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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Good Dinosaur!!!

This blog post is on a movie called the Good Dinosaur.

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This is also a Pixar film as well. For those of you who do not know, Pixar is critically acclaimed movie company basically. Almost all their movies have been hailed as the best films ever made. They also put lots of Easter Eggs in their movies. Such as the infamous Pizza Planet Truck, which first appeared in the 1995 film Toy Story. Speaking of which I shall leave a link to a YouTube videowhere you can see all the Pizza Planet Truck sightings.


Boom. Link. Have Fun!!!

Anyway back onto the subject at hand. The Good Dinosaur set in a alternate reality where dinosaurs never went extinct. The main hero of the film is an Apatosaurus (or Brontosaurus? Maybe he's a Argentinasaurus!!!). Which reminds me a lot of Little Foot from Land before Time. It's nice having the main protagonist be a sauropod. Anyway, his name is Arlo.

Image result for the good dinosaur arlo

I should mention that Arlo has a little human kid sidekick/buddy/dog/thingy named Spot. But Spot technically shouldn't exist in the alternate reality because the K-T Mass Extinction is what gave the ancestors of the human race room to evolve. If the dinosaurs never went extinct then humans would not be able to evolve alongside them because the role of intelligent bipedal animal has been filled in by therapod dinosaurs (Theropods includes but do not limit to *gasps* Tyrannosaurs, Spinosaurs, Dromeasaurs, Allosaurs, Carnotaurus, Skorpiovenators, Dilophosaurus, Crylophosaurus, and Carcharodontosaurus, to name a few).

But I am not here to gripe on scientific inaccuracies. Why? Because EVERYTHING related to dinosaurs will make a mistake and every dinosaur lover such as myself will criticize. It's the circle of life. Example: Jurassic World got backlash simply for not giving a single dinosaur feathers.

Image result for the good dinosaur t rex
The film has T. rexes! Albeit without any feathers...

Something that REALLY caught my eye is that Pixar has stated time and time again that the Tyrannosaurs in the film are actually good guys. And they talk like cowboys!!!! Which is definitely an imaginative take on everybody's favorite dinosaur(s).

One major thing I have heard is that Arlo's dad dies at some point in the movie. Which is the biggest Disney/Pixar trope ever. With the exception of Mulan, Andy, and Mickey Mouse himself, I believe every Disney/Pixar protagonist has at least one deceased parent.

But...The most important detail....About this movie...Will rock your worldviews....

Image result for the good dinosaur raptors

YES!!!! WE FINALLY HAVE FEATHERED RAPTORS IN A CHILDREN'S FILM!!!!!! #TheFeatherRevolution!!!! Granted, a real Raptor looks more like this...

Image result for feathered velociraptor

That is all the information on the Good Dinosaur I have. The film will be release on November 25, 2015. Unless you read this in the future. In which case it's already out.

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