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Friday, July 19, 2013

Ultimate Ratchet & Clank Time!!!

What do you get when you cross Me with a new totally awesome Ratchet & Clank game? Me writing this very post. Why? Because it's there.

This post is actually about TWO Ratchet & Clank games: Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, and Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus.

I will start with Full Frontal Assault.
Captain Quark is no longer President. He lost the election for the second term. And now he is trying to do what he does best. Fighting intergalactic crime, and telling the whole story of it to someone, albeit greatly exaggerated. Like the time where he claimed to have fought a giant mechanical dragon and managed to make himself just as big as the robotic dragon. Anyway, to entertain a bored Quark, Clank tells him that there are "rogue cleaner bots" in the engine room. This was not entirely true. There WAS cleaner bots in the engine room of Quark's ship, the Starship Phoenix II, but not a single one even thought about going rogue. But the good news is that this is tutorial, that allows you to learn how to fight WITHOUT a gun. Unfortunately, when they get back from cleaner bot smashing, BOOM!!!!! A mysterious villain shows up and threatens to shut down the Planetary Defenses of every planet in the galaxy. Good news is that he only managed to shut down the Private Sector, where the whole game takes place.

Bad News is that if he so much as sees a police officer TRY to restore the defenses, he WILL shut down the galaxy. So Quark reassembles the "Q-Force". It's a team that Quark founded to take care of crime. The only member that ACTUALLY FIGHTS criminals is Ratchet (and, occasionally Clank).

So this is what the player does. First they have to activate as many weapon pods as they can. Weapon Pods give you shiny new guns to use. Or flamethrowers. Or ice-throwers. Or bazookas. Or hundreds of other weapons. Anyway, once you do that, THEN you have to fight your way through a heavily guarded Enemy base and activate the Key Nodes. After that, you have to go even DEEPER behind enemy lines and activate the Planetary Defense Center. After that you must prepare for a final confrontation with the enemy. You do so by placing traps throughout the YOUR base. Like turrets and land mines.

After you are done preparing, you must reactivate the Defenses, therefore removing the Grungarians invading. But it takes a VERY long time for that to happen, enough time to endure a large scale assault. You have to make sure at least ONE generator is still standing.

Once you take back the first planet, that mysterious villain reveals himself to be Quark's ex-biggest fan. according to Quark, he wrote "disturbing fan-fiction". But that was for the sake of humor. Anyway, he wants revenge on Quark for being involved in major disasters.

And after that you must go to the next planet and do the exact same thing, only in a completely different environment. And you do this on the third planet, and BOOM!!!! The Plumber (one of the many crew members of Starship Phoenix II) calls for help restoring his ship. But when they do this, they realize that the Plumber was never on board the ship, it was the fan boy in disguise!!! Holo-guise to be exact!!! It surrounds you in a hologram, making you look exactly like the person you are mimicking. Anyway, the fan boy (named Zurgo) then sets the Hidden City of Balkai to be trapped in a endless and super snowy winter. So the Q-force restore the weather controls and turn off a snow twister.

And finally the Q-Force challenge Zurgo in his Lair of Doom. But first they must deactivate some bombs. And now they must come face-to-face with Zurgo's GIANT ROBOT!!! The only thing more awesome than a GIANT ROBOT is a A AWESOME HEAVILY ARMORED BATTLE TANK!!!! Man I wish I had one of those!!!! Anyway, after defeating Zurgo, the Q-Force try to arrest him, but Quark accidentally throws Zurgo off a bridge.

And now for Into the Nexus. As this game is not out yet, I have little info on it. But this is the info I do have.

Ratchet & Clank are escorting a pair of SUPER EVIL TWIN CRIMINALS, When suddenly they brake out with assistance from Thugs-4-Less, a group of Thugs (that Ratchet fights. A LOT). The game has the same humor that any Ratchet & Clank game has, but is MUCH, much, much, much, more scary with a scary theme, like a scene where Ratchet is caught in an explosion and is flying through space with only 1% of a chance for survival and you are still playing as him as this is not a cutscene. But the good news is that Ratchet has gravity boots and with them he can hop from space debris to space debris and get onto the enemy ship and fight his way to the command bridge. Or so I can imagine. I am not sure what happens right after that, but I do know that this game is the FINAL CHAPTER IN THE RATCHET & CLANK SAGA!!!!!!! Unless of course their is a cliff-hanger scene at the end of the game that makes a secret game possible.

The last bit of info is that later on in the game, a major catastrophe happens that threatens to destroy the whole universe and Ratchet has to decide on what is REALLY important. What the choices are I do not know. What the consequences are I also do not know. But I do know that the game has a LOT of gravity themed puzzles, in fact some weapons can manipulate gravity.


this is what Ratchet looks like
from Ratchet & Clank Future

This is Clank, holding a Chrono-
sceptor, a weapon that can control time

Qwark ACiT
Captain Quark. With a laser
gun. He loves laser guns. A
LOT. So much that one might
consider him trigger happy. Very
trigger happy.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Generator Rex Time!!!!

I did a blog before the day of this post so I'm going to do another post!!! Generator Rex!!!!!

Generator Rex is this awesome show I watch (among others including but not limited to: The Aquabats Super Show, Ben 10, Ultimate Spider Man, etc.). It's mostly about these microscopic machines called Nanites. Every living organism has at least a thousand Nanites in their blood stream. Though that would not happen if the Nanite Event had not occurred five years before the events of the show. Because an epic explosion jettisoned trillions of Nanites into the air, later to be absorbed by the population of Earth.

Anyway, sometimes the Nanites would enter an active state, altering the host in the process. The most common alteration is transforming into a hideous monster that only knows one thing: Smash everything in sight. But some victims, called E.V.O.'s, do not transform but instead gain superpowers. Most notably Rex. He is the ULTIMATE E.V.O..

Why? Because he can literally take away the powers of other E.V.O.'s by touching them with his hand. This normally transforms the E.V.O. in question back into a normal human. Or animal.

But that is not his only power. He also can communicate with and control machines. And he has several Machine Forms. The only one he uses in every episode is the Smack Hands, giant mechanical versions of his hands. They give him super strength and super punches. Then there's his Sword, where his arm transforms into a giant blade that can be transformed into a buzz saw. And one of my favorites is the Slam Cannon, where his arm transforms into a bazooka that makes cannonballs out of whatever the Slam Cannons claw can grab. The claw is on the end opposite of the barrel.

But Rex does not fight E.V.O.'s by himself. He has a "gruff, but lovable" talking monkey sidekick named Bobo Haha. He says really whacky stuff.. Like when giant metal eating E.V.O.'s invade Beijing, China, Bobo Haha tells a dozen Providence (an organization Rex and Bobo work for. They make sure E.V.O.'s don't get out of hand) "Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the Broiler (pulls out a large gun). Your Broiler is your friend. Learn the Broiler. Love the Broiler.".

And another Providence Agent is Agent Six. He is like a ninja. He is insanely acrobatic, has a pair of awesome swords that can combine into a sword sized magnet, wears a green tuxedo, and is the one responsible for everything Rex does.

