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Monday, October 13, 2014

Fun with Minecraft Mods!!!!

Minecraft is already a great game. But the PC version (which I have the demo for) has much more potential than the limited Home Console version. Part of that potential is mods. Mods are like DLC. They add a absolute ton of new stuff, but aren't included in the main package (so to speak). Mods are user made, however (and free). For more on how to mod please look up a tutorial as I cannot mod my PC Minecraft yet (I need the full version to mod).WARNING: The Home Console Edition is incompatible with the mods you are about to see.

This is a blog about some cool and relatively well-known Minecraft mods (These are cool in MY opinion by the way. And in no order). NOTE: THE IMAGES BELOW ARE PICTURES OF MINECRAFT MODS IN ACTION. I FOUND MOST IF NOT ALL OF THEM OFF GOOGLE.

#5: Ore-spawn

This mod is just crazy. In fact it was included with a mod pack called Crazy Craft. It adds hundreds of everything: New ores, new dimensions and some crazy bosses like...

This thing!!!!

It also adds some over-powered gear like royal guardian (WAY stronger than diamond) armor plus giant weapons. Like...

This EPIC Sword!!! Seriously how can a 
dude made of pixels even LIFT that thing!?

This mod adds so much stuff to Minecraft that you may experience frame-rate drops add/or lag (doubly so if you are playing with friends while using this mod). Also it is updated on a regular basis.
For more info please go to Minecraft Forums and/or the mod creator's website

#4: Galacticraft

What this mod does is allow your Minecraft character to go to Outer Space!!! All you need is a Rocket (which you have to craft if you play survival with this mod)...

Like this one...

Put it on a launch Pad and wait for the countdown (you also need to craft the launch pad as well).

Upon launching it should look like this...

Safe travels!

We have Liftoff!

Once you are in space you can either build a SPACE BASE or you can explore either the Moon or even better, Mars!!!

 NPC's will come with you if you go to the moon.
They turn blue however.

#3: Morph

This Mod is very impressive. I am not sure how the mod creator managed to program this mod but it is awesome either way. It allows you to transform into any mob provided you slay it in combat first. It even has a epic animation. For those that don't like slaying things, you can use a new Command to morph into whatever you are looking at (type in "/morph target). Also if the mob you become has special abilities you gain those abilities (No fall damage, flying, etc). This mod even works with other mods so you can become a boss from Orespawn.

To change morphs use the scroll wheel on your mouse

I could not find any good pictures of this mod so if you want to see in action there are HUNDREDS of videos on YouTube that have this mod (It is VERY Popular).

#2: PaleoCraft

This is a mod that is dream come true for dinosaur fans. What's not to love about dinosaurs? They are simply amazing. Then again I have always loved dinosaurs since forever. The mod adds in tons of dinosaurs, a dinosaur themed dimension and much more.

I have no idea which dinosaur this guy is.
And that is bad since I have been reading about them
since forever.

It also adds turkeys. Not really. this is a real dinosaur.
That looks like a turkey!

This is my all time favorite dinosaur: Spinosaurus!!!

#1: Mo' Creatures/Monsters

This mod has two names. A lot of people call it Mo' Creatures and a lot of people call it Mo' Monsters. It's official name is Mo' Creatures. It adds hundreds of animals (some with special variations), tons of armor, one new dimension and adds REAL turkeys.

It also adds scorpions. You can tame baby
scorpions and keep them as pets. 

It also adds epic wyvern mounts (a wyvern
is a dragon that has it's two front legs fused to
the wings). You can give them armor too.

It also has robots that are made of dirt! Wait... That's
not a animal! That's a angry hostile killing machine!!!

Mo' Creatures also has Werewolves that can
only be harmed with Silver Swords (dropped by
Silver Skeletons upon defeat).

Those are the five mods I think are really cool. For more info on any of these mods (or how to download them) please go to Minecraft Forums or look up a tutorial on how to mod Minecraft.

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