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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Okay, so I am not a big FPS gamer by any means, preferring RPGs to literally everything else. But when a game called Overwatch popped up on GameStop's home page, I decided to look into it more and it is DEFINITELY my kind of game.

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Overwatch is actually one of the most anticipated games ever. Random fun fact! This game is made by Blizzard Entertainment, who also made World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. I have not played either of those games but both games are from what I have heard insanely popular.

Anyway, so what is Overwatch? It's a multiplayer First Person Shooter BUT! The cool thing is you get to play as 20+ different characters, and they went the extra mile to make sure EVERY character had a unique fighting style, in addition to making unique abilities and as a bonus, every character has a origin story explaining how that character became the way they are. And boy oh boy, they put a lot of work into the characters

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We have talking scientist gorillas, robotic monks, angels, a bounty hunter named Reaper (most epic name ever), and dwarves that can build robots in a matter of seconds. And that's just the tip of the ice burg. And I love the amount of craziness in the roster.

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Okay, so the core concept of Overwatch's gameplay is that there are 6-vs-6 Player vs Player matches. Where you play as one of many "Heroes" (I left it in quotation because interestingly, the game lets to play as the villains as well).

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So there are two game modes available at the moment (according to the website lol). The first is Escort. In Escort, the Attacking Team must escort a payload to a specific spot on the map while the Defending Team must halt the Attacking Team's progress until time runs out.

The other game mode is Assault. In Assault, two teams of six fight for control of specific locations across the map.

Also, I think I found my favorite character already

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Winston. Yes. Overwatch has a talking gorilla named Winston. And he's a scientist if the glasses didn't make it obvious (those are OBVIOUSLY science glasses). And his gun shoots lightning. And if you pre-order the game from GameStop they give you a figurine modeled after Winston as a baby (the animated short titled Recall does a nice job explaining why).

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I am sorry, but I love it when they take a animal, give them a job and human speech, and run with it. There is just something about that concept that appeals to me (Granted, when I was a kid I watched a lot of shows that abuse that concept so that's probably why). Plus his name is Winston, which out of all the names one can be given, it is my personal favorite to pronounce. It's really fun to pronounce, don't ask me why.

I also like how they made each character much different from the rest. One character can run up walls, another can transform into a tank, and the game's mascot Tracer can do something very special

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Tracer can rewind, slow down or speed up time, in case you were curious.

The only thing that's slightly disappointing about the game is that there is not a single player campaign, but then again, Destiny (the only FPS game I own, and Splatoon is a Third Person Shooter so it does not count) never had a completely single player experience either.

Anyways, that's all I got for now. Overwatch is coming out on PC, PS4 And Xbox One on May 26, 2016 and is rated T for Teen. Why is it rated T for Teen? Because of Violence (it's a shooter, duh) and use of Tobacco (One character, McGree, has a cigar in his mouth at all times).

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