But here is a really spicy fact. Rex has amnesia. He remembers NOTHING about his past. Like how he is technically the very first E.V.O.. You see, when Rex was a kid, BOOM!!!! Industrial accident left him fatally wounded!!! But by injecting the very first Nanites into him, DOUBLE BOOM!!! He survived injuries that would have killed anyone else in a day. But the Nanites gave him extraordinary abilities. First came the ability to manipulate technology, and later on he developed the power to cure other E.V.O.'s. And his most recent power is his Machine Forms.

But every show must have a villain. And this show's villain is Van Kleiss. He is similar to Rex, but instead of Curing E.V.O.'s he can create them. And can suck the Nanites out of other E.V.O.'s. Because he is unstable and needs a constant supply of Nanites to keep himself alive. All his Nanite drained victims become statues placed in his garden. But there are E.V.O.'s that work for him that he DOES not drain. These guys are known as the Pack. Members include Beowulf, Skalamander, Breach, and a unnamed wolf E.V.O. that accidentally cut the tubes pushing more Nanites into Van Kleiss' body. But Van Kleiss drained him of Nanites as punishment for doing so.

Breach is the E.V.O. in charge of transport. She can open portals anywhere. And she can open at least a dozen portals at once. And she has four arms. Two normal sized arms and two arms ending in gigantic hands. In one episode she opened a portal big enough to engulf Grenville Ohio but never released it from it's portal. She uses the whole city as a doll house. She hates it when someone messes up her "Doll House". She normally puts E.V.O.'s in the city and force them to fight each other.

Beowulf is Van Kleiss' second in command. He is completely and utterly loyal to him.

But wait there is another character!! The White Knight. The only person with NO Nanites in his body. He does not trust anyone that has Nanites (ironic because everything has Nanites), and believes that only HE can be trusted because anyone with Nanites can turn into E.V.O.'s at any second. When he first met Rex, White Knight and some other dudes tried to dissect him. To create machines that can cure E.V.O.'s. To his surprise ALL of Rex's Machine Forms activate subconsciously and simultaneously (at the exact same time). And threw the dissection equipment all over the place. In fact Rex even has a FULL E.V.O. FORM. Two FULL E.V.O. FORMS to be exact. One with the season one Machine Forms, and another when Rex used the Omega-1 Nanite. The Omega-1 Nanite is the Nanite to end all Nanites. It is the ULTIMATE Nanite. All of it's Machine Forms are at least ten times more powerful that his default powers.

Anyway, White Knight is the leader of Providence. But he is more like a anti-hero. If you do not know what a anti-hero is, it's a hero that most of the time does stuff that a villain would do. King Dedede from Kirby is a notable example. But everything bad he does turns out to be for the greater good. Like when he stole the Star Rod to seal away a super evil villain dude. And in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in the Adventure Mode, King Dedede kidnapped Luigi, Ness, and Peach (or Zelda. It depends on which Princess you rescue at the beginning of the game), turned them into Trophies and placed badges shaped like his own face, but turns out the badges made you immune to Tabu's Off Wave Attack, which can turn you into a Trophy in one second flat.

An example of White Knight's anti-heroism includes poisoning all of New York just to take down a single E.V.O.. Yet again, that E.V.O. did have Mind Control powers. But he was still going to poison the state. With poisonous gas. That can, and will, kill you within seconds. And another example was when a E.V.O. spread a plague that made everyone on the planet fall asleep (they had 60 hours to wake up before dying of thirst) he was only too happy to kill the E.V.O. even while Rex was curing him. And ANOTHER example is treating Rex like a weapon. He does not care about Rex. Or anyone. To him, Rex is nothing more than a soldier. He believes he is expendable. In he believes EVERYONE is expendable.

But, White Knight is normally confined to his office, because as he IS the only human with no Nanites, contact with Nanites will probably kill him. But he also has a combat/survival suit. Complete with a mecha. His office is also the only PLACE with no Nanites in it. Anything WITH Nanites that enters his office will feel a sudden burst of pain and the gravity around them will become strong enough to force you to the ground. On the lowest setting. On the highest setting you will be EVAPORATED.

Rex also has crush on Dr. Holiday, Providence's number One chief scientist. Her sister happens to be an E.V.O.. A giant spider, to be exact. That spider is so dangerous that they keep her in the Hold, a prison cell for E.V.O.'s. All the other E.V.O.'s are kept in the Petting Zoo. Either that or the Bug Jar. The Petting Zoo is where the animal E.V.O.'s go, while the Bug Jar is actually a city under quarantine. Because the biggest E.V.O. outbreak happened at the city and they surrounded it in a containment barrier. A energy barrier that you can pass through on the outside, but you are trapped there if you are on the inside. Unless you make a hole. But the hole will only last a few seconds. But the only thing that can make a hole in the barrier is a nuclear missile. Anyway Dr. Holiday also (just like Bobo Haha) is skilled with a gun.

And this show has a VIDEO GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's called Generator Rex: Agent of Providence. In it you can use ALL of the Machine forms that Rex has!!!!

In fact, here is a list of his forms.
  • Smack Hands - Rex's hands transform into giant mechanical fists. It also has a Combat Drill Mode where the Smack Hands become spinning drills, enabling the ability to burrow underground or simply to add extra power to a punch. He uses these in every episode in season one but starts to use the other Machine Forms starting with Season Two.
  • Big Fat Sword - Rex's entire arm turns into a giant, orange sword. It has a Battle Saw Mode where the tip of the blade turns into a buzz saw. He normally uses both of these to cut through tentacles (there are a LOT of E.V.O.'s with tentacles).
  • Punk Busters - Giant, orange, spiky boots appear where Rex's feet are. It has Super Kick, Super Stomp, and Super Jump.
  • Boogie Pack - A pair of wings with turbines that pop out of the back. It can launch missiles and Grappling Hooks. It also allows unlimited flight.
  • Rex Ride - Rex's legs combine into a hover-cycle (a motorcycle that hovers above the ground just a few inches). It allows Rex to move at high speed and has a Battering Ram Mode where the front end transformed into a Battering Ram, not only allowing the Rex Ride to move faster, but also allowing it to take a beating. Perfect for crashing into things!!!!!
  • Slam Cannon - A massive orange gun that is generated from either one of Rex's arms. One of by personal favorites, It can shoot whatever it loads at supremely fast speed. After a few shots it has to reload. It does so by having Rex pose it straight up so the rear end of the Slam Cannon can project a claw, which grabs and loads whatever is behind Rex.
  • Blast Caster - One of the Omega-1 Forms. Rex grows a giant tentacle with a energy conductor on his back, electrocuting you if you get grabbed by the whip.
  • Fun-chucks - Rex's hands turn into giant glowing nun-chucks. He can use them as if they are Smack Hands, plus it can launch energy pulses.
  • Bad Axes - Rex's arms turn into a pair of axes sharp enough to cut through Providence jets with one slice. Hence the name.
  • Block Party - this is the only Machine Form designed solely for defense. His hands turn into gloves that can project energy shields. 
  • Sky Slider - It took Rex four whole episodes to build this one. His legs combine into a hover-BOARD instead of a hover-cycle. It can fly through the air at high speed, even faster than the Boogie Pack.

