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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Super Smash Bros is finally here (in the U S)!!!!

This post is about Super Smash Bros and the 3DS version is finally out (both versions have the exact same characters by the way).

Warning: This Post contains spoilers with a side of spoilers. Read only if you want spoilers. If you do not like spoilers, read on anyway. Because my typing skills are the absolute best. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Now they introduced a new playable character that makes me feel like the developers wanted to troll/prank someone. It's the one, the only...

Duck Hunt Dog... I am not sure what
to think about that.

Duck Hunt received the same treatment that Pit from Kid Icarus got back in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Duck Hunt was originally a game made back in the golden age of NES. The dog in that game would chase any ducks hit by the Zapper, but the dog has teamed up with a duck for a two-in-one tag team.

Duck Hunt as a character is an hidden character so you have to unlock them first. To unlock Duck Hunt you need to clear Classic Mode with 8 (eight) different characters, then you need to defeat them in battle.

The next character is really cool and a lot of people called it (people predicted he would be in Smash Bros eventually ever since Melee). This character is one I know for a fact I will enjoy playing as.

Bowser Jr.!!!!

Bowser Jr is (obviously) the son of Bowser (who is also playable). Bowser Jr. has a large variety of tricks up his sleeves (or those bracelet things he wears all the time) and is piloting his Koopa Clown Car in battle. One would think that his Up-Special attack would be flying because that is what the Koopa Clown Car is for. Well YOU'RE WRONG!!! He self Destructs the Clown Car and the explosion shoots himself straight up (very useful for recovering from a launch) and pulls out a new Koopa Clown Car out of nowhere. He can also fire Bullet Bills and deploy Mecha-Koopas (both come out of the Clown Car's "mouth")/ Other attacks include punching with boxing gloves, turning the Clown Car into a actual car (also useful for recovering if used in midair) and zoom around.

Bowser Jr. requires unlocking as well. To unlock him you must beat Classic Mode as Bowser on Intensity Level 6 or higher (that is high enough to fight the secret boss).

The next secret character I will give away is one of my favorite characters in Brawl. The only character in Brawl that had a Story Mode Only alter ego. NOTE: THIS NEXT IMAGE IS FROM THE SUPER SMASH BROS WIKI BECAUSE ALL THE PICTURES ON GOOGLE ARE LOW QUALITY.


That's right. They are bringing R.O.B. the Robot back!!! And they buffed up his Finishing Move/Final Smash!!! Instead of shooting a spiraling beam that was near useless (while the rest of his move set is really good) he turns it's entire body into a giant laser cannon!!!

Now for the secret BOSS!!! There is a new boss you can fight by playing on Intensity 6 or higher (though with each Intensity above he adds a new form to the battle).

This is the new boss. MASTER CORE!!!!!

even on Intensity 6 he is insanely powerful. If you do manage to beat him (takes a lot of practice) you have to destroy Master Core's true form (a Smash Ball) by launching it off the stage. Keep in mind if you take too long to destroy Master Core it will unleash a instant KO move upon you.

Oh I almost forgot! You can change the Intensity of Classic Mode. It goes up to 9 at the most and 1 at the least (or nine and one respectively)

The last thing I want to talk about is that there is a Game & Wario themed stage based off the Gamer mini-game. Expect 9-Volt's terrifying mother to show up randomly (she is the only thing in the world that is scary. Everything else is a pushover). Oh and being caught in her death vision will instant KO you. And give you nightmares.

See what happens when 5-Volt a.k.a. the Bringer
of Scares sees you? You get death beamed.

Evil 5-Volt mode activate!!!

For more on scary mothers assaulting Nintendo's finest please head to the wiki. Also head to the wiki for more secret characters and/or spoilers.

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