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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Transformers Devastation!!!

This post is about a Transformers game that came out two days ago at the time of this post. Unless you are reading this in the year 2987 in which case why are reading a centuries old blog? Or rather, do they still have blogs in the year 2987? If so then AWESOME!!!

Image result for transformers devastation logo

NOTE: I HAVE NOT PLAYED THIS GAME AND THIS IS NOT A REVIEW. THIS IS A "hey check out this awesome thing I found while goofing off on the Internet" TYPE THING.

As you may be able to tell from the logo above, this game is based off the ORIGINAL 80's cartoon. Which is a good thing because the Transformers look infinitely cooler. There will be someone out there that thinks that the Micheal Bay designs are better, but you can't beat the classics.

Image result for optimus prime
This is how the main hero of Transformers,
Optimus Prime, looked in the 80's (my personal

Image result for optimus prime
This is how Optimus Prime looks
in the Michael Bay films.

Anyway, back on to the subject at hand. Transformers Devastation was made by Platinum Games (who made Wonderful 101, among dozens of other games). Platinum Games is famous for making action packed, combat focused games. That is exactly what they did with Transformers Devastation.

Image result for transformers devastation

Transformers Devastation is a beat-em-up game. For those of you who do not know what a beat-em-up game is, basically it's a genre of video game where your character fights several enemies at once and can easily lock them into a combo.

This game has been frequently criticized for a lack of a lock-on, but that I think is a little bit silly. Sure, a lock-on would definitely make some of the more hectic missions more convenient/accessible/easier, but this is Platinum Games we're talking about. In addition for a knack to make their games as action packed as possible, Platinum games is also (in)famous for making their games unnecessarily difficult. I couldn't beat Wonderful 101 on normal. Mostly because of the most brain-dead QTE ever but still.

Sadly there are only five playable characters in the game. Thankfully, they each play very differently from one another, keeping the combat fresh. I never played the game, but the style contrast between the characters is enough for people to notice simply by WATCHING gameplay. With your eye balls.

Image result for transformers devastation
One of the playable characters, Grimlock, can
transform into a T. rex that can breathe fire.

This game also has a RPG style level up system. And no, you can't play as your favorite Autobot and the entire team levels up, you have to level each one up individually. Or you can steamroll the entire story mode with a maxed out Optimus Prime.

I am looking forward to getting this game. The only downside of this game that I can see is the lack of playable characters. And that, from what I have heard, the story mode is only 6 hours long.

This game is available at GameStop for $50.00 (or $49.99. Or $20.00 + $30.00. Or $25.00 + $25.00.) The game has received both positive and negative reviews from several video game journalists.

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