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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to train your Dragon 2 Time!!!!!!

This is a post about How to Train your Dragon 2 (the movie)!!!!!!! This movie is amazing. That is my opinion. This movie is hands down the BEST sequel. EVER.

If you have no idea what is going on let's do a brief recap.

How to train your Dragon is based off the books of the same name. Now because the books have a separate story arc than the movies I am allowed to give spoilers.
Once upon a time there these Viking dudes (that's right. Vikings. Fun Fact: Vikings don't have dragons in real life!) that domesticate dragons for every chore you can possibly imagine because they are too lazy to do anything for themselves. Just kidding. They reserved their "pets" for transport and military purposes only.

Anyway, in the books the chieftain of said Vikings (his name is Stoick) has a son named Hiccup. Why did he name his son Hiccup? FUN FACT: Vikings use the word "hiccup" in the place of "failure". Because Hiccup was.... Odd to say the least. He is the only Viking that can speak dragon!!!! That's right. Dragons can talk in the books. Anyway, Hiccup was deemed useless by the other Vikings. Because he wasn't a stereotypical Viking. He was a genius. But he also wasn't physically powerful enough to be called a Viking.

Anyway Hiccup goes through dozens of adventures (going to North America, having an argument with his dragon Toothless over mannerisms, etc.) and has to save the world from a weird looking psychopath named Alvin the Treacherous and his equally crazy mother (who walks on all fours). Apparently part of "saving the world" involved going to a mystical island. And giving ten artifacts simply called the Lost Things. Remember this is in the books.
Now let's get to the movies (which in my opinion is much better).

How to Train Your Dragon 2 poster.jpg

Anyway the first thing those who read the books will notice is the fact that 1; Hiccup looks awesome in the second movie. And 2: Toothless is now a semi-giant cat. With wings. And Flame Breath. And.....Active. To say the least. Because cats are very active for the first few years but around year six they get lazy. Toothless even acts just like my pet cat. But only when he (my cat) is on catnip.

Anyway here is the deal. Since I just watched this movie on Father's Day with my step dad I will not give a major spoiler. But I can give this spoiler. Hiccup has a Wing Suit!!!!!!! And a Light Saber. Well not a real Light Saber. More like a Saber. Covered in flames. Also Hiccup's mother (she was not in the first movie because she was living with dragons for twenty years) has an Insect Rod. Sure Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate revealed that they decided to call the Insect Rod the Insect Glaive but that sounds sissy. Insect Rod reeks of "I am a monster killing bo-staff that pro hunters use to kill things! And I come with a bee!!!" vibes. Insect Glaive sounds like a weapon only a coward would use. So I call it the Insect Rod.

Anyway, I bring that up because Hiccup's mother has a weapon identical to the very first Insect Rod you get. How do I know this? Because my computer comes with a "translate foreign language" button. Anyway here is one last spoiler I will give away. There is a WALRUS!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right. A WALRUS!!!!!!! With mind control powers!!!! And ice breath!!!! And a army of smaller but equally dangerous dragon soldiers!!!!!!!!!! And Walrus Tusks!!!!!! And armor!!!!!!!

For more info and/or major spoilers please either go to How to Train Your Dragon wiki or watch the movie yourself. NOTE: IMAGE IS FROM WIKIPEDIA.

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