Remember when I said the Rex can cure E.V.O.'s? This is how it's done. Rex absorbs the renegade Nanites making the person E.V.O. into his own body. There is a limit to how many Nanites he can carry in his body. Too many Nanites, and he gets covered in metallic lumps. This is painful, so whenever he reaches the limit he is to go to Paradise or another base and Off-Load the extra Nanites. The Off-Loaded Nanites are then disposed of in a containment chamber. But the bigger the E.V.O. the more Nanites the E.V.O. has. He once tried to cure a giant E.V.O. Godzilla sized, but he absorbed so many Nanites he lost consciousnesses, even before the curing was complete.

There was once a Generator Rex Ben 10 cross over. Mainly because both were made by Man of Action. Anyway, When Ben and Rex first met, Ben thought that Rex was a renegade alien (It's Ben's job to fight evil aliens. It's his thing. And he can turn into one of ten different aliens) and Rex thought that Ben was a E.V.O.. Rex tried to use his curing powers on Ben, but instead of curing him, he ended up putting some of his own Nanites into Ben!!!! Now Ben is officially Nanite infused. And Rex made a REALLY big mistake when he did that because Nanites do not exist in Ben's dimension, just like how they do not exist in the Dragon Realms (Spyro), Ninjago (NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitsu), Tatooine (Star Wars), Mushroom Kingdom (Mario), Planet Mobius (Sonic the Hedgehog), The Great Tree of Ga'Hoole (Legend of the Guardians), Unova (Pokemon), Dream Land (Kirby), New Vestroia (Bakugan), Skyloft (Legend of Zelda), Pac-World (Pac-Man), or Middle Earth (The Hobbit trilogy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy).

And they winding up teaming up against a guy called Alpha. Alone they don't even stand a chance when he infuses himself with Rex's Omega-1 Nanite, turning him into DUH DUH DUH!!!!! ALPHA OMEGA!!!!! Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet while Omega is the last letter. In fact the phrase Alpha Omega means Beginning and End.


Generator Rex: Agent of Providence
This is the cover for
 Generator Rex. Rex has his
Bad Axes in this picture.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wario Time!!!

This post is about the video game Game & Wario, part of the Wario Ware Inc. series!!!

Wario is a Mario character, but he has his own spin-off games. In those games he runs a company called Wario Ware Inc. (the Inc. is short for Incorporated).

Wario is similar to Mario, only shorter, and chubby. He cannot resist candy, and the only food he eats more than candy is garlic. He eats raw garlic every single day. But he also has a weakness for money. He will do anything to make more money.

And the plot of Game & Wario happily coincides with this weakness. Wario is watching TV in his house, flicking through channels, trying to find something to watch. But suddenly he stumbles upon a commercial for the Wii U system (Game & Wario is exclusive to the Wii U). Wario then sees a chance to make more money and says "I gotta make some games!" and starts designing the very game he is starring in.

And it gets even better!!! Wario's friends also saw the same advertisement and thought the exact same thing that Wario was doing. Only difference is that Wario is MAKING the game while he adds himself AND his friends into the game as the playable characters.

For example, 9-Volt and 18-Volt host the Gamer minigame, where you play as 9-Volt (or 18-Volt), who is playing video games way past his bed time (for 9-Volt) and trying to beat the world record for longest video game marathon (for 18-Volt). But if you play as 9-Volt, 5-Volt (9-Volt's mother) will pop in his room to make sure he is sleeping, NOT playing video games. She can check on 9-Volt by entering the room through the door, looking through the window and rarely she will appear on the TV. When 9-Volt describes the minigame to the player (thus breaking the fourth wall) he says that 5-Volt has a "evil stare". This might explain why whenever she looks at 9-Volt her eyes start glowing yellow. But she is technically not evil. She just makes sure that her son doesn't play his video game for hours and feels all groggy the next day from lack of sleep.

Here is the plot of Gamer. 9-Volt and 18-Volt are addicted to the Wii U system so badly that they couldn't bear to let go of the Gamepad. 5-Volt then takes away the controller. But that doesn't stop the two video game gurus at all. They start playing video games on a totally different system. Alas, 5-Volt tells 9-Volt to go to bed, but does he listen? Yes and No!!! Yes he went to bed, but No he didn't sleep. At ALL. He just keeps on playing video games. When the player beats the minigame, 5-Volt reveals that SHE played on the Wii U and even managed to beat her own son's high score.

But the minigame is a multitasking minigame. You have to play 9-Volt's video game AND pretend to be asleep whenever 5-Volt shows up. But 18-Volt doesn't have to worry about his mom showing up to ruin his fun. Because while 9-Volt is a kid, 18-Volt is a fully grown adult. That is irresponsible and cannot, under any circumstances, turn down the opportunity to play a video game.

Wario is the host of TWO minigames: Arrow and Pirates. In Arrow Wario is shooting robot invader drones with arrows (that, for some bizarre reason, look exactly like Wario's nose). He can even make the arrows sneeze, turning the arrow in question into a bomb that can go off at any second.

But in Pirates, Wario gets bored and is driving around Diamond City (where Wario and friends live) with his trademark Wario Bike (a motorcycle made for Wario, by Wario's good friend Dr. Crygor.). Then he finds a pirate costume and that gives him inspiration for the Pirates minigame. How he got the pirate costume is unknown. He could have either stolen it or bought it, Wario is 100% unpredictable. There is literally no telling what he will do next.

But the minigame is like this. Captain Wario (Wario's pirate alter-ego) is ordering pirates to launch arrows (the arrows are actually plungers) at the player. The player has to move the Wii U Gamepad in time with the music to block the arrows. Wario always tells the player from what position his minions are going to fire. Center, Left, Right, and Over. So you have to move the Wii U Gamepad to block the arrows based on which position they are launched. But whenever he says "Left!" or "Right!", he always uses the player's left/right, not his own. This is probably supposed to make the minigame easier.

Wario's good friend Dr. Crygor also hosts a minigame: Design. In this minigame, you get to build robots!!!!! But to build the robot, you have to draw shapes on the Gamepad (with the stylus OR your finger). But the shape has to be a certain length or width or diameter. The more accurate to SIZE of the shape, and the more PRECISE the shape is, more awesome the robot. Dr. Crygor will give a description based on how well you built the robot. Like if your robot was super accurate, Dr. Crygor will say "Your robot defines average," and if your robot was not even close to accurate, he will say "this is a waste of energy.".

And the funniest and whackiest minigame of all is Taxi. True to the name, you help Taxi drivers Dribble (a giant bipedal bulldog) and Spitz (a normal sized house cat) get potential Taxi customers to their destinations, but here is the whacky part: You also have to stop an alien invasion by shooting down UFO's with a bazooka. It makes you wonder why Dribble and Spitz even HAVE a bazooka. I mean, they are TAXI DRIVERS!!! What do they need a bazooka for!?!?! Maybe because this kind of situation happens to them frequently? After all, Dribble and Spitz did say that shooting UFO's was part of a day in the life of Dribble and Spitz. Either that, or they think that bazookas are handy to keep with you at all times.

