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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Plants vs Zombies Revisited!!!!

If you are a die-hard fan of my blog you would know that I did a post covering Plants vs Zombies a VERY long time ago. Well there were a few updates and some free DLC (that you already paid for because the DLC isn't DLC at all because it was pre-installed already but only opened up recently).

If you have not read my ultra old coverage on this game, here it is in a nutshell. Concept: Family Friendly Shooter with walking plants and (paintball) gun-toting zombies. Game play: The three original modes were team based showdowns between plants and zombies. One mode, Garden Ops, has up to four plants try to survive ten waves of NPC zombies. The next mode, Gardens and Graveyards, is a sort of Capture the Flag type mode where the zombies need to capture ten or so gardens guarded by the plants, followed by the Zombies trying to complete their secret main objective (blowing up a lighthouse, raiding a mansion, defusing a nuclear bomb, etc). The final mode, Team Vanquish, is simply a twelve-on-twelve death match (arguably one of the more chaotic modes).

Chomp Town at night!!!

The first thing added was a new map called Chomp Town (see above). This is one of the smaller-ish maps in the game (this game is famous very large map/locations to play in). It works very well with a game mode added with it titled Gnome Bomb (see below).

Gnome Bomb!!!

In Gnome Bomb, the plants FINALLY stop playing "defend the base" and try to plant a garden gnome holding a bomb to one of three graveyards. However, zombies can do the exact same thing. Whichever team blows the most enemy bases up wins. But they have to do in FIFTEEN (15) minutes. To carry the bomb to the enemy base a plant (or zombie) needs to walk over the bomb, and they pick it up automatically. Just run up to the base (it's marked on the HUD) and Fire & Forget!!! NOTE: It takes a whole minute for the bomb to detonate and during that one minute the zombies (or plants) can defuse it, reset the countdown and "return to sender" so to speak. So protect the bomb until it goes off.

It also added new characters and I never bothered telling you about the character variations in the old post. They add different projectiles to the Class in questions primary weapon (I won't spoil them here though because they are much better than default but must be bought in the in-game store, though which one you get is completely random).

The next update added another map called Cactus Canyon. This map is the smallest course in the entire game (so small that in Gardens and Graveyards the zombies only need to capture four bases instead of nine). It's a canyon/desert type place that leads straight to a golf course. How many times do YOU see Plants and Zombies gun fighting at a GOLF COURSE!?

Cactus Canyon!!!

It also introduced a sub-mode for Team Vanquish: Vanquish Confirmed. Same Rules: 12-on-12 team based death-match. First team to get 50 collective kills (or vanquishes as they are called in the game) wins. But there is a twist with this sub-mode. Your team does not get a point straight away when you score a kill. Upon defeat a player controlled character will drop a Crazy Orb. Grab the Crazy Orb to score a Point. But if a player from the opposing team grabs the Crazy Orb, Your team will Lose a point.

Example of Vanquish Confirmed. This is on
the Jewel Junction map.

This update also added a VERY large map called Jewel Junction. The entire map is Old West themed. And loaded with Easter Eggs and hidden shout-outs to other games

I am going to say that all updates add new characters for the eight base classes so keep that in mind

Yet another update added a cool game mode for all those PVP pros out there. Suburbination Mode!!! In this mode, team Plants and Team Zombies compete for control of three neutral bases. You get coins for capturing these bases. The bases in turn give points to your team automatically. First team with ONE HUNDRED points wins. NOTE: COULDN'T FIND ANY PICTURES SHOWING OFF THIS MODE.

The next update and the most recent (being a few days old at the time of this post) adds a new game mode called Taco Bandits. In this game mode Zomboss, leader of the zombies, wants three tacos for dinner. Because he is a total jerk and too lazy to go fly his blimp to the taco store literally right outside his house, he sends his army of zombies to the local taco store (located right outside Zomboss' house). Which is owned by Zomboss' arch-nemesis, Crazy Dave.

Crazy Dave's Taco Shop!!!

In Taco Bandits the Plants have to guard Crazy Dave's Taco Shop from the zombies while the zombies have to grab EXACTLY three tacos and carry them back to the zombie team spawn point (where Zomboss the jerk is waiting in his UFO). If The Plants have at least one taco left when the 5-minute timer hits zero they win. But if the Zombies get all three tacos within five minutes, the zombies win. Oh and zombies cannot use abilities while carrying tacos.

This concludes my revisited coverage on Plants vs Zombies. If you want to know more about the eight playable classes please go to the wiki.

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