must deactivate some bombs. And now they must come face-to-face with Zurgo's GIANT ROBOT!!! The only thing more awesome than a GIANT ROBOT is a A AWESOME HEAVILY ARMORED BATTLE TANK!!!! Man I wish I had one of those!!!! Anyway, after defeating Zurgo, the Q-Force try to arrest him, but Quark accidentally throws Zurgo off a bridge.

And now for Into the Nexus. As this game is not out yet, I have little info on it. But this is the info I do have.

Ratchet & Clank are escorting a pair of SUPER EVIL TWIN CRIMINALS, When suddenly they brake out with assistance from Thugs-4-Less, a group of Thugs (that Ratchet fights. A LOT). The game has the same humor that any Ratchet & Clank game has, but is MUCH, much, much, much, more scary with a scary theme, like a scene where Ratchet is caught in an explosion and is flying through space with only 1% of a chance for survival and you are still playing as him as this is not a cutscene. But the good news is that Ratchet has gravity boots and with them he can hop from space debris to space debris and get onto the enemy ship and fight his way to the command bridge. Or so I can imagine. I am not sure what happens right after that, but I do know that this game is the FINAL CHAPTER IN THE RATCHET & CLANK SAGA!!!!!!! Unless of course their is a cliff-hanger scene at the end of the game that makes a secret game possible.

The last bit of info is that later on in the game, a major catastrophe happens that threatens to destroy the whole universe and Ratchet has to decide on what is REALLY important. What the choices are I do not know. What the consequences are I also do not know. But I do know that the game has a LOT of gravity themed puzzles, in fact some weapons can manipulate gravity.


this is what Ratchet looks like
from Ratchet & Clank Future

This is Clank, holding a Chrono-
sceptor, a weapon that can control time

Qwark ACiT
Captain Quark. With a laser
gun. He loves laser guns. A
LOT. So much that one might
consider him trigger happy. Very
trigger happy.

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