But here is the plot and gameplay for this minigame. Dribble and Spitz are driving down route 56, and begin to fall asleep. When they wake up, they find a hitchhiker waiting on the side of the road. And BOOM!!!!! A UFO appears and abducts the person. Spitz then opens up the skylight and pulls out a bazooka. He tries to shoot it down (poking the bazooka out of the skylight), but the UFO escapes. Spitz then orders Dribble to pursue, and DOUBLE BOOM!!!! Epic car-to-UFO chase scene, with Spitz still trying to shoot down the UFO.

The UFO then leads Dribble and Spitz to a open field, where hundreds of UFO's are trying to abduct cattle and taxi customers alike. Then gameplay starts. To beat this minigame you must get taxi hitchhikers to their destination and shoot down UFO's trying to abduct potential customers. The TV shows the whole meadow from an areal view, while the Gamepad shows a first person perspective view. That means you are looking through the eyes of Dribble (when driving) or Spitz (when using the bazooka). I am not sure what happens when a UFO escapes, though you can imagine getting penalized somehow.

There is also a Kung Fu minigame. You have to help Young Cricket reach Master Mantis by having him jump from platform to platform. There is a time limit showing how Young Cricket can keep jumping until his hunger gets the best of him. You can land on dumplings and scrolls for more time, though.

But wait there is another cool minigame!!!! It's called Fruit. The player with the Gamepad selects a character and must steal fruit, but the players with the Wii Remotes must find the Gamepad player's character and take pictures of him stealing the fruit. But the Gamepad player has an advantage. He can hide behind buildings to avoid detection, and do the same with cars and buses. And can blend in with crowds, making getting a good picture of the crime difficult because you have to make sure that the person committing the crime is visible but also make sure that the person in question is HOLDING the stolen item. If the thief steals the target amount of fruit (the character will tell you how much fruit is needed with this quote: "I'll steal <number and name of target fruit> right under your noses!!! And leave one behind....". But if the Wii Remote players, the Agents as they are called, get enough pictures of him committing the crime, then THEY win.\\

This minigame is similar to the Clutter minigame, but instead of taking pictures of a crime in progress, you have to take pictures of NPC's. But each one does an activity. Some might drive their car around, others will stay inside reading a book. The better the picture, the more points you get. But if the person's eyes are closed, BOOM!!!! You get half as much credit!!!! So you have to wait until the person's eyes are open.

Another minigame is Sketch. Draw a picture so that Orbulan the Alien can learn more about Earth. In muiltiplayer mode, one player draws a picture and the other players have to guess what the picture is.

And there's Ski. In Ski, Jimmy T. is going skiing, as skiing is the quickest way to the disco club that Jimmy T. is almost late for. There are two modes, one where Jimmy races against time to reach the disco club, and the other is where Jimmy has to guide a group of Skiers and a bear (that's right. A bear. Nothing special about him though. He is just your normal, everyday, straight to the point, bear. A Black Bear to be exact.) to the Disco Club. The bigger the group, the bigger the party when you cross the finish line.

And another minigame is Patchwork. In it, Wario's friends Kat and Ana (two little girls. With NINJA SWORDS!!!!!!) are solving a homemade puzzle they made themselves.

Another minigame is called Bowling. In it, all of the characters in the game turn into bowling pin versions of themselves. The player can then start bowling. Just use the Gamepad to guide the ball to he pins.

Another minigame is called Ashley. In it, you play as a witch named Ashley. Or a wizard. Whatever. Anyway, here's the plot of the minigame. Ashley is reading a book, and then sees a horror themed page in it. She is delighted by the sight of it and casts a spell to put herself in that page. Unfortunately the wind blows the page over and she gets trapped in the page. But the page shows a bunch of candy. And Ashley wants out of the page A.S.A.P. (As Soon As Possible). To beat this minigame Ashley needs to fly (courtesy of a flying broomstick) from one end of the Page to the other. Ashley is invincible but when she gets hit by something, the player will have to use the stylus (or finger) to pat her head to make her feel better. But there are enemies too. But the good news is Ashley can use her wizard/witch (whatever) powers to shoot lasers out of her hand.

 The second to last minigame is Disco. The host of this dance party is Mike. A Robotic DJ!!!! In this minigame, one player makes a music attack, while the other player tries to replicate it to defend. It keeps on going until either YOUR dancer or the enemy dancer makes a mistake.

And now the FINAL minigame: Islands!!!!! In this minigame, two players launch creatures called Fronks. They say on the website that "it's hard being a Fronk." Fronks come in hundreds of colors, but the Yellow subspecies is the most common. In fact, the yellow Fronks appear in Taxi, riding a hot air balloon. If shot down and delivered to the shelter (any time the UFO's try to abduct animals Dribble and Spitz must take them to the shelter on every stage. The rarer the animal, the more points rewarded), he gives a whopping 500 points to your total.

This minigame is like a dart throwing game. Somewhat. Anyway, You use a slingshot to launch at least a dozen (at most a hundred) Fronks on a island. Where the Fronks land determines the points you get. After five launches from both players, the player with the most points wins. One can imagine that the Fronks are actually feeling a little pain, because they always land on their face.


This is Taxi. Please notice the UFO. Click to enlarge so you
can see the taxi and other UFO.

File:WiiU GameandWario Disco.png
This is Disco. The blue dude on the left is using a music attack.

File:Uae1fKLIJ Xv-tUm0YBcdbch4B1docBX.jpg
This is Arrow. Please notice the giant
robot with Wario's face.

File:WiiU GameandWario Gamer.png
This is Gamer. Please notice 5-Volt in the window. Also please
notice how 9-Volt is wearing a helmet before going to bed.
That is weird. Who would wear a helmet to sleep in?

This is Jimmy T. in Ski. Hey, I made a rhyme!!!!

These two are Kat and Ana. Kat is the one with her sword out.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spyro Time!!!!!!

This post is NOT about Skylanders, but rather, the most awesome Skylander of all: Spyro the Dragon!!!!

Spyro did not first appear in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, but actually first appeared in the game Spyro the Dragon (video game). That game is truly epic!!! In that game, Spyro could not fly because he may be a dragon, but he is too young for full on flight. However, there are Speedway levels that grant the power of flight. But he can breathe fire. And can charge, ramming his horns against whatever is in his path, breaking it in the process. Unless of course the object in question is bigger than Spyro, in that case nothing happens.

In Spyro the Dragon, One of the one hundred dragons is getting interviewed by the Dragon News Network (or D.N.N. for short) about the potential threat of a guy called Gnasty Gnorc (pronounced Nasty Norc. The D.N.N. reporters always pronounce it G-nasty G-norc). But the dragon simply comments on he cannot cause trouble in the Dragon Junkyard (not only does it serve as where the Dragons store garbage, they also banished Gnasty Gnorc here.). Then he calls Gnasty ugly. Gnasty actually managed to over hear this and, offended by being called ugly, turns every adult sized dragon into a statue made of jade. Spyro was the only one unaffected. Mainly because he was a kid at the time and the spell only works on adult size dragons and not kid dragons. So Spyro travels across to several realms beating up Gnasty's minions and collecting treasure (which Gnasty stole). Eventually, Spyro has to fight Gnasty Gnorc himself. Despite being a final boss, he is actually very cowardly. All He does is run for his life and you have to keep up with him and flame him with Spyro's flame breath.

