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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Good Dinosaur!!!

This blog post is on a movie called the Good Dinosaur.

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This is also a Pixar film as well. For those of you who do not know, Pixar is critically acclaimed movie company basically. Almost all their movies have been hailed as the best films ever made. They also put lots of Easter Eggs in their movies. Such as the infamous Pizza Planet Truck, which first appeared in the 1995 film Toy Story. Speaking of which I shall leave a link to a YouTube videowhere you can see all the Pizza Planet Truck sightings.


Boom. Link. Have Fun!!!

Anyway back onto the subject at hand. The Good Dinosaur set in a alternate reality where dinosaurs never went extinct. The main hero of the film is an Apatosaurus (or Brontosaurus? Maybe he's a Argentinasaurus!!!). Which reminds me a lot of Little Foot from Land before Time. It's nice having the main protagonist be a sauropod. Anyway, his name is Arlo.

Image result for the good dinosaur arlo

I should mention that Arlo has a little human kid sidekick/buddy/dog/thingy named Spot. But Spot technically shouldn't exist in the alternate reality because the K-T Mass Extinction is what gave the ancestors of the human race room to evolve. If the dinosaurs never went extinct then humans would not be able to evolve alongside them because the role of intelligent bipedal animal has been filled in by therapod dinosaurs (Theropods includes but do not limit to *gasps* Tyrannosaurs, Spinosaurs, Dromeasaurs, Allosaurs, Carnotaurus, Skorpiovenators, Dilophosaurus, Crylophosaurus, and Carcharodontosaurus, to name a few).

But I am not here to gripe on scientific inaccuracies. Why? Because EVERYTHING related to dinosaurs will make a mistake and every dinosaur lover such as myself will criticize. It's the circle of life. Example: Jurassic World got backlash simply for not giving a single dinosaur feathers.

Image result for the good dinosaur t rex
The film has T. rexes! Albeit without any feathers...

Something that REALLY caught my eye is that Pixar has stated time and time again that the Tyrannosaurs in the film are actually good guys. And they talk like cowboys!!!! Which is definitely an imaginative take on everybody's favorite dinosaur(s).

One major thing I have heard is that Arlo's dad dies at some point in the movie. Which is the biggest Disney/Pixar trope ever. With the exception of Mulan, Andy, and Mickey Mouse himself, I believe every Disney/Pixar protagonist has at least one deceased parent.

But...The most important detail....About this movie...Will rock your worldviews....

Image result for the good dinosaur raptors

YES!!!! WE FINALLY HAVE FEATHERED RAPTORS IN A CHILDREN'S FILM!!!!!! #TheFeatherRevolution!!!! Granted, a real Raptor looks more like this...

Image result for feathered velociraptor

That is all the information on the Good Dinosaur I have. The film will be release on November 25, 2015. Unless you read this in the future. In which case it's already out.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Minecraft Story Mode!!!

This post is on a game that nobody saw coming.

Image result for minecraft story mode logo

Also, do not let the title fool you. Minecraft: Story Mode is not, I repeat NOT, an expansion to vanilla Minecraft. It is a separate game entirely. And similar to King's Quest in a way.

First thing to note is the people making this game. The company making Minecraft: Story Mode are Telltale Games. Who made the Walking Dead. And Game of Thrones. Both of which are rated M for Mature and SUPER-DUPER violent and clearly intended for adult audiences. Which makes this game Telltale's first ever family friendly game.

Anyway, Minecraft Story Mode is a episodic game. Basically that means that the story is divided into a set amount of "episodes" that you can buy separately or you can get a season pass and get all of the chapters for the price of one. And they are mega cheap as well. Minecraft Story Mode's season pass is only $30!!!

Image result for minecraft story mode
You can create your own character, but you can only
choose between six preset models.

Minecraft Story Mode is a interesting thing that surprised a lot of people. Anyone who plays Minecraft can tell you that the only form of story in the original game was the end poem that plays when you kill the Ender Dragon for the very first time. And even that is not really a proper story. Oh and if you want to read the end poem for yourself I leave a link to the Minecraft Wiki. WARNING: IT IS A VERY LONG POEM.


Boom. Link. Have fun reading the end poem!

Anyway, Minecraft Story Mode, as the name implies, actually has a story.

Image result for minecraft story mode screenshots
There is combat in the game, but the primary focus 
is the story. And puzzles. Story and puzzles!

The premise of Minecraft Story Mode is that you play as man/woman named Jessie (and yes you are still called Jessie if you make Jessie a dude). Jessie lives with his friends in the middle of a forest biome in a tree house. For YEARS they have been treated like losers by pretty much everyone. And I don't understand why because they have a pet piggy. Named Reuben. Reuben the Pig!!!

Image result for minecraft story mode

When the game begins Jessie and friends enter the EnderCon Building Contest. As this is a Telltale game, Minecraft Story mode lets you alter the story quite a bit. Example, you get to choose what to build at EnderCon. The choices are very similar to one another (no matter what you build a giant statue of one of the most popular Minecraft mob that spits fire works out of the mouth. You choose what the statue is of. And your choices are A: build a Zombie. B: build a Creeper. Or C: Build a Enderman).

