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Monday, June 9, 2014

Octodad (Nobody Suspects a Thing!)!!

This post is about the most hilarious game. EVER!!!! Octodad Dadliest Catch!!!!! In case you are wondering why the title of this post has "nobody suspects a thing" in parenthesis it is because 1: It's the game's theme song. And 2: Everyone assumes the title character, an octopus impersonating a human being, is actually human.

Octodad Dadliest Catch

Anyway, the premise of this game is simple. A women named Scarlet gets married with Octodad. Octodad is a octopus that for some unknown reason is pretending to be human. Even though he only speaks in blurbs and burbles. Oh, and he wears a monkey suit constantly. Not a real monkey suit mind you. Some people (including my uncle) call tuxedos "monkey suits" because of how uncomfortable they can be. Anyway, Octodad also has a evil Russian chef as a neighbor. I think he is Russian. He speaks with a stereotypical Russian accent. But the fact he is obsessed with killing fish and turning them into sushi makes him behave slightly Asian (sushi is a big hit in Asia). My point being, he is paranoid (he thinks that fish are destroying the human race from the inside out). Oh and he also has a weird looking hat.

Anyway, the gameplay is just as funny as the story. You play as Octodad but there is a catch. You can only control one limb at a time!!!! Something odd some people notice is the fact that while Octodad does have eight limbs you can control four. The remaining limbs are tucked away in his suit to make him appear more human. It is humorous watching Octodad stumble and stagger his way to his wedding, struggle to pour milk into his daughter's cup, and trying to climb a ladder. These mundane tasks are very hard for an octopus.

Octodad, trying to play basketball.

Anyway, Octodad also for some odd reason hates bananas. Probably because if he steps on banana peels he is sent flying (more often than not doing at least three flips midair). Also, because he doesn't have bones, he has somewhat of a weakness to strong breezes (They send him flying).

While several levels are based off everyday life, there is in fact a final boss against the Evil Chef (don't bother me with his nationality. I have no idea where he is from).

Evil Chef!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a little fun fact. Octodad (who can barely speak a decent sentence without including a blurb) and Evil Chef are voiced by the exact same person. I learned that off of a certain wiki.

Here is another thing I would like to point out. It is a SPOILER. Anyway in level three, where Octodad takes his family to the local Aquarium, if you go inside the Men's bathroom and put both of Octodad's suction cupped feet inside a toilet and have him push the flush button................You unlock a bonus level!!!! It is literally the hardest part of the game since Octodad has to climb a rope to reach the exit. Normally Octodad's feet will stick to whatever they step on (minus bananas) but they will slide off almost constantly so you have to be doubly careful when climbing it. Another thing, to keep you coming back for more, there are three neck ties hidden in every level (minus the bonus level).


Here is one last thing about the game. Octodad's "health" meter is actually a "suspicion" meter. Basically you will lose health if someone is watching you do something that a Octopus would do (cutting in line, making a mess, knocking things over, slipping on a banana peel, etc.).

And to wrap things up, there is a multiplayer mode which lets a total of four players control one limb and have to work in unison to get progress done (EXAMPLE: Player one takes a step, Player 2 takes a step, Players 3 and 4 attempt to open a door and grab a lawn mower from a shed).

From what I heard the game has only one downfall. The lack of bonuses. The collectible neck ties are the only bonuses. IN. THE. WHOLE. GAME. There is a Workshop mode where you can build your own levels (a few people made tougher versions of the story levels by including zero gravity and other gimmicks in them).

Here is what multiplayer looks like.

Each color represents a player. Blue is Player 1. Red
is Player 2, etc.

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