Spyro reappeared in the game Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. The events of the game actually wouldn't happen if Spyro didn't want to go on vacation. In fact, he wanted to go to Dragon Shores which the most popular amusement park that Dragons go to. But as he entered the portal to Dragon Shores, in a world called Avalar, A cheetah named Hunter, a Satyr (I forgot her name), and a mole calling himself the Professor hijacked the portal to Dragon Shores, hoping to bring a Dragon to Avalar. Even though Hunter is reluctant to this because he looked up Dragons that thought from the description that Dragons were even worse than Ripto, a dinosaur jerk that took over Avalar a few days ago. He said that he hated Dragons more than anything. So the citizens of Avalar thought "Hey Ripto hates Dragons, maybe if we get one he will get his sorry little magical butt out of here!".

Anyway, Spyro, now trapped in Avalar, has to help to citizens fix problems that were either created by Ripto or some mishap. Like helping a hippo reach a magic berry bush that makes whoever eats from it grow ten times their original size in seconds. And Spyro gets to fight Crush and Gulp, Ripto's right hand men, or dinosaurs, actually, seeing that Ripto, Crush and Gulp are all dinosaurs. Anyway, the only way to reach Crush and Gulp is to collect 14 talismans. But to reach Ripto in his castle lair, Spyro has to collect at least FORTY Orbs, green balls awarded to Spyro if he does a side task unrelated to the plot of the level, like riding on a manta ray, or keeping cave people from getting eaten by Lava Lizards.

In Spyro 2, Spyro is much older now, as he can now swim, climb special walls, and Head Bash anything below him. However, he can only glide most of the time and fly in Speedways. However, to gain any of these abilities you have to buy them from Moneybags. A schemer he is. He's always looking for a new way to make money. He is actually a neutral party, as he will sell anything to anyone that is willing to pay him a large quantity of treasure.

After defeating Ripto, Spyro finally gets his well deserved vacation. And Hunter forces Moneybags to hand over every shiny gem that Spyro gave him over the course of the game. And you can still play as Spyro even if he is having a vacation at Dragon Shores!!!!

Spyro returned in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. This time, he has to explore the Forgotten Realms. Because a Sorceress is having Rhynocs steal Dragon Eggs. Why? Because she is slowly dying, and she discovered a spell to make her immortal, killing dragon children and wearing their wings as a necklace. The good news is that her apprentice dropped a few eggs here and there and the Sorceress needs about a hundred and fifty (150) dragons. But most of the eggs have been scattered throughout the Forgotten Realms.

But later on the Sorceress' apprentice Bianca realizes what her mentor plans to do with the eggs. So she helps Spyro reach her lair. However, as she is still in training, she needs one hundred of the one hundred and fifty eggs to amplify her magic.

 And Spyro defeats the Sorceress. Twice!!! In a row!!! Anyway, Hunter (he went with Spyro to the Forgotten Realms) falls in love with Bianca and they watch a fireworks show together.

And then comes Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. Ripto returns, having survived by mere chance last time he fought Spyro. This is actually odd because when Ripto was defeated in Spyro 2, he fell in a pool of lava. And now he has an army of Riptocs!!!! But Spyro easily defeats him and rescues the dragonflies that Ripto Scattered. Because all dragons have a weird symbiotic relationship with Dragonflies. In Spyro's case, Sparx. Spyro and Sparx have been playable in every Spyro game. Dragonflies give their dragon counterparts life energy. Sparx is basically a living heath meter. Anyway, this game is actually very short, as it has only a short nine levels. But Bianca adds a little boost to Spyro allowing him access to new elements: Bubble (used to contain renegade Dragonflies), Electricity (used to power machinery), and Ice (for freezing things).

But this game reveals WHY Ripto hates dragons. Ripto not only is a dinosaur, he is also a wizard. But Dinosaur Magic is nothing compared to Dragon Magic. Dragons are literally MADE of magic. But he is jealous of Dragons because THEIR magic is a thousand times more awesome than his own magic.

Then there is the spin-off games, but I know very little about them. One spin-off game is called Spyro: Season of Flame, though I know nothing more about it, as I focus SOLELY on the main series games.

Then there is Spyro: A Hero's Tail, which is actually my favorite Classic Spyro Game. Spyro is now a thousand times more powerful than he was in the very first game. He now has a double jump, his flame breath is now more powerful, as instead of a cluster of fiery spikes coming out of Spyro's mouth (like in every game up until this point), Spyro can breathe a continuous stream of fire, which can be aimed. And he now has a Water breath in addition to the other breaths from Enter the Dragonfly (Water breath replaced Bubble Breath). Gnasty Gnorc is back, but his memory is not what it used to be, in fact he thought that HE defeated Spyro. Even though SPYRO defeated HIM. But he is surprisingly no longer a coward, for he faces Spyro instead of running away.

But Spyro K.O.'s him by flaming his butt. Literally. After that, Gnasty's mace reveals that there is a Fairy inside, named Amp and grants Spyro the power of electricity. And assumes that Spyro was only trying to save her even though Spyro was trying to save the Dragon Realms.

After smashing Dark Gems which are source of a renegade Dragon Elder's (named Red) magical power, Spyro fights a mermaid villain named Ineptune. After that, Spyro gets the Water Breath from another Fairy.

As Spyro smashes more and more Dark Gems, Red sends a Mammoth to finish Spyro off. Spyro never actually fights that mammoth, but he gets K.O.'d by the Mammoth. Mostly because Spyro got cocky.

Anyway, Sparx escapes and warns Hunter about Spyro getting kidnapped by the Mammoth. So the player plays as Hunter and he goes to rescue Spyro. After doing a classic prison break (or dungeon break, because they were in a dungeon), Spyro learns how to wall jump from a Dragon Elder, who was also a prisoner. In fact he kept track of how many days he was in the dungeon. He was in there for exactly two hundred and seventeen days (217).

Anyway, Spyro later fights Red himself, but Red retreats at the last possible moment, dropping his staff. Another Fairy pops out of the Dark Gem on the staff and gives Spyro the power of Ice.

Afterwards, Spyro goes to Red's secret laboratory on a secret volcano on a secret island, in a secret ocean. And the Professor is building robot Gnorcs. And accidentally turns Red into a giant Robot Dragon. With LASERS!!!!!! Anyway, now he is so powerful that Spyro must switch between Fire, Electricity, Water, and Ice to defeat him, depending on what mode he is in.

Anyway, after defeating him, The Professor then uses a shrink ray to reduce Red's size. Now he is tiny!!!! After seeing Spyro in his smaller state, Red becomes terrified of Spyro, because is now eight times bigger than Red. The Professor stuffs Red in a jar and keeps him in the Professor's Laboratory.

And finally there is the game Spyro Shadow Legacy. This is the final classic game before the Legend saga. In this game, Spyro now knows a martial art called Dragon Kata, and is now an expert a magic.  In Shadow Legacy, a dragon called the Sorcerer (unrelated to the Sorceress from Year of the Dragon) is planning to draw the entire universe into the Shadow Realm.

