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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


You remember back when I did that preview post for a movie called Zootopia, right? Good, because I finally got to watch it myself and I can review!! Whoop whoop!

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And I am just going to admit something very important about this movie. Zootopia is THE BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER MADE!!!!!!! Why? For starters, they did NOT - I repeat did NOT - kill off the main hero's parents. That fact alone makes it better than 90% of Disney movies. Don't get me wrong, I like Disney, but it gets kind of annoying when they use that plot trick ALL. THE. TIME.

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*Cave Johnson, but as a Lion!!! :D

So let's start with the opening. Yes, the opening. The movie opens up with a bunny girl named Judy Hopps (yes, her name is a rabbit pun) putting on a play that does a good job explaining the core concept of the movie: In the Zootopia universe, animals have evolved to become more civilized. However, all animals are divided into two groups; Predators (carnivores and omnivores), and Prey (herbivores). Said groups live in harmony in the titular city. Only problem is...

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Judy meets this guy called Nick early on in the movie. Nick is a con-man (You know what they were doing making a fox a con-artist! :P ) who, as revealed later on in the movie, has some good reasons to view the world pessimistically. As an example; Judy Logic is "I'm going to move to Zootopia so I can fulfill my childhood dream of being a police officer!" while Nick logic is "Eh, if the world is just gonna hate me because of my species, might as well become a con-man and cheat people out of their money". I actually like how they explain the reason for Nick's attitude. #BlameRacism. And while on the subject of Nick, I must give praise to the wonderful actor that voiced him, Jason Bateman. The voice acting for Nick was amazing. Bateman did an amazing job breathing life into this fox. Well, actually, to be fair ALL the actors/actresses did a fantastic job at their roles. There wasn't any bad voice work at all in this movie, which is a good thing, since one of the three things a movie needs to be good is decent acting. The other two are graphics and story.

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Oh, and if you thought I was joking about the whole #BlameRacism thing, I wasn't. One of the central themes of this movie is racism and prejudice towards race minorities, in Zootopia's case, Predators. But not in a in-your-face way. Don't get me wrong, it's still obvious, but the term is never used in-film.

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Anyway, moving on from a surprisingly mature note, this film is hilarious. And slightly sad. And has jump-scares (Vincent approved; 10 outta 10. Wood Jump-scare again). Basically, Zootopia has everything. Except reptiles. And birds. And fish. Am I the only one who finds it weird that ALL of the residents of Zootopia are mammals? If they make a sequel, it needs reptiles and birds. I WANT MY CG TURTLES IN A MOVIE, DANG IT!!!

Anyway, another thing I like about this movie is a small little thing but definitely worth mentioning.

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When Judy first joins the Police force, but is forced to work as a meter maid and begs Police Chief Bogo to let be "a real cop", He says (quote) "Life is not a cartoon musical where you sing a little song and your insipid dreams magically come true! So let. It. Go." (end-quote). Is Bogo mocking almost every major Disney film ever? Or is he mocking Frozen specifically? Either way, somebody noticed the trope patterns in Disney movies, so they decided to poke fun at themselves with this quote. I like it when movies are extremely meta like that.

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Moving on, let's get to the actual story. Zootopia's story is really well written. But I am kind of biased since I love detective stories and this movie is equal parts detective story and buddy story. What do I mean by buddy story? It's that kind of movie with not one but two main heroes who initially despise one another but something in the story forces them to work together, which causes said characters to eventually become best buds. In Zootopia's case, Judy Hopps - A rabbit police officer - and Nick Wilde - a fox con-man - have to work together to solve a missing otter case (well, in a twist of this trope, Nick isn't forced to work with Judy, he's actually blackmailed into helping her since Judy threatened to arrest Nick for felony tax evasion).

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That's the thing this movie does. It pretty much takes everything Disney is known for doing (killing off the main hero's parents, as an example) and flips it on it's head.

You know that I think about it...

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Nick Wilde actually reminds me a little bit of the Doctor from Doctor Who. Especially the 10th Doctor. Actually, now that I'm really thinking about it, Nick is basically the 10th Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness (not to be confused with Captain Jack Sparrow), and the Disney-zed version of Robin Hood rolled into one, bright red package. I think it's fairly obvious who my favorite character is... ;)

The penultimate thing I would like to address is the graphics. This movie is beautiful. They really put a lot of detail in almost everything.

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And finally the music. Aside from a song they made just for this movie called "Try Everything" this movie's music is basically standard fare for Disney. In fact, the ONLY "bad" thing about this movie - at least in my eyes - is the music, but the music itself isn't bad per se, just kind of generic (again, not counting "Try Everything"). But it's a movie and nobody cares about the music as long as it is not outright bad.

Overall, this is like I said, the best movie Disney has ever made. So I give this movie a 10/10.

*- Cave Johnson is a character from the video game Portal 2. And since the lion guy and Cave Johnson are voiced by the same actor...

P.S. I don't know if Nick and Judy are a thing (if you know what I mean) since not even the creator of the movie knows lol.

P.P.S. I think someone will find this movie quite "RABBIT-ing"!!

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