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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Minecraft Story Mode!!!

This post is on a game that nobody saw coming.

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Also, do not let the title fool you. Minecraft: Story Mode is not, I repeat NOT, an expansion to vanilla Minecraft. It is a separate game entirely. And similar to King's Quest in a way.

First thing to note is the people making this game. The company making Minecraft: Story Mode are Telltale Games. Who made the Walking Dead. And Game of Thrones. Both of which are rated M for Mature and SUPER-DUPER violent and clearly intended for adult audiences. Which makes this game Telltale's first ever family friendly game.

Anyway, Minecraft Story Mode is a episodic game. Basically that means that the story is divided into a set amount of "episodes" that you can buy separately or you can get a season pass and get all of the chapters for the price of one. And they are mega cheap as well. Minecraft Story Mode's season pass is only $30!!!

Image result for minecraft story mode
You can create your own character, but you can only
choose between six preset models.

Minecraft Story Mode is a interesting thing that surprised a lot of people. Anyone who plays Minecraft can tell you that the only form of story in the original game was the end poem that plays when you kill the Ender Dragon for the very first time. And even that is not really a proper story. Oh and if you want to read the end poem for yourself I leave a link to the Minecraft Wiki. WARNING: IT IS A VERY LONG POEM.


Boom. Link. Have fun reading the end poem!

Anyway, Minecraft Story Mode, as the name implies, actually has a story.

Image result for minecraft story mode screenshots
There is combat in the game, but the primary focus 
is the story. And puzzles. Story and puzzles!

The premise of Minecraft Story Mode is that you play as man/woman named Jessie (and yes you are still called Jessie if you make Jessie a dude). Jessie lives with his friends in the middle of a forest biome in a tree house. For YEARS they have been treated like losers by pretty much everyone. And I don't understand why because they have a pet piggy. Named Reuben. Reuben the Pig!!!

Image result for minecraft story mode

When the game begins Jessie and friends enter the EnderCon Building Contest. As this is a Telltale game, Minecraft Story mode lets you alter the story quite a bit. Example, you get to choose what to build at EnderCon. The choices are very similar to one another (no matter what you build a giant statue of one of the most popular Minecraft mob that spits fire works out of the mouth. You choose what the statue is of. And your choices are A: build a Zombie. B: build a Creeper. Or C: Build a Enderman).

Image result for minecraft story mode screenshots

The main reason why Jessie wants to enter is because the grand prize for winning is meeting the Order of the Stone (pictured above) who are basically Jessie's childhood heroes. Random fun fact about the order of the Stone. Their Personalities are based off of various Minecraft activities. From left to right: The Griefer (griefers blow up other people's stuff for no reason), Redstone engineer (using redstone, which is the Minecraft version of electricity, to improve everyday life), Warrior (really likes to kill things), and Architect (basically me, building epic structures for fun).

Of course, things go awry and it's up to Jessie to save the world from this thing pictured below.

Image result for minecraft story mode ultimate wither
Yeah. If you see this thing coming, you will probably
pee yourself.

Oh and my good friend Vincent ruined the origins of this beastie for me. Basically the monstrosity pictured above is actually a Wither that got his hands on a Command Block. Command Blocks basically enable God Mode and let you alter your world to your heart's content. So giving a Wither a Command Block is a VERY BAD IDEA.

Image result for minecraft wither
This is a normal Wither

There is also a crafting system in the game. Well, duh. It's Minecraft, people!!! The crafting works like PC Minecraft where you must click and drag the materials onto the Crafting Table in the correct pattern (example: One wooden stick on the bottom, then two cobblestone blocks on top to make a Stone Sword).

Image result for minecraft story mode crafting
Crafting System!

That is all I can say without spoiling the game, or at least the first chapter. Minecraft Story Mode Season pass will be available on October 27 (literally a week from the time of this post) for *gasp* PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, PC, IPhone, and Wii U.

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  1. Oh I almost forgot! If you make Jessie a dude he's voiced by the guy that played Remy from Pixar's Ratatouille. Remy is the rat that wants to be a cook by the way.