I actually know nothing about the middle of the story. But here is the final battle.
After a long while of beating up Shadow Minions and casting spells, Spyro fights the Sorcerer, and defeats him. The Sorcerer retreats and goes into hiding. Spyro and friends then wait for the Sorcerer to return.

But the Sorcerer never returned, for after that game came the Legend trilogy, a reboot in the series, which means that they redid the series in a different style. And introduced a new and more mature Spyro.

The series does something new. They introduced a love interest for Spyro. Even though in A Hero's Tail a dragoness (A dragoness is what a female dragon is called) named Ember had a crush on Spyro, but is a minor character. But she suggested that Dark Gems would look good on an engagement ring. Anyway, Spyro's "girlfriend" is Cynder. Her role in the games changes. In A New Beginning, she was a villain. In The Eternal Night, she was the damsel in distress. And in Dawn of the Dragon, she was a heroine and a sidekick at the same time.

Anyway, the Legend trilogy also introduces a new villain, Malefor the Dark Master. He is by far the most evil dude ever. He believes it's his "destiny" to destroy the world. But before he could the Ancient Dragons banished him, destroyed his physical form, and locked up his essence and threw away the key. But this is why Cynder was evil in A New Beginning: Malefor sent his army of Apes to steal Cynder's egg, and when the egg hatched, Malefor infused Cynder with evil energy, thus accelerating her age from mere hatch-ling to adult sized dragoness. In mere seconds. So Cynder was sent to lead the Apes in Malefor's absence, as well as revive him. Malefor is actually very cunning, and clever. He PRETENDED to send his Apes to kill Spyro before his egg even hatched. But as revealed in Dawn of the Dragon, he needed Spyro alive to restore his physical body. If Malefor had his plan go his way then the egg holding Spyro would only be STOLEN, not SMASHED. And corrupted just like Cynder.

But Spyro's egg was hidden from Malefor, for the Dragon Guardians (mainly Ignitus) hid the egg in a river. Then some dragonflies found the egg and raised Spyro as one of their own. That's how Spyro met the Legend version of Sparx, who is Spyro's best friend and (in the Legend series) his adoptive brother.

After twelve years, Spyro and Sparx encountered, and escaped from, Malefor's Apes. So Sparx's parents have to reveal to Spyro that he is NOT a dragonfly but a DRAGON. You know, he should have realized that he was not a dragonfly because he is a giant compared to dragonflies. Anyway, Spyro and Sparx set out on a journey to discover what Spyro really is (he still does not know that he is a dragon). Spyro then stumbles upon Ignitus, who is the only Guardian remaining at the Dragon Temple, as the other three are kidnapped.

Most of the game is spent with Spyro rescuing the three remaining Guardians and learning the other three elements. But after rescuing Terrador, the Earth Guardian, Spyro has to confront Cynder's Corrupted form to save Ignitus. As Cynder prepares for a finishing blow, Spyro releases his full power: The Element of Convexity. It was later renamed the Element of Fury in Dawn of the Dragon. Anyway, Spyro uses that element to launch purple missiles made of energy, instantly defeating Cynder.

Cynder then returned to her true form. Spyro saves Cynder from being sucked into the portal that her Corrupted Form opened. But half of Malefor is free. Stage One of his plan is complete. But the good news is that he is harmless until the second half is revived. But the bad news is that when Spyro used Convexity, he lost all of his powers, thus he needed to rely solely on his hand to hand (or claw to claw?) combat.

In The Eternal Night, Spyro and Sparx follow Cynder, who was sneaking out of the Temple in the middle of the night. When Spyro caught up with her, Cynder is preparing to leave to find her destiny. Spyro attempts to chase after her, but after a few seconds he loses consciousness. Then the player gets to see Spyro in his dream world. While in the Dream World, a mysterious voice restore Spyro's Fire abilities, and teaches Spyro the art of Dragon Time, the ability to alter time itself. And shows Spyro a tree of supreme importance, as well as the Mountain of Malefor.

Spyro then exits his Dream World and returns to reality. But the Temple is under attack by Apes. After fighting a horde of Ape soldiers and an Assassin (a running gag in the game is that his thick helmet makes it impossible for anyone to understand him.) Anyway, after defeating the Assassin, Spyro tells Ignitus, Cyril, Volteer, and Terrador (the Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Earth Guardians respectively) about the dream he had. Ignitus then sends Volteer and Cyril to gather information about the Mountain of Malefor. Terrador is sent to warn the nearby locals of the Night of Eternal Darkness, which is about to happen in just a few days. In the Night of Eternal Darkness, two moons align, raising an army of the dead and if a young, noble, incredibly awesome, heroic, purple dragon with a dragonfly sidekick was right in the middle of the the dead reviving point, then maybe Malefor the Dark Master MIGHT be whole again.

Ignitus finally sends Spyro to find the tree he saw in the dream world. During the search, Spyro loses consciousness a second time. Back in Spyro's dream world, that mysterious voice restores Spyro's Ice powers, and show him the King of Apes: Gaul. He then tells Spyro to search for him at the White Isle.

But Spyro finds that tree, but it turns into a wooden monster, which Spyro destroys. Shortly after, Pirates kidnap Spyro and Sparx. Actually, they wanted to get that wooden monster that Spyro destroyed and force it to fight all sorts of monsters that the Pirates captured. So they wanted Spyro to act as a replacement. So they knocked him out. And forced him to fight giant killer birds, the Executioner, and a pair of Scorpions that have the stinger replaced with a cannon.

After fighting all those monsters, Spyro reenters the Dream World a third time, and had his Earth Powers restored. But as Spyro went into the arena to fight the last prisoner, SURPRISE!!!! It's Cynder!!!! Apparently shortly after she left the Pirates kidnapped her. But they did not fight, they PRETENDED to fight so that they could think up an escape plan without drawing negative attention from the Pirate Horde watching. But Gaul shows up in the middle of the fight, kidnaps Cynder, and plans to use Cynder to lure Spyro to the Mountain of Malefor.

After beating the captain of the Pirates, Spyro flies (the Legend Spyro can fly, unlike his classic counterpart) to the White Isle, only to pass out for the fourth and final time. But a giant "creepy turtle monster" as Sparx calls it carries Spyro's body to the White Isle. Inside the Dream World, Spyro gets his Electricity restored.

At the White Isle, Spyro meets the oldest dragon of all time: The Chronicler!!!!! He has been around since the beginning of time recording every minute of the universe in his billions of books. He even has a book written about Spyro's entire life story up until the present. Anyway, in a flashback, the Chronicler explains that Malefor was a purple dragon just like Spyro. First he mastered Fire, which was odd because he was not a fire Dragon, then he mastered Ice, Wind, Electricity, and Earth.

But the power corrupted him. He became focused on "creating a new world" by destroying the old world so the new one could take the old one's place. So the Ancients banished him and locked up his essence in two places, the Well of Souls (later renamed the Mountain of Malefor) and the Convexity portal that Cynder's Corrupted form open. When the Night of Eternal Darkness occurs, Malefor will need something, or someone, to serve as a portal back to the rest of the world.

