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Monday, June 16, 2014

I. Am. The. Luckiest. Monster Hunter. EVER.

This is yet another blog on Monster Hunter Tri/ 3 Ultimate. Now you will learn why I titled the post with such a weird name.

Anyway, here is the deal. First of all I have beaten the game. All I have to do now is do some bonus Quests that popped up and were labeled "urgent". And I have full Ceadeus armor, which is amazing. Not only does it look cool but it has High Grade Earplugs. Do you know how many times boss monsters roar at me? A LOT. Literally. They roar literally every three attacks (sometimes every two attacks).

Anyway, I have a tried and true strategy for both Uragaan and Ceadeus because people seem to actually have trouble with them.

Here is the Uragaan guide.

  1. Rathalos Armor will help out a LOT. Doubly so if you want to cut the tail because you can easily gem in Attack Up Large.
  2. Any Switch Axe will do, even though any version of the Tough Break Switch Axe is recommended. Why? Because all Switch Axes ignore Sharpness and as such will never bounce off Uragaaan's armored hide.
  3. If you want to farm him for armor and weapons (and I suggest you get the armor. It makes you look like a big yellow space man) I recommend trying to cut the tail first, then go for bonus rewards (wounding chin, stunning, flash bombing etc.).
  4. Bring plenty of Health and Stamina boosting items. Why? Because Though almost all of his attacks are easy to dodge his one secret weapon is that he can summon knock-out gas. Your character cannot move until he either wakes up or gets hit by something. The latter is guaranteed because he will always follow up the "sleep gas" attack with the "roll around like Sonic the Hedgehog" attack
  5. Bring Cha-Cha.

Here is the method I use when I farmed Ceadeus.


  1. Any Armor will do even though I strongly recommend the somewhat annoying to make Lagiacrus armor because it comes with Olympic Swimmer. Considering that you must break his beard/mane/fur before he enters the circular arena at the end of the underwater hallway, you need to be in front of him for pretty much the whole fight.
  2. Wyvern Blade Fire is a decent weapon when fighting this guy. Scratch that. It's the best weapon against him. I used Wyvern Blade Fire on him and killed him in less than five minutes.
  3. Have Cha-Cha wear the Ancient Mask. It can fully restore the Oxygen Gauge whenever it gets low.
  4. When Cha-Cha shouts "Now he angry! Use the Dragonator on him before he comes back to senses!" swim to the "big friendly button" in the upper part of the arena. Wait for Ceadeus to swim after you. Push the big friendly button when he is almost upon you. Why? Because if you watch Doctor Who, you would know that every time you see a big round threatening button you must ALWAYS push it. ALWAYS push the big round threatening buttons.
  5. Get Balista Ammo from the Argosy Captain. Bring at least ten. Assuming you can aim straight, the Balista(s) will deal a fairly good amount of damage.
  6. Bring Max Potions. In case of emergency.

Here is a funny story for you. I was fighting Ceadeus for the very first time. I repelled him. And guess what I got in the Quest Rewards. Something that is almost impossible to get in the game. That's right. I got Elder Dragon Blood. Very First Ceadeus. Repelled. Had no idea how to fight him. Full Rathalos armor. Wyvern Blade Fire. Forgot to bring Mega Potions. And I got Elder Dragon Blood. You have 1% of a chance of actually getting Elder Dragon Blood. And around this time my favorite Switch Axe needed Elder Dragon Blood for an upgrade. BOOM. That's right. I assume those of you that spend hundreds of hours farming Alatreon or Dire Miralis to get Elder Dragon Blood would be jealous. I got it a whole minute before I decided to farm Ceadeus.

Speaking of farming. I strongly recommended using the Ceadeus Switch Axe, "Inceadeus" for later Quests because of the insanely high raw damage. Over 900!!!! So Attack up Large + Inceadeus = insanely overpowered Switch Axe.

Anyway, I noticed that one of the Bonus Quests remind me (too much) of my attempt on a double boss Arena Quest. Rathian and Rathalos vs One maybe two Monster Hunters. Co-op here is pretty much mandatory. Because Arena Mode forces you to use garbage instead of REAL Weapons. So two hunters armed with garbage will make up for lack of REAL weaponry. Sure, some people call it "Level Appropriate" gear but no matter how you look at it, you are stuck with garbage weapons and custom sets. NEVER USE CUSTOM SETS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A DEAD MAN WALKING IF YOU TRY TO USE CUSTOM ARMOR SETS. I know. I have personal experience with this fact.

To wrap things up here is a picture of Ceadeus armor.

It's so amazing!!!!

Oh and before I forget, while they normally keep the bonus campaign (High Rank) online only, in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate you can access ANY of the High Rank missions once the story has been cleared. But Dire Miralis is the only bit of content that is completely online only. That and co-op. But who cares about teaming up with friends? It's a hunter vs monster world. Every hunter for himself!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay you actually can team up to fight harder monsters but this is my point. You get better credit and a larger pay fee for a job well done. Playing with friends makes the game easier but sadly there is just one down fall. You only get a 1000 or so money at the end of the day. Playing solo bumps it up to 4,000,000!!!!!!!! That is assuming you were doing the Quest titled "The Brilliant Darkness". In which you must slay Alatreon who is the toughest monster. In the history of tough monsters.


Just to recap I got Elder Dragon Blood on my very first Ceadeus. BOOM.

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