Image result for minecraft story mode screenshots

The main reason why Jessie wants to enter is because the grand prize for winning is meeting the Order of the Stone (pictured above) who are basically Jessie's childhood heroes. Random fun fact about the order of the Stone. Their Personalities are based off of various Minecraft activities. From left to right: The Griefer (griefers blow up other people's stuff for no reason), Redstone engineer (using redstone, which is the Minecraft version of electricity, to improve everyday life), Warrior (really likes to kill things), and Architect (basically me, building epic structures for fun).

Of course, things go awry and it's up to Jessie to save the world from this thing pictured below.

Image result for minecraft story mode ultimate wither
Yeah. If you see this thing coming, you will probably
pee yourself.

Oh and my good friend Vincent ruined the origins of this beastie for me. Basically the monstrosity pictured above is actually a Wither that got his hands on a Command Block. Command Blocks basically enable God Mode and let you alter your world to your heart's content. So giving a Wither a Command Block is a VERY BAD IDEA.

Image result for minecraft wither
This is a normal Wither

There is also a crafting system in the game. Well, duh. It's Minecraft, people!!! The crafting works like PC Minecraft where you must click and drag the materials onto the Crafting Table in the correct pattern (example: One wooden stick on the bottom, then two cobblestone blocks on top to make a Stone Sword).

Image result for minecraft story mode crafting
Crafting System!

That is all I can say without spoiling the game, or at least the first chapter. Minecraft Story Mode Season pass will be available on October 27 (literally a week from the time of this post) for *gasp* PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, PC, IPhone, and Wii U.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Even More LEGO Avengers HYPE!!!

This post is an update on the upcoming LEGO Avengers game that I pre-ordered a long time ago.... In a galaxy far, far away....

Image result for lego avengers video game logo

And no, I don't care that I'm quoting Star Wars when I'm making a Marvel blog post because they are both Disney IP's and thus I can say whatever I want!!!!

Onto actual stuff about the game. First, bad/sad news. The game is getting pushed back to 2016 (January 26, if you want the exact date). But it does not matter because I pre-ordered the game when I had the chance so I will (hopefully) be getting that awesome Silver Centurion minifigure.

Image result for lego silver centurion
Silver Centurion!!!

Anyway, Good news is that the mystery of the game having 150+ playable characters has been solved. Because as a recently released trailer showed, the game will have not only a LEGO-ized version of the Avengers and it's sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it will also include Thor: the Dark World, Captain America and that movie's sequel, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and finally, Iron Man 3. However, those movies will not be featured in the main story, but like the recently released LEGO Dimensions, will feature these films in self-contained Adventure Worlds (basically they are available as bonus levels)

Image result for lego avengers video game screenshots

.Also, LEGO humor strikes again. You remember back in the first LEO Avengers HYPE post that I rambled on about the Hulk taking a Selfie? Well now, he falls in love with a chicken. Yeah. First selfies, now chickens. Unfortunately, I could not find any images of this clip so I leave a link to the second trailer (1: you have to copy/paste the link. And 2: They play the scene right at the end of the trailer).


Boom. Link. Have fun!!!

Image result for lego avengers video game screenshots

They (they being the creators of the game, TT Games) have also stated that they are pulling some stuff from the comics as well. Here's hoping we get Spider-Man in the game. Or the Guardians of the Galaxy. Either or will do. Speaking of comics, the most obscure Marvel character of all time has been confirmed in the game.

Image result for devil dinosaur

Yes. Devil Dinosaur is in the game. In case you do not know, and most people probably don't, Devil Dinosaur was a Marvel character created by Jack Kirby. Basically, the concept of Devil Dinosaur is that he was created to employ children's love of dinosaurs ("Hey, let's make a comic about a T. rex called Devil Dinosaur! All the kids would love that!"). Sadly, the comics didn't catch on, and it was discontinued. Devil Dinosaur never got his own movie or TV show, or video game (prior to LEGO Avengers). He did make a large number of cameos and supporting roles in other comics and cartoons, with his most recent appearance being in the cartoon show Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H..

Image result for lego avengers video game screenshots
Hey guess what? Phil Coulson is still alive!

It's a shame Devil Dinosaur didn't catch on. But imagine another world where Devil Dinosaur got the respect he deserved, and even got his own feature length film! In that same alternate world, Spinosaurus would be the most popular dinosaur, not T. rex. But the sad truth of this reality is that Devil Dinosaur is still the most obscure character in all of Marvel and last time I checked, Tyrannosaurus Rex is still the most popular dinosaur, not Spinosaurus.

Image result for lego avengers video game screenshots
Bruce Banner at the Barton Farm!

Another new thing is random crimes. While you are in the admittedly massive over-world, random crimes will happen, which you can (optionally) solve. Kind of like the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game tie-in, now that I am thinking about it. Speaking of the over-world, you can Free Roam in New York City, Washington D.C., Asgard (for those of you that do not know what Asgard is, it's the Norse equivalent of Heaven), the Barton Farm (pictured above), Tony Stark's Malibu Mansion, and South Africa.

And finally, there are special side missions called Agent Carter missions. Obviously, this is a semi-tie-in to the Agent Carter TV show. But the concept behind the Agent Carter missions is that a retired Agent Carter tells you about her adventures during the 1950's. The entire world changes to match the times! For example, all the cars are 50's era cars, everyone is wearing 50's era clothing, etc.

So that is it for this LEGO Avengers update. Slightly upset the game got pushed back to 2016, but still, the more news that comes out, the more hyped the game gets.

For more info go back and read the first LEGO Avengers HYPE!!!! post.