So Spyro flies to the Mountain of Malefor and fights the Assassin again. This time the Assassin perishes. Anyway, Spyro eventually reaches Gaul's throne room. Cynder and Spyro do exactly what they did when they were held hostage by the Pirates. However, Gaul saw this coming and threw Cynder all the way across the room.

Spyro fights Gaul and in the middle of the fight, the Night of Eternal Darkness activates and Spyro is right in the middle of the beam. And infused with Malefor's dark powers, Spyro becomes DARK SPYRO!!!!! And Dark Spyro kills Gaul by turning him into a statue, then smashing the statue into a billion pieces.

Dark Spyro then absorbs more dark energy and almost attacks Sparx and Cynder. But Cynder knocks him out, transforming him back to his normal form.

But Malefor the Dark Master is revived and the Mountain of Malefor collapses. So Spyro uses Dragon Time to encase himself, Sparx, and Cynder in a massive crystal.

In Dawn of the Dragon, Malefor's new minions, the Grublins, Orcs, and Trolls, revive Spyro and Cynder after three whole years have passed and chained them together with a magic chain crafted by Malefor himself. Spyro and Cynder awaken just in time to fight a Golem. Before the Golem can finish Spyro and Cynder, a new character shoots the Golem right in the neck with an arrow. It's the Legend version of Hunter. Now he is more like Aragorn the Ranger from Lord of the Rings. They do play a similar role. They both help the main heroes of their respective series, are skilled at combat and traveling through difficult terrain with minor effort, and they both have similar accents and are almost identical in terms of speech. Only difference is that Hunter has a bow with arrows, happens to be a bipedal cheetah, and is skilled at falconry (the art of using falcons or other birds to send important messages). Now that I think about it, Frodo Baggins (also from Lord of the Rings) is similar to Spyro. They are the main hero of their series, share the exact same voice actor (Elijah Wood), and have identical accents. But Frodo is a Hobbit, and Spyro is a Dragon.

Anyway, after Hunter rescues Spyro and Cynder, he, Sparx and the two dragons escape the Catacombs and head for the Dragon City of Warfang, because the Dragon Temple is now Malefor's lair.

Along the way, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx and Hunter meet the rest of Hunter's clan. However, Chief Prowlus chained the dragons up because ever since Malefor became evil, Prowlus assumed ALL Dragons were evil. But Spyro and Cynder earn his trust by rescuing another bipedal cheetah named Meadow (by getting getting a secret key to the secret doors of a secret supply shack, from a secret hermit who lives in a secret hut on a secret cliff inside a secret cavern with a secret river running through it). But the Hermit who owns the key to the supply shack with the raft needed to bring Meadow back to the village (because he broke his leg) is guarded by weird skeletal beasts lurking in the shadows. This creatures are actually Apes. The hermit explained that the Apes only served the Dark Master for their own greedy benefit. So Malefor punished them by turning them into skeletons. How that hermit knows this is unknown, though many fans think that he once served Malefor. However, some fans believe that the hermit was actually Malefor in disguise, seeing how he upset Cynder by making her feel bad about being corrupted at birth.

After rescuing Meadow, Prowlus begins to trust Spyro and Cynder and reveals the location of a short cut to Warfang. But when they arrive the city is caught in a siege. Grublins everywhere!!!! So Spyro and Cynder put out wild fires, get cannons up and running, and get to lock up the front gates with a special locking mechanism that only a Fire Dragon can lock/unlock. Because the gate locks itself if two nearby torches are lit with Spyro's Fire. Or Cynder's Shadow Fire.

Anyway, after all that, the Golem comes back for revenge. It regenerates it's missing arm (When Spyro and friends escaped the Catacombs, the Golem's arm ripped off.) by fusing debris in the form of a hand.

Now the Guardians come back. Ignitus give gives a task for each Guardian (Cyril is to put out fires, Volteer is to distract the Golem, and Terrador along with himself were supposed to attack the Golem head on.). One by one the Guardians get K.O.'d by the Golem (except for Volteer). So Spyro and Cynder destroy the Dark Crystal that serves as it's brain. And the Golem falls off the building it was climbing as it's dead body falls to the ground.

But Malefor has a Backup Plan. He summons the Destroyer, a beast that can create a new world by destroying the old world.  All it has to do is walk one lap around the planet. Which is easy for it because it is like big enough to cross a mile in a single step. Terrador reveals that the Destroyer is too quick to pursue, but Ignitus has a Backup Plan. They were to wait for it to return, and ambush it before it can reach it's starting point (the volcano it came from).

But the only way the destroy the Destroyer is to cover it's legs in water and Smash the eight dark crystals dotting it's body. But the eighth crystal is literally INSIDE the Destroyer. And the only way inside is to go inside the mouth and down the throat.

But Malefor has ANOTHER Backup Plan: He KNEW what Ignitus was doing and created a ninth crystal, which can keep the Destroyer alive even when the other eight crystals have been smashed. But the ninth crystal was with Malefor, not the Destroyer, so the Destroyer completed it's lap.

Ignitus then sends Terrador and Sparx to get the citizens of the Dragon City of Warfang and everyone else deep into the underground caverns underneath Warfang. Ignitus, Spyro and Cynder then go to get face-to-face with Malefor. But Ignitus' Flame Shield is not strong enough to protect him and the two dragons from the intense heat of the "Ring of Annihilation" left by the Destroyer.

Then Ignitus dies, but not before launching Spyro and Cynder to the other side of the Ring. But Spyro turns into Dark Spyro, refusing to believe that Ignitus has died in the flames. But Cynder calms Dark Spyro into turning back to normal.

After flying through the Burned Lands and the several Floating Islands, Spyro and Cynder confront Malefor. Malefor then reveals that Cynder did NOT play damsel in distress in The Eternal Night and tricked Spyro into freeing him. However, this does not make any sense at all. Because Cynder and Spyro are so close as friends that they would never under any circumstances, betray each other. However, he vaguely (because his voice is so distorted that you can barely understand a single world he says) sounded like he was trying to confuse them. Anyway, he managed to corrupt Cynder AGAIN, this time the only difference is being all black with blank white eyes.

But Spyro somewhat reveals his love for Cynder, transforming her back to normal. Then Malefor engages a BOSS BATTLE. But the Ancients suck Malefor into the Earth's core. Then Spyro uses Ignitus' last dying words to empower him to restore the planet (which was being destroyed during the BOSS BATTLE).

Then Spyro and Cynder get their well deserved happy ending. But wait, what happened to Ignitus? Turns out that the Chronicler revived his essence, and passed on the title of Chronicler to Ignitus, thus making Ignitus' scales turn blue, and gain the clothes of the Chronicler. This makes perfect sense because Ignitus was narrating A New Beginning and Dawn of the Dragon, so in a sense, it would be like he was reading the entire trilogy to the audience as the Chronicler.

And last but not least is Skylanders. But this series focuses on a army of heroes (including but not limited to: Spyro the Dragon, Cynder, a dragon-plant hybrid named Camo, A dude trapped in a suit of armor named Ignitor, etc.) saving the universe from Kaos.

It is worth noting that Spyro gets an upgrade with every classic video game. Here is an example. In the original Spyro the Dragon, Spyro cannot swim and would drown if he enters water. In Spyro 2: he can swim AND stay underwater indefinitely (he can breathe underwater).

  •  The color purple is actually the color of royalty, so it makes sense to make the most powerful form of dragon purple.
  • Cynder is the first official love interest for Spyro, as Ember from the Classic games only had a crush on Spyro for the sake of humor.
  • Spyro breaks the fourth wall in A Hero's Tail, by looking at, or talking to, the player.
  • If you look closely at the Destroyer's back, you can see buildings identical to the buildings in the Dragon City of Warfang.
  • It is unknown whether or not Malefor was the first Purple Dragon, because the Chronicler says he was the very first Purple Dragon, although Malefor himself claimed that there were many Purple Dragons before him.
  • Malefor's alternate title, The Dark Master, sounds like the name of the final boss of a RPG video game.
  • Sparx makes a direct reference to the fact that he always gets a new voice actor in every Legend game in Dawn of the Dragon by saying "Oh, little stiff. Voice keeps changing, but I'm good.". Sparx is also the "sarcastic" one of the heroes. So he said the phrase with sarcasm.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

LEGO Marvel Time!!!!!

This post is about the upcoming video game LEGO Marvel Super Heroes!!!!!!!

I know I already wrote a post about this game, but it's much closer to the release date and new info is available.

Like for example, Deadpool is very important in the game because he operates the in-game stores and narrates the bonus levels (this game has bonus levels, which is something new. Because other LEGO games that have bonus levels are cool and all, but they all have the exact same objective: collect one million studs. NOW the bonus levels involve super hero style stuff, like rescue civilians or something similar.). In fact he also has "Deadpool Bricks", shiny collectable red bricks that, when purchased, will allow you to use cheat codes.

The game has all of New York as a hub world, including Marvel exclusive buildings, including but not limited to; Stark Tower, Oscorp Tower, Baxter Building, and more. But the hub world is divided into two sections, the actual city and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (the stores are on board the Helicarrier).

And I have seen gameplay of Thor!!!!! And he's even more awesome than I hoped!!!!! He can super-charge his hammer (named Mjolnir) with lightning, electrocuting any enemy that touches him. And he can discharge that same electricity into machinery, super-charging the machine in question in the process, and in turn, solving a puzzle.

But wait, it gets even better! Venom is in the game!!! Venom is Spider-Man's deadliest foe, because Venom has all of Spider-Man's powers, plus his own symbiote powers. Including Super Sense, which is an upgraded version of Spider Sense, only difference is that it is better. And (in most versions) the ability to generate spiky tendrils from his body.

And Wolverine is in the game, too!!!!!!! Wolverine is a super hero that is a mutant. His powers include regeneration, long life, sharp claws that come out of the back of his hands, and the ability to climb walls. Here is his bio.
Wolverine A.K.A. James Howlett was born in 1899. He originally had a pair of claws made of bone, but Wolverine managed to upgrade his abilities during an experiment that covered every bone in his body in adamantium, one of the strongest metals in Marvel history. And thus, his bone claws are now made of metal. But before this, he fought in World War Two, and in most versions, along-side Captain America.

Unfortunately, the experiment that upgraded him also gave him amnesia. He gave himself the name of Logan and chose Wolverine as a hero title. Later down the road he wound up being a member of one of, perhaps the, largest superhero team: The X-Men. Members include Cyclops, Phoenix, Dr. Jean Grey, Beast, Charles Xavier, Ice-Man, the Spike, Night-Crawler, and more.

But in this game, Wolverine, Thor, Captain America, and the Human Torch are sent to Asgard (Thor's homeworld) to stop Loki (Thor's evil brother). But by the time they get there, BOOM!!!!! Asgard is frozen, ice everywhere, snow everywhere, and Frost Giants everywhere!!!!!!!

And Iron Man's armors have been revealed!!!! Here is a list of Armor in the game, along with what the armor can do in the game. NOTE: All numbers are in Roman form, just like in the Iron Man franchise. If you do not know what each letter(s) represents, the numbers are: 1, 6, 7, 17, and 42.
  • Mark I - the prototype. Tony Stark built this one when he was kidnapped by terrorists, and used this armor to escape. It's completely grey and only has pulse lasers and flight.
  • Mark VI - This is the more famous armor, mostly red with gold on the faceplate and various armor segments. This one has pulse lasers, flight, uni-beam, missiles, a Ground Slam attack, and the ability to hack into computers. This armor also has a compact form, which makes it look like a red and gold suitcase.
  • Mark VII - A faster version of the Mark VI. Same gadgets, only now it has a Laser Cutter. This one also has a pod form and, when activated, will home in on Tony Stark, align it's sensors with the silver bracelets that Tony wears, and attach itself to Tony Stark's entire body, starting with the hands.
  • Mark XVII - Also known as the "Heart-breaker". This armor is crazy awesome. It is currently unknown what this armor can do in the game, but it might have the ability to do everything that the other armors can do.
  • Mark XLII - My personal favorite. It's the newest model yet, and it is perfect for every situation. It has everything the others have, plus the ability to melt things because it has a Melter. It's mostly gold with a little bit of red here and there. Tony can summon it by inserting a telepathic linking device into his left arm and simply thinking about wearing the armor and the armor will appear, piece by piece, and attach itself to Tony Stark..

And here is a cool thing about the game. When you are on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, you can access the rest of the hub world by SKY-DIVING off of the Helicarrier. By the way, have you ever wondered what S.H.I.E.L.D. stands for? Well, if you have, it stands for Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate. Although, it used to stand for Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division. Either way, S.H.I.E.L.D. is still a band of secret agents. In fact S.H.I.E.L.D. has at least on thing to do with each and every Marvel Superhero.

It is apparent that the Sandman and the Abomination (foes of Spider-Man and the Hulk, respectively) are the very first bosses in the game. However, that may be because they are fought in the first REVEALED level, but it is possible It is not the first level STORY-WISE. Considering the fact that in cutscenes when a character first appears there name appears on screen, but in the level, Iron Man's name didn't appear, indicating he appears earlier than that level.

It is obvious that Galactus is the final boss, after all, he is one of, if not the most powerful Marvel villain. In fact the word "villain" doesn't even BEGIN to describe the villainous Galactus. In fact he is worthy of the title "SUPER-villain". Or even better, he is worthy of the only thing more villainous than a super-villain: A "MEGA-villain". But I do not know how the boss fight goes.

But I do know that although Spider-Man helped during the boss fight against Sandman, He is not actually part of...well.....any hero team. He's a solo act. In fact, Nick Fury once asked Spider-Man if he would like to become an Avenger. But Spider-Man refuses by saying "Yeah, like I have time for that! I have a trigonometry exam tomorrow, my aunt needs me to pick up a dozen eggs, and I'm drowning in angst!".

The last bit of info that is new is that like all LEGO games, you can create custom characters. However, This character creator is unique, because you can now assign super powers to each custom character. Such as flight, or super strength, or regeneration.


this